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Island Ascension Online


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Simon Ji was once widely known as a genius farmer in a medieval land of magic, war, and agriculture... In that world, the strong trampled over the weak, and strength was required to get anywhere! Naturally, Simon’s life was not easy in the slightest. In order to achieve his status of a genius farmer, he had to go through countless tribulations in his bitter 40 years of life. Alas in the end, he was forced into using taboo magic... And in doing so, he managed to transport himself into another world! The world that he was transported to was a world of science and technology - a world where magic was almost non-existent… The once renowned farmer was reduced to a mere office worker, and had lost all hope of achieving anything notable in his remaining years. That was, until the new VR game, Island Ascension Online, was released. Read as Simon Ji utilizes his skills of magic and agriculture to dominate the world of Island Ascension Online, ascending above even the endless skies! This novel is about an old (ish) man who reincarnates and builds an empire on a floating island, adventures, and captures geniuses. At the same time, the this novel explores the collision between magic and science in the real world, and the MC is a scholar - so he will be addicted to studying... Discord: https://discord.gg/QRRExfzmjc No harems and Mc isn’t stupid. Not going premium anytime soon!


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