19 Death List

[Luster's POV]

I was already here in the conference room with GDT and were so busy to organize the event.I also need to make sure that everything will be held in our upcoming celebration is definitely going fine and great.

I work for the final approval and management.It was so very important because if a problems suddenly occur we have already a back up plan to take care of it smoothly without disturbing our guest.

I opened the shareholders document files and while I was reading the contract agreement-------


"Let's have an agreement.I do your favor but you can also help me with my concerns." Xianel said with a trace of determination on her face.


She immediately took my pen and write something on the paper.

When she was done she gave my pen and paper back to me while pointing the signing contract.

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"What?" I looked at her in confused.What should I do in this agreement?

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