"Don't come any closer, stop right there!!!" Elena shouted at the guy, who is standing in front of her with lust in his eyes and a mischievous grin playing on his lips.

"why not baby girl? Don't you wanna become illustrious overnight?" he asked in a husky voice, moving closer to her.

"I..I...I don't want to!" She shouted at the guy, glaring at him threateningly.

But the guy didn't budge, he started walking towards her. She quickly pushed him aside and ran for her life.

"Does he wanna kill me or what?" She murmured running at a random direction.

She didn't know where she was running towards. When she looked back, she sensed that the person was no longer in her line of sight. Her steps came to a halt and she glanced around.

A dense forest with large trees surrounded her, and the dazzling moonlight made the night very alluring. While she was staring at the moon, a man she dreamed of, came into the sight.

He is tall and godly handsome with perfect features. The moonlight made his enchanting beauty stand out.

He walked towards her with steady steps!

"Dear heart doesn't be that obvious please," she murmured staring at him, as the flush creeping her neck.

Her heart was beating like crazy, staring at him. Her Little heart did somersault at the sight of him. No one else could get her to have this sort of emotions but him.

She felt the urge to grab him by collar and kiss him as if there was no tomorrow!

Naughty girl!

"Now he's standing only a few inches away from me!!!" she shouted internally; excited at the sight of him.

He didn't utter any words but...he slowly leaned towards her???

His left hand came towards her chin, stroking it, he looked deep into her eyes with love.

"Mu..mu..Murat..."she was unable to finish her sentence, as he smacked his lips on her.

Her eyes flung open when she heard a horrible sound. When she looked around she was laying on her king sized bed...

kissing her teddy.!!!

"what!!! Oh! No...!! Not again!!!" she shouted and turned off the alarm in frustration.

She laid on her bed, reminiscing her horrible yet beautiful dream. She stared at the ceiling, remembering that part of the dream when his lips met her. She couldn't help but smile at her childishness.

She heard her mom, knocking at the door, and shouting her name.


"Elena Forbes!!" come out quickly."

"Ya mom, I'll be out within 15 min!" She squealed.

"Come down quickly baby girl! Do not let mom wait for you" her mom said as she walked away.

She rushed to the washroom taking a fluffy white towel with her.

After a hot shower, she came out with a wrapped towel around her petite body. She walked to her wardrobe and took a casual mini dress which ended at her knees. She brushed her long blackish brown hair, applied little makeup and left her room after taking mobile.

When she reached the bottom step, she saw her mom in the kitchen. She tiptoed to her mom and hugged her from behind.

"Good morning mamma!!!" Elena kissed her mom's cheek.

With a blush her mom replied,"Good morning Elena."

"So why were u calling me earlier? I don't see my older brother or my younger sister... " Elena said glancing around.

"Aren't they up yet?" She asked glancing at the clock which showed 10 am.

Her mom gave a nonchalant shrug.

"You know them, don't you?" she said as handed a glass of milk to Elena.

Sighing, "let them sleep a little more..." Elena suggested.

"I think last night's party might have ended late, so it's natural for them to over sleep late," she thought, glancing at their rooms.

Elena never attended a single party, unlike her siblings who go thrice a week!

"Do u need any help mom?" She offered.

"Ya! I forgot the reason I called you!!"

"Elena... can you go and get some groceries," her mom asked expectantly.

"It's alright mom. I will go now..." she said with a smile on her face.

"That's my little girl" Her mom squeezed Elena's cheek...

Elena pouted rubbing her cheeks.

"Ok, ok stop being lovey-dovey, give me the list," Elena asked blushing.

Elena's mom handed her the list and car keys. Twirling the keys, Elena walked to the door. When she reached the door and was about to grab the handle, the door opened revealing a person. It took a moment to adjust her sight to the dazzling rays of the sun.

When she looked at the person, her mind began reeling!

She was dead struck in her steps!

"This can't be true!!" she muttered, staring down at person with a bewildered expression.

She couldn't take her eyes off the person!

"I am I still dreaming???" she thought, as she couldn't believe her own eyes.

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