17 Attitude

[Xianel's POV]

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I walked to my new assigned office and the it was just next to Luster's room.

According to what we agreed earlier, I will be the asset to spy the graphics design team area.


"So you mean someone spied on you inside the Graphics Design Office?" I was surprised of what I heard from him.

That's why I shouldn't let myself to give my trust so easily because they could might stab you when the day comes.

I leer.

Based on what were talking about he already seen the CCTV footage.The fact that the killer suspiciously exited in the GDT room.

It's a good thing that we had now an evidence to catch the rat inside of his company.

"Yes,so I will put you as an Assistant Manager of GDT, I want you to know the person that they've been using around to have a connection inside my own company" He ordered.

I leaned my back on the chair and crossed my both arms.

When I spotted the scoundrels who circling around,I could also get what I want.

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