15 What's Wrong with Me?

[Xianel's POV]

"Aish!" I was so mad right now to the point that I almost dropped all the chairs next to me.Tch!

I don't know how he can unbelievable managed to escaped from this house!? s**t! So impossible!

I could still even remember that I went back in our old house just to checked him and secured the place.

"@&%#!" I cursed.

"Let's just think a new way again,maybe there's another ch---" I cut off his words.

"Chance!? That man was too dangerous! And it will be going hard for us to catch him again.D**n! I still can't believe that he just suddenly dissappeared!" I ranted as I scratched my wounded arm which caused to opened my wound again.

For almost 10 years that I've been waited, all I want in my life was that giving my parents a right justice to solve the crime incident

but what about now?

It can't be wasted! I invested a lot of time or should I say that I invested my whole life just to find them.Argh!

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