13 Psycho Playground

Signboard:1485 EMT VILLAGE

I lifted the back of my car and exposed my very first special guest for tonight.

Oohh.I guess he was in a deep sleep *sighs* He actually need some energy later because I'm sure he will suffer very hard.

I chuckled and averted my eyes to his cheek while gently pinching it.

"Baby? You should wake up now." I whispered on his ear while devilishly smiling at him.

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I took him to our old house, where my rebel life and horrible things happened in my life.

This place was an abandoned village so I brought the land and named after me.

I leer.

Everything has been planned before and that's why I created my Death list---my secret diary who knows all my wants and agenda.

I crossed my both arms and looked at my parent's house.

I got the authority in this place because of the help of Mr.Choi,our lawyer and as what I've ordered earlier he was already done to prepared my playground

To my---- First Special Guest for tonight.

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