11 Black Butterfly

Luster Florenzia POV

"Brother!" Michelle suddenly came up to me and began to slapping my right arm.

I simper as she frowned and pouted her lips.

"Your so unfair! Why Krish received a gift from you tss! I hate you! I'm your little sister but I didn't even have one. " she complained and took a deep sighed.

I laughed a bit.

We are on the beach right now for a vacation and I heard that were going to stay here in the Philipines for good.

I averted my eyes to my arm where she harshly tapped it.

"How can I give you a gift if you punched me?" I teasingly mumbled and pretended that my right arm hurt.

She looked at me with a guilt on her face and started to went beside me.

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"Sorry.." She apologized and pouted her lips again.


I immediately laughed and squeezed her cheek. Michelle was only 6 years old and even if I was always going to my school and live to my dorm for a month we'd still close to each other.

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