6 Borderline Personality Disorder

Dr. Moanna Cailleigh Salas


"How are you, Ms. Xianel?" she greeted me.

I just nodded as my answer and crossed my arms. I’m bored with this since I’ve been here for two years.

Mr.Choi admitted me to a psychology expert to check my mental health problem.

Yes.I was aware about my condition but I think it was just a trauma of my past so it isn't a big deal.

She was smiling at me consistently as usual..

She will never get tired of me even though I just seated here inside the room quietly.

I exhort.

I saw her on my side that she was looking for a document.

I think it was about my therapy result and in just a moment she went in her table and laid some papers.

"Theraphy result." She contend.

I heaved deep sighed before I took and read what is written on the paper.

"BPD?" I whispered.

I wondered what's "BPD" means on the paper that she gaved.


I slightly turn my gape at her and I could see in her reaction that there was something serious about the result.

"There are some changes in your progress." She initially started and reissued another piece of paper with BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDERS written on it.

"Compared to the lately report, the medicine drugs you used to take has no longer effective on your health and besides there was a slow progression on your result" She explained while fretting looking at me.


I simper and leaned my back on my chair.

"Maybe I should kill myself now." I profess without a doubt on my face.

I mean I have been wanting that for a long time so why not.

She snigger.

"Go ahead." She pithy plead.

I cackle.

Moanna Cailleigh Salas was my psychiatrist for two years.She was always observing me regardless of my disorder.

She was also deceiving me most of the time by doing this flow of conversation.

I grinned.

"So, can I?" Sounds like I need her permission.

She rolled her eyes and put her both arms on her desk so that she could get closer to me.

"Yes, you can kill yourself,what do you want, a knife?" she assert sarcastically.

I chuckled.

Reverse Psychology.She adduce


I wasn't a numpty to not noticed her motive.

She also titter as she examined my gesture.

"You look so happy, what's the reason behind those smiles?" she curiously asked.

What else should I wonder? She is a psychiatrist and being an expert she easily read my emotions based on my actions only.

But I just shrugged my shoulders because I was too lazy to share my happiness with her.

I saw her frowning.

"Did you do it again?" she instantly presume and loiter me to blow the lid off.

But I still remained silent but I saw her stood up and walks towards at me.



“Awww! What the!? ” I whine after she hit me her pen.

"I knew it! What else should I expect from you?" She lecture and rolled her eyes.

She already knew about my past so there's no more reason to explained why I do such a bad things.

When I was young I have so many foe

and some of them experienced a nearly-death situation back then.


Because those people bullied me.I used to pick a fight with them and it was always the best thing to do.

To Fight them Back.

“But seriously I want to see you happy.

I wish you to be freely. ” she genuinely mumble.

I suddenly felt disgusted.

I don’t know but the word “Happy” can easily annoy me.

I exhort.

Instead of wasting my saliva to response her nonsense wish, I just nodded to end the conversation

I hate it.

People want me to be happy but myself don’t know how to be really happy.

She heaved a deep sighed and crossing her both arms again.

"Anyways,You're interrupted me." she unevenly said that makes me frowned.

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I scratched my ear.What the! She Doesn't know how to stop from talking.

Interrupted for what?

I saw her picked the paper that she had given me earlier and leaned it on the desk.

I looked at her.

"Borderline Personality Disorders is not a common.People who suffered in this were very sensitive and aggressive just like a bipolar but this one is a little bit different." she started.

"Then?" I sparingly mutter.I was not interested to what she was saying.

"Then therapy could help you but it will be more effective if you could help yourself out by controlling your emotions. "She explained.

What? Is she really kidding me this time? I mean how could I control myself? The fact that I can be sensitive and aggressive at the same time.

As I heard it, I just laughed and purposely tapped her office desk.

"Xianel" she sternly called my name and steeply glance at me.

I cut out and looked at her with a glacial expression.

"If someone harm me then I will do the same thing just to protect myself." I appealed and stood up.

I need to leave.


she couldn't continue what she was supposed to say when I thwart her.

"I will only be happy if my both eyes could finally sees their cold dead bodies." I affirm with annoyance and resentment in my speech.

I looked at her once more and she remained silent.

"I'll go ahead" I contend but in just a short moments she suddenly spoke again that made me stopped.

"But I wish you to be really happy and I'm really hoping that one day someone could change your mind." She added.

I frowned at what she said.

I don't understand why she told me that and what she meant by "someone could chance my mind"


I just shooked my head.

No one can change my mind and thwart my plans.I will never entertained any gibberish thing.

I didn't bothered to utter my responae and just step out of her clinic.

Luster Florenzia POV

I am Luster Florenzia. At the Age of 22, I am the CEO of my beloved MindTech Co.


I turn my gaze to my Head Manager who's knocking on my door.

"Come in" I replied.

I just finished signing a contract with my shareholders.Eventually in every end of the month of March my MindTech Company held an event for the upcoming new release invention.

I’m looking forward for the Company Project.

"Majesty, this is the report of the graphics design team." He reported.

I immediately closed my laptop and took the document.

I opened the files.

“1 .... 1 ...... 1 .... and ... 1” I contend and dropped their presentation works on my desk.

Majesty Ranking

1 - failed

2 - Error

3 - Satisfied

4 - Perfect!

"S-sorry for that majesty." He immediately take away the file to me.

I simper.They ruined my mood again.Why they don't do their job well?

I leaned my back on my chair and intensely rubbed my forehead.

"Go back to your work" I utter.

My head hurts because of them.They had been in my company for almost three years but-- aishh.

"Yes,Majesty." He replied and left the office.

I exhort as I turned my chair to my window.

My company was located near at the sea and I always take a look every time I feel so much stress from my busy schedules.

I suddenly leer with traces of resentment on my face.

The sea makes me feel both happy and sad but I need to focus on the beautiful memories rather than my horrible nightmare.

I heaved a deep sighed and immediately opened my eyes to take a break for awhile.


I drastically drawn my attention and surprised when I saw Michael Rosel constructing the site.

I also noticed the unfinished building project in that area.

I frowned.

As far as I know that Mr.Rodriguez and my Head Manager Reyes already talked about the purchasing of the land area for my companies project?

I exhort.

Then what the heck is going around?

“D**n!” I cursed and immediately called my Secretary.

"Lorencio." I said and hang up the call.

I invest my money as a one of Mr.Rodriguez shareholders in his company but how come that he was planning to deceived me.

On the spur of moment I already heard Lorencio's voice coming to my office.

"Yes Majesty?" He presume while still gasping in the air.

I averted my eyes to his office uniform and suddenly sighed because of the coffee stains in his sleeves.

Apparently,Lorencio Miller was one of my trusted employee in my company since he was with me when I started to have my dream business.

"I'm sorry, Majesty.Do you need anything?" He asked.

So I stood up and pointed out the huge barrier to my upcoming plans.

Tsk.You're so unbelievable,Mr.Michael Rosel.

"Tell him to move his building in the desert." I commanded.

He suddenly stared at me and wondered from what I am saying so I look at him and enlarged my eyes but he just also did the same way.


"I will Fired you if------"

"Yes Majesty!"

Huh? I haven't done my words when he suddenly ran away to my office.

I did a face palm.

I picked up my phone again and called him.

‘I will fired you if you didn't tell him the exact words that I've said’ I threatened.

I heard him gasping.

‘Ye-yes Majesty! I'll do what you c-- ’ I cut off his words again.

‘Record it. I need a proof Lorencio’ I added.

‘but Majesty---’ I heard him trying to complain so I immediately dropped the call and sat down on my chair again.

"Competting me is a nice choice but you will never win against me." I whispered and crossed my both arms.



I startled when I heard my phone suddenly rang.

I took it on my side and began to frowned when I saw that the call was from Lorencio.

Hmmm? Why so fast?

I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.Maybe he got me a good news.

I chuckled and answered his call.

"You already did----" I cut my words off when I heard someone's voice over the phone.

"Pay me!" A Mad woman's voice coming through the line.


I glance my phone again to make sure that it was Lorencio who called me.

“Who are you?” I curiously asked.

I also even heard the cars horn noises on the line.

"Talk to your boss! Gosh! You're ruined everything!"

I furrowed my brows as I heard her screech voice.She looks like she was ready to kill Lorencio anytime.

"H..hello M-majesty" I finally heard Lorencio's voice that trembling in fear.

‘Drive! I should be the one who talks to your boss" I heard her again on the line yelling my secretary.


"Ok Come here." I said and immediately turned off my phone.

I grabbed my senses and squeezed it.

"What's happening now Lorencio." I sighed in the air.

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