2 Prologue

My thoughts filled with sadness.

My life is kinda useless.

Many people said that All I want is what I get. Maybe the other things but actually its not easy.

Coz’ its painful.

How can I bring back them again..

How can I see them again?


Can I bring back their Lives?


Am I going to see them again?


Because they already dead

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Every moment in my life was so miserable after that incident nine years ago. What I am going to do now?

The wound that I got from them was a scars now.


Giving up is a choice and I don’t want that kind of option.


I’ve changed.

I will find them one by one and I’ll make sure that they will going to die in my hands.

I want to fulfill my death list.

And If it's happen---oops! No.Let me phrase it.

It will be going to happen soon.

No regrets.

Because It’s a Psycho thing and Welcome to my crazy world.

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