14 You're Hired

Luster Florenzia POV

"Hayy.." I took a deep sighed while staring the ceiling of my room. I was still thinking that man who was trying to kill me earlier.

Well I was not even surprised if some people hunt and harm me yet it was the second time around that someone planned to killed me inside my own company.

Usually some of them was just only sending me a Death threats through messages or emails because they tried really hard just to take me down in my position.

I cackle.

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They were really need to go so far like this just to satisfy their souls? Tsk.

Why some people have a narrow mindset when it comes to analyzing the basic details of any problem.

Can't they see? I am the CEO of my OWN company so even they work hard to earn my trust it will be all useless and wasted.

I leer as I crossed my both arms.

I won't let someone takes what I reached right now.All the things that I deserved to be mine was definitely going to be mine.

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