3 Psycho Mind

“Ya?” I yelled.

I playfully played my chewing gum in my mouth.

“Haist” I sighed because of frustrations. How annoying those b*lls**t.

They unexpectedly glimpse on my directions after I bawl their attentions.

I slightly took a glance of the girl that they bullied.

"H..help me." She murmured.

I heaved a deep sighed and placed my hands inside my pocket.

“Poor little girl” I whispered and rolled my eyes.

Why some people doesn't know how to protect themselves?

This girl irritates me by just looking at her. Gosh!

What a Shame.

"Who are you?" Someone begin to approached me.

He confidently stood in front of me and suddenly fixing my uniform.

I clump my teeth when he started to trek his hands down to my neck.

"Wanna join me tonight?" He whispered.

I playfully looked at him and move a little bit closer that made him ponder.

I leer.

"Sure." I agree.

He immediately grinned and grabbed my waist.


"WOAH!" I heard his friends suddenly rowdy and enjoying watching us.

"Russel Symoria" He introduced.


"I know." I sparingly assert and immediately removed his hand from my waist and turn it outward.

"AAAHHHHHHH!!!!" He blaringly squeal and pulled back his hand.

I chuckled and spit out my chewing gum and crossed my arms. I turn my gaze on him.

"Russel Gabriel Symoria.Higher Section A.2.Room 105." I initially stated.

He looked at me in surprised.

From his expensive and limited edition branded shoes to the fascinating kind of fabric used in his uniform--

I abruptly leer.

He was a totally rich kid guy who used money just to entered in the Section A.2.

There was no reason to be surprised for because that’s how the world works.

"You!" He screech and attempt to contend but I immediately avert his punch.

I laugh like a crazy b**ch to annoyed them even more.

Obviously, they didn’t expect me to be here and making myself a hindrance for their agenda.

But sorry I also need that poor little girl to help me with my concerns.

"Wrong move" I utter and lowered my gape to see him suffered from pain.



I slightly squint when someone shouted at me and---

I was surprised after I noticed my school guy classmate.

They started girdle around.

“How brave.” He said and swiftly pulled the collar of my uniform which caused me to choke a little.


I gritted my teeth and looked at him distinctly.

He simper.

“Stop minding our business or else you will die.” He threatened

I gave him a freakish smile that made him confused.

I also nudge his hand and squinch even more.

“Denrique Kim” I whoop his name.

He was the son of our Homeroom Teacher.

Tsk. That's why he had the courage to do anything he wants.

What a great Pass card!

He got in the Section A.1.He was my classmate since I was in a first year college level.

Section A.1 was a Star Section but how come that Mr.Kim got in?

It wasn't even a mystery at all and that's why the most scariest thing in this world is people.

They become greedy to the point that they could buy someone or something just to satisfy their needs.

I cackle as I patted his shoulder.

"I need to snitch your business" I pointed the Zin Co.Girl behind them.

He befuddled when I started to bring up the topic.

"Are you crazy?!" He mocked while start out pricking my shoulder.

They also steal my bag and unlatched my stuff inside.

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"Woah! Boss?" The other student showed my wallet and I saw him trying to unlocked my phone.


I was about to dash towards him but Denrique suddenly stopped me and slap my face.


“Ahhh!” I groaned as I fondle the side of my lip blast because of the impact.

What the heck!

I dight the blood on my lips and slightly sneering.

“Stop,please.” I heard the girl halt that made me laughed a bit.

I was just starting out and I don‘t acquire

losing out to someone. I have to retaliate against them.

I spat out the blood and brought my face closer to him again.

He wondered.

“Do you want to slap me again? Then do it on the left side of my cheek..” I venture but they suddenly laughed.


"Okay if that so." He frivolous replied and get ready to take the plunge.

I grinning when he started striking again but before he could smack me.I instantly took my chance to dodge him faster and hit his stomach.


I shook my head.

Rushing things can put your life in the danger.


“UGHHHH!” He suddenly whimper and lay down on the ground while twinge in pain.

I lowered my gaze.

“Are you okay,Mr.Denrique?” I taunt.

I saw him giving me a steeply gaze and babble something.


I snigger.

“What? One more?” I teased but I was too impatient to wait him to response and haul his hair and hoist it slightly.

“A-AH!!! AAHHH!” He cried out in pain again and trying to remove my hand but I still wasn't satisfied and also took a big rock.

"Making fun of me was never be fun anymore" I assert.

I sweep their reaction and all of them were surprised.

“W-wait?! W-w..what are you going to do?” I raised my eyebrow to Russel who seemed so scared from my next move.

“Hmm.Maybe I will smack this solid rock in your friend's face. What do you think?” I pump sarcastically.

I saw him motioned the two of his friends and started to roamed around.

He was the first one who carefully move a little closer to my place.

‘come here’ I whispered to myself.

“You crazy b**ch. I will going to report you.” He reprimand.

I slightly leer.

Yeah! I was totally crazy psychotic b**ch!

Just complain kid.I don't care for your nonsense and childish act.

He was slowly approaching me and even though I wasn't looking at them I could still gingerly feel his presence.

I suddenly grin when he finally got a little closer to me and on a spur of moment I grabbed my chance to threw the rock on his feet.

"Bingo." I whispered.

“YAAAAAHHH! AAAHHHHHHH!!!! AARRGHH!!” He started screaming loudly and fell on the ground.

I also clearly saw his foot that has already a wound..


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