Live here.

"Does every one of them likes me mom?" the little girl asked with a small tone of voice "Baby of course they would like you, and you know what?" her mom asked.

"They want you to live here with them, here on the Island." her mother continued and assured her that there is nothing to worry about.

"Mom I'm scared, what if they don't like me and get angry if I make mistakes in their house?"

They walk in the soft sands while humming her favorite song. They're already in her Auntie's house and went inside to see her Grandmother. She stayed on the sofa and wait for her mother to went out.

A cute and handsome boy pinch her cheeks without her permission and then laughed. The little girl cried because she thinks she got embarrassed. Then the boy hug her and wiped her tears falling from her blue eyes.

"Don't cry my girl," the boy said in a comforting way.

"Shhh, I'm sorry for pinching your cute cheeks.," the boy said while still wiping her tears. She was still crying when she remembered the compliment, the boy told her, she had "cute cheeks". finally, she stopped crying.

"Look at them, they look so cute." Donya Dasha said while admiring the two kids. The parents of Lucia are leaving the country by tomorrow, that's why they're here in Batanes. Her parents want her to live with here Donya Dasha in Batanes while her parents are working in Italy.

"Mother, this place is beautiful, can we go back here once again?" Lucia said while blinking her puppy eyes.

"Lucy, we don't need to come back here again because you're going to live here with Donya Dasha." her mother said while smiling at her

"Yey!?" she shouted while jumping and went back to Leo. Her mother went into Lucy's room to talk to her mother about her daughter. When she went inside the room, she saw her mother fixing Lucy's clothes in the cabinet.

"Mom, she'll be nice to you," Leyna said to her mother while fixing Lucy's clothes.

"You can hang her dresses here." her mother said, then pointed to the big cabinet.

"Mom, how thoughtful of you, for sure Lucy will like it." she complimented. Her mother hugged her and kissed her forehead like she's still at a young age. She loved her mother more than anything, and that was different from her love for her daughters.

Everything is set, Lucy's things are set in her new room, and now they're here in the kitchen. Her grandmother cook ado bong baby and fried shrimp. That food is her favorite, that's why she's happy to eat all her favorite foods. Her Grandmother laughs at her because she saw how Lucy likes it.

That night they talk about Lucy's going back to school and meet some dear friends. Everything went smooth that night until the topic was able to reach. Weeks pass, and she's still confused about having a step-sister. She only knows how to be an only child, but now she had to start learning how to protect and care for her sister. Even if they weren't close to each other, she still pursues to be friends with her sister. Her sister was cold and not friendly, maybe because she doesn't like going out with another person. So, she starts understanding her sister even though she's the younger one.

They both grew up together since she lived in her grandmother's house. They always laugh at each other whenever they got messy, or they got into trouble. Both of them were now very close to each other, they also met Leo, the second son of the Mendez Family.

Their family is one of the richest in the world. They own Neva Airlines located in the Philippines, Dubai, Germany, and Japan. Moreover, they own the biggest farm in the Philippines, Alana Farm.

No one can beat the Mendez Family.

Leo's sister is sick it has a heart problem that's why his parents need to travel abroad to take a risk for the operation. He wanted to go, but his mother didn't allow him, so he stayed at his grandmother's house.

Then she met a girl, named Lucia Hermosa Diaz. Leo admired Lucia for being beautiful. He loves every little thing from a different angle Lucia has.

Four years passed, Leo and Lucia became closer to each other. They bond together, laugh together, and everything about them is their happiness. Not until Leo confesses his love for Lucia in the middle of the night when they were on the beach.

"You're beautiful Lucy." Leo complimented while fixing one pile of Lucy's hair.

"What's gotten to you?" she asks.

"Lately, you become more silent and I always found you looking away when I look on you." Lucia uttered because she notices Leos changes.

"You don't like it?" He suddenly asks while looking into her eyes carefully.

"Hmm…" she hooked her head while. "Being with you without words saying is new to me Leo, you've always had that attitude who always has words." Lucia continued. They both begun to walk from the seashore and visit their favorite place.

They walk in the soft sands and tried to hmm their favorite song.

*Since the day that we met the girl

I never had anyone make me feel this way

And my heart is sure it wants to be with you

Want to give you the whole world

If you make the promise to me, You're going to stay

Without you guiding me, I'm lost and so confused

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side.

Girl I got you and I want to give you what you never had

Girl every day I hope to make you part of my life

cause you know me and I know you

Girl your love is where it's at

Shhh… *

They were both happy singing those lyrics. Leo held her hand and made a promise to her.

"I will love you forever, Lucia, and give me a chance to prove it to you." He said full of love and eagerness.

"There's no need to prove, Leo, you already did it. You made me feel that I'm your everything. You made me like this and being with you is the only place that makes me feel comfortable." she uttered, and she closes those spaces between them, then she hugs Leo full of love. They continue walking till they reach the hanging bench. He leads the hanging bench to Lucia and signed to sit. She didn't expect that Leo will sing at the end of the song…the last part of the music…

*I'm going to be the love that's going to last

And be the one that got your back

Ain't nothing ever that bad that we won't be together

And though we both made our mistakes

And some we never wish we made

But we'll be okay if we stay together

O ooh…*

(But we'll be okay if we just stay together) she repeated

A grain of sand on the beach was but an abandoned building amidst the bustling city. Even so, this place is something I will now call home.

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