12 Know Me

D-'D-dont please..D-D..don't hurt my child---ugh!'

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"A-ahh" I groaned and began to banging my head with my both hands as I heard my mom's voice echoed in my ears.

I immediately leaned against the wall to support my body while holding my chest.

I can't breathe..

The man lowered his mask but I couldn't take a glimpse of his face.

"Just Die." He utter that makes me frowned.

T-th...that voice.I know the familiar voice came from.I was really sure that I heard it before.

B--but why his voice changed? The fact that I heard him outside the room and talking to someone.

I was about to step closer to him but I stopped when I saw him turning off the voice changer inside his pocket.

I simper.He was prepared.

"Mission complete.' He suddenly added as

my eyes got widened after I remembered a man who I bumped outside the company yesterday.

"F***!" I cursed.

He also began to laughed while removing his bonnet so I slowly took a chance to move a bit.

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