16 Agreement

Xianel's POV

It's 7 o'clock in the morning and I'm cleaning my bedroom as of now before I decided to go downstairs.

It's Monday and I don't need to attend my classes today since the final semester were already done.I just only need to submit the requirements for the upcoming graduation.

I lay down my body on the couch.Haist! I immediately held my forehead and squeezed it.My head was hurt so badly Tch! That jerk!

Yeah! Because of him!

Why that Jerk always invading my mind and he also even appeared on my dream? Argh!

The fact that every time I tried to close my eyes I could only see his ugly face and I really hate it!

"Hmff.." I heaved a sighed.

He makes my mood down.Tsk!

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I aggressively scratched my messy hair as I went to my kitchen to prepare my breakfast.

Hmmmm....What should I do with eggs? Because I only see eggs inside my refrigerator.I forget to buy some groceries.

I sighed once again while picking a two eggs and slice of white bread for my breakfast.

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