10 Half Revealed

Xianel Alvarez POV

Where have I been?

I've been around in this company for a while and I can't even see where the heck he was! tch! I can't wait to know who was the owner of this bracelet.

Ting .. (Elevator)

I entered in the elevator and ventured to the next floor while expecting that I could finally find his office.Aish..

When I was waiting in the corner the other employees also went inside.

I took a glimpse on them and noticed that they were carrying a lot of papers but my attention suddenly drawn to the girl who was looking at me.

I frowned and crossed my both arms.Hmmm,my instinct instantly felt something.

She seemed surprised when she caught me staring at her too but in just a few seconds she immediately avoid my gaze.


I was about to move closer to the girl who looks so suspicious but I suddenly averted my eyes when I heard someone murmured on my side


"What I am going to do? I'm totally death to Majesty."

That Majesty again? D**n! I almost forgot about him.

"Tsk.." I exhort.

She looked so stress and busy for concentrating too much on her laptop.

"No...What suits with this? *sighs* What should I do?" She began to murmured again.

I rolled my eyes.

What the!? It irritates me a lot. How come that he has an employee who does not know the proper way of showing etiquette inside her workplace?

I turned to my side where she was.

"Aren't you going to keep your mouth shut?!" I asked her annoyingly and the other employees was immediately looking on us.

She was so shocked and I could even saw her teary-eyed stares at me.

"S..sorry." She apologized and go back again to what she was doing.


I took a glance on her laptop and saw some graphics that she was adjusting.

"L..I'm really dead to Majesty.What I am going to do?" she whispered again.

I frowned as I heard that Majesty again.Ugh!

The heck that guy! Even his title name in his company irritates me.

Like duh!? He imagined himself like a King of Joseon? and his company was like an empire with soldiers?

How ironic!

I looked at her once again and check her presentation.

So lame.

The interior was too awful and not even realistic. Gosh!

"Are you going to disappoint you boss because of your poor skills in editting? Look at your own works? It was so disgusting." I frankly stated that made her bent down and couldn't even look straight to me.

The way you please the ears of someone the more they believe in lies and I was not that kind of person.I can say the truth even if it's hurt to take.

In this f***ing life you need to step ahead and open your eyes in the reality.Every start has an end.

"S-sorry b-b...but this was not include in my wor-----Mam.Sery" She suddenly stopped when someone cut her words off.

"Ms.Alfaro? Thank you for doing your best.May I see our presentation?" I averted my eyes to that person and----

Hmm? I furrowed my brows. So Sery is her name.She walks towards on us and I could obviously saw her motives.

I simper as I looked at her.She wants to do a show.

"Well I think it was a good enough to present the project in our meeting later." She uttered and slightly glance at me.

I purposely laughed a bit to teased her.Her stares suddenly changed.

"It was a good enough for you? Are you okay with just some trashy works or *glare at her* maybe your brain just only see a pathetic thing?" I drastically uttered that almost everyone pondered.

She began to form her palm into a fist while trying to hold her temper.

I leer.I felt that I already won and be a star in her show.Hmmm.I will never allowed any someone to messing up with me.

"What are you sayin---" She was about to complain but I instantly motioned her to stop and just took the laptop in her hands.

"Adjust the picture,Control the brightness, Enhance,Make your own design,Put some unique details on every pictures,Add some captions,create color combination and....Done" I utter and returned the presentation to her.

I cackle.

She looks defeated while some of employees inside the elevator was now checking my works.

That was so very simple and yet they couldn't do their job well? Tch. What company is this?

"Wow! Thank you Miss! I'm sure that our Majesty will love it!" I instantly averted my gaze to the guy who was near beside me and they suddenly applauded.

I sighed as I raised my eyebrow.I immediately motioned them to stop from what they doing and on a spur of moments,the elevator door was began to open.

So I didn't waste my time and quickly went out and all the employees were also rushing in the same room.

I looked the Sign board of the room and read it.

"Graphics Design Team" I furrowed my brows again as I remembered the elevator girl and that Sery.

So they were designated in the graphics team?

Tsk. How could they passed the interview with that poorly skills? Aish Whatever.

I just roamed my eyes and keep pushing to find his office.

Where the heck of that Majesty Office? Aish! For my sake! I was in the 8th floor now and yet I couldn't still see his office.

Gosh! I rolled my eyes and annoyingly fidgeting my hands because of frustrations.

I was about to walk to the other side of the hallway but I immediately groaned when I felt my feet hurt.

"Aish!!!" I simper as I leaned in the wall beside me to removed my heels.

"@!#$!" I cursed when I saw that there has a wound on the side of my feet thumb and blister.

tch! It was his fault.Why I couldn't find his office? I swear I will going to punch his face.

I tried to stamped my left foot but I instantly bite my lower lip for too much pain.. ouch!

I closed my eyes and heaved a deep sighed first before I slowly put my heels back.

I need to bear this pain for now because I will never let to happened again that I lost a hint to answer my question.

Once is enough and no matter what consequences I suffer in the end I will give my best to win over this deadly game.











"Waaa!" I deeply exhort as I clenched my fist.

What the heck of his company? Is there has a mystery or an invisible door to find his office? S**t!

It took me an half hour just to find his f***ing office! But what now!? I can't still find it.

I'm so done.

I just carelessly sat on the floor to rest my both feet that suffers a lot.

"Ouch.." I groaned again while slowly removing my heels


"It's a Love shot! Na nananana na nananana. Woo! Ooh! Ohh! Wooh! It's a love shot."


I immediately turned my gaze to the old man walking towards on my direction. H-huh? Wait--- he looks so familiar.

He was so happy while walking in the hallway but my eyes got widened as I could already clearly saw his face.

I knew it!

"Let's dance the night away! Tung tung tung! Tu-tung tung-tu! One! Two! Three! Let's Go-----"


I instantly called his attention that made him stopped from his singing session. I also quickly stood up and walk in front of him.

He just stares at me.Hmm I didn't forget this stupid man who bumped me outside the company.

"Where's your Majesty Office?" I directly asked him but instead of answering my question he just only gave me a glare.

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Huh? What's with that look? Tsk!

"Are you deaf?" I irritately utter him.Aish! He wasn't helping me the heck!

He suddenly frowned and sighed while scratching his head.

"Then are you blind?" He suddenly assert and crossed his both arms.

W--What!? Is that an insult?

He began to pointing his fingers on the right side of the hallway.Tch! and what was he-----

"MAJESTY OFFICE. The sign board was readable that the old man like me could see it clearly." He added.

I clenched my fist and gave him a death glare. This old man really hitting my nerves,uh!?

"Ya! I Don't like your---"

"Secretary Lorencio? Come to the Graphics Design Team now."

I didn't continue what am I supposed to say when the-----*frowned* huh? Is this the Head Manager Reyes that I encountered at the elevator earlier?

"Ok." He respond and literally left me.

Tsk! What's with that awful name he has? Lorencio? Eww!

I rolled my eyes at him and just went straight to his office. Finally I could talk to him about the bracelet.

When I reached his office I didn't even hesitate to open his door and as I entered inside,my eyes quickly noticed the two employees who was with him.

They both seemed surprised for interrupting their meeting.

I leer. Sorry but I couldn't wait any longer and besides I don't even care if I disturbed their meeting or what.I just need to talk their boss.

I continue to stepped my barefoot inside his room and went to the person that I had been looking for.

I couldn't see him surprised and just pointing me with his cold stares.Maybe he was expecting me to be here.

As I reached him I instantly slammed his table.

"What now?! I've been waiting for your answer?" I contend with an annoyance in my speech.

His expression suddenly changed and began to stood up.I could also literally looked up to saw his face.

He averted his eyes behind me and motioned them to leave the room.

I don't know but I suddenly felt some fears which caused my heart to throbbing so hard.

Geez! Why I can't even breathe properly again? Aish.

"That bracelet,..." He initially stated while pointing the bracelet on my wrist.

I quietly give my full attention on what he was going to say but in just a few moments I suddenly felt a little dizziness.

Ugh...What's happening to you,Xianel?

I quickly shook my head a bit and trying to bring back my focus to him.I really wanted to know who was the owner of this bracelet.

Just for this bracelet only.

"That bracelet.." He uttered again and steeply turn his gaze directly to my eyes.

What? What About the Bracelet? I couldn't identified why his eyes changed to sadness.







"Is mine" He continued.


I was looked very surprised after I heard his revelation.

H-He... He was the owner? H-how can-- So he was the person that I could seek for help about my past?

How come? When the initial letters was J.F and not L.F.

I was about to step forward to get closer to him but my knees suddenly trembling.

"H-hey.." I saw him planning to approach me but I motioned him stopped.

I still can't believe that he was the one that I've been looking for the fact that this was the second time I've seen him.

Were always both crossing the paths.

"Ahh.." A sudden groaned was escaped from my mouth.I immediately hold my head.tch!

"H-hey? A-a..are you okay?" I slowly averted my eyes on him and---w-why? Why I suddenly saw him in my memories?

He was still looking at me.

"Y-you--" I pointed him.I don't know but-- but he was suddenly appeared like I was already met him before.

It makes me wondered.

I was about to stand up again but my body instantly collapsed and my sight just went blank.





"Mom? who are they? "A litle girl preseume in fear.

Her parents were already at home they also finished ate their dinner but as the time flies some people was suddenly arrived and knocking on the main door.

They were also trespassing their privacy and secured the place while blocking all the exit.

The horrible thing might approaching their lives.

"B-baby..g-go to your room" Her mother begged her with a traced of fears in her voice.

She doesn't have any idea what's going around in the middle of the night and even though she was so clueless about it she followed her mom's command.

When she walked away and went to her room she slightly turn her gape to the four men and saw some guns.

She know that the weapons was too dangerous so she stayed in her room and began to cry.

A loud noises filled their house while her parent's voice argue with those men outside her room and she started to covered her ears.


She seemed wondered why she didn't heard her parents voice anymore so she decided to peek at her door and--- her eyes got widened as her whole body suddenly trembling when she saw her mother fell to the floor due a hard punched while they also did the same thing to her father.

She covered her mouth and the tears began to roll all over in her face.

"M-mommy? D-da..daddy?" She murmured on the corner and silently crying inside her room.


one of those men suddenly drawn the attention where she was and went to her place.

She seemed so shocked and ran to her bed.

"D-Don't...Please Don't hurt my c-child--Ughh! " She heard her mother again pleasing those men to stop and in just a blink of an eye.

She glance her parents in a small hole of her door and saw them both lying on the floor that covered with blood.

"Mommy! Daddy!! " She shouted and heavily cried.

She even tried to run towards them but a man already grabbed her arms and pulled her in the corner.

"Let me go! Aaaahhh! Help me!" She squall as her body was tied tightly on the metal bars.

"Stop! You're so bad! Bad! Bad----hmmmpppp!"


The poor girl couldn't able to scream because of the towel that covered in her mouth.

Ring! Ring!

A man suddenly check his phone when he received an incoming call.She steeply looked the guy in front of him and accidentally saw a mark on the side of his neck.

A Black Butterfly



A gunshot suddenly rang and escaped inside their house.






"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I rolled over and pulled myself up while covering my ears.

I could also closed my eyes and lowered my head.My body was stiffened and I couldn't breathe properly.

"Xianel?? X-xianel. " I heard someone called my name and held my both hands to stop from shaking but I didn't bothered to raised my head.

My mental condition starting out to triggered again and I---I can't control it.

"I'm here.Don't be afraid" He added as he still held my hands tightly.

I don't know but my tears suddenly dripping as I heard that kind of words.

Those nightmares was my weakness that made me feel alone.A hurtful memories that I always bear for almost ten years,the pain and sadness that I will never forget.

"M-mommy,D-daddy" I mumbled between my sobs while stroking my chest because of heavily heart beat of mine.

Until now it was too painful to bear.I couldn't even make my night feels comfortable.

It's sucks me everyday.

"W-why did they do that to my parents! Why? "I started to burst out my feelings even though this person I was with right now couldn't understand it.

I'm always give my best to find them but why I couldn't makes myself happy?

I suddenly furrowed my brows as I tried to look back in my memories.Hmmm.

There was a part of me that I forget some details on my dream. A very important one.

Every time I had a Dream the more that their faces gets blurred and I was starting to worried because it might loose some chances to recognize them.

"Xianel Alvarez, 19 years old, 4th year college student, graduating"


My thoughts were suddenly cut when I heard that person voice again.I also felt that he slightly loosened his grip in my hands.

I slowly opened my eyes and raised my head and I saw-----w-wait?

"I didn't know that you will be able to graduate in your school.Wow! How come that your classmates have a long patience to----AAWWW!!!" He instantly stopped when I suddenly punched his stomach.

What the!? Beside from insulting me I also don't have any idea why I was with him.

"Ouch!! Why did you punched me?!" He complained and raised his voice.

What he was doing right here? Aish! I was about to confront him but I suddenly stopped when he began to lying on the bed and held his stomach like a baby.

I looked at him in disgust while he continuously roll over the bed.

I simper.

"It was your own fault." I uttered and chuckled a bit when I saw him pulling my blanket.

Tsk.He was not a baby anymore.

I was about to stood up to left the place but he suddenly returned to his seat and looked at me..

His eyes was like a lazer that can melt me anytime.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable with his stares so I immediately avoid to have an eye contact with him.

"H-hey w..what are you doing" I stammered.

Why can't I speak properly.What the heck is this!

I heard him sighed

"So my pain was your happiness,uh?" He randomly stated and wink at me.

What the? I instantly feel the heat up on my face.

What's happening to you,Xianel!? Hey! Get back on your senses.Tch!

I quickly averted my eyes on the other side and adjusted my seat.

"Leave me alone, I'm going to rest" I said and immediately lay down my body while covering my face with a blanket. geez!

Why I felt so uncomfortable with him right now? Psh! I hate him!

Tok tok tok!

I suddenly stopped when I heard someone knocking on the door.

So I remove the blanket to see who was coming this time and I saw a doctor walking towards in my direction.

I furrowed my brows while looking at him.He looks so familiar but I don't know where I met him and besides his face also covered with a mask so I couldn't able to recognize him properly.

He smiled at me and without any reason I also smiled him back.

Hmm that was so strange.

It was a very long time since I felt comfortable with someone who I've met for the first time.

Aish! Why I feel so confused all the time? Anyways... If there was a doctor then---

*blink* *blink*

Wait? I was in the hospital?

I immediately roamed my eyes and checked the place.It was like a personal room inside the house and not a patient area.

Woah... I guess this was the jerk----

"Hello! Luster" The doctor greeted him and smiled.

I averted my eyes to the both of them. Luster? So that was his name.Hmmm I even noticed that he doesn't call him Majesty.

*cringe* Tch! The Majesty called was so hilarious and not suitable for him.Argh.

"Hi Doctor Rey." He greeted him back and they went in my bed.

"Hi Xianel? Are you okay now?" The Doctor asked me and I just nodded at him.

"That's good and (looking at my record) because of stress you lost consciousness earlier so you need to take some more rest." He kindly said.

I steeply gazed at him.I don't know why I was being like this towards at him because even though I first met him it was like I already know his personality.

Without realizing the situation I suddenly found myself smiling.

I didn't answer him and just looked at his face.I always believe to my instinct but I have a little doubt for this past few days ever since I was involved with that jerk lately.

"All right.I will let you rest for now.You should stay here for a meantime.Take care of your health,Xianel. " He presume and turn around to leave.

I remained silently as I looking at him who slowly approching the room's door.

I sighed.I literally closed my eyes to remember his face.I'm sure that I already seen him before.Aishh but where--

"Are you okay?"

I suddenly opened my eyes and averted my sight to him who sat next to me.

Aish...I almost forgot about what happened inside his office earlier.

Now that I know that he was the owner of this bracelet then I can freely ask him about anything.

So I instantly faced at my side where he was and looked at him.He seemed surprised from my sudden action.

I crossed my both arms.I was very curious for just one thing.

"What are you doing there? I-I mean how you got there?" I uttered.

His face didn't changed at all and I could see in his reaction that he was expecting me to asked it from him.

He stood up without answering my question and took a picture frame on the side of the bed.

I glued my eyes on that picture that made me a little bit curious.

I guess that beautiful woman beside him was his mother but I suddenly frowned when I averted my eyes to the little girl in their back.

I couldn't see her face clearly because of the shots that had taken.

"I made that bracelet for my sister Michelle." He suddenly stated.


I immediately furrowed my brows and remained confused.I looked at him.

"Then why this bracelet has an initial name of J.F instead of M.F?" I asked him to make the details clear.

"Michelle Jaze Florenzia is her full name" He replied and left the frame next to my bed.

I couldn't take my eyes away from that picture and I also noticed that they were on a Beach Vacation.

Hmmm if it was their family vacation then why just the three of them only spending their time on a beach?

"Where is your dad?" I asked him again.

He suddenly stopped and turned his gaze to me.

His eyes says how he felt towards his father-A bitterness.

"We're not close." His tone was hostile.

I know that I may be sound so rude if I continue to asked him about his Father but I had still want to see how he was going to react on that thing.

Because every sad emotions hides many reasons.


I decided to stood up and steps a little closer to him.I crosses my arms and looked at him intently.

"If that so, then why your sister was there when my parents killed by those men?" I frankly assert that made him surprised.

That Michelle Jaze Florenzia has to do something about my parents case and I need to find out what it is.

Just a few more steps and my real death list were going to begin.

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