1 "Love has no eyes no mouth that's why it's called it is blind"


All going good now happily she settle back in her life after breaking up with his ex. It's not easy to forget all the moments of jollity with him for her.Though, she always trying to avoids all memories even she had nothing left of his ex.

Lam was so cute and his way of laughing so different and adorable. He always would try to spread happiness all around which she liked most. He is unique in her eyes.

Lam even knew all about her how she was madly loving him but he ever didn't show her that how deep he loved to her. He always tried to tease her as he always did and he also knew that she liked him while he was teasing and flirting with her.

so strangely the love had start from Facebook even Leona never accepted unknown in her friends list but he was completed unknown to her. she started Facebook after completing her intermediate even she hadn't a good smart phone. she wanted to be socialized though it was the main reason to created Facebook. Actively she updated her info. but her account is quite public and regularly once in a week she love to had to post something whether it informative or not. Post which made her icon that she is very active on Facebook among her's friends.

Living in past like her hobby an unpleasant noise catch her attention she opened her bathroom lock and peered out her head there was a kitten. shining eyes could not leaving her eyes from furry hair kitten and she was adorable nicely moving her tail in fond. she gave her nod that she should take bath first again locking door and starting lost in those memorable past.