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Singapore, 2077

Many people died every day.

In this world, there may be one people died and one people born. All balance as it should be.

But, some people had a virtual reality headset embedded in their dead bodies when they have died for some particular case that some people orchestrated.

There was a hundred youngster who had that VR headset in it.

Without a power? Yes, it was doable. It was not an ordinary virtual reality headset that embedded to their head. But, it was the one that the god gave.

"Where am I?" The cold-expressed-looking young guy asked himself as he looked at the clean water, showing his typical Singaporean youngster face.

"Welcome aboard to the in-game screen, youngster."

"Eh? Can I log out? I think you are inviting the wrong person." That youngster left the place quickly as soon as he had heard those. Thus, the wise voice replied to him,

"You would only see yourself either in heaven or the hell. Depending on what you have done. But, deserting this game means..."

The picture in the all-white background had changed into a hellish place, which surprised Aloysius. But, he had no fear nor sign of shaken for that picture shown. Instead, he slammed the remark to that voice as he said,

"I know that I have died. But, trapping ones into the game is a cheat as well!"

"So, you have to prove it to me, Chess Champion Aloysius. The chess prodigy who won the world championship twelve times in a row since his young age. Prove it to me that I'm cheating!" That voice threatened Aloysius with the cocky tone yet, threatening.

But, that eighteen years old youngster did not waive or scared at all. Instead, he replied to that voice with a threatening tone, threatening the voice source that talked to him earlier.

"Too bad, cunt. I only believe in one god. Bring it on here and prove to me that you are the one!"

He gripped his fist, proving that he was a fearless man, the pride of his hometown fellow to win the championship that led him to be named,

"As expected of 'Chess Honey Badger.' The man who fears nothing, even when a god spoke in front of him. You got me, Aloysius."

Spheres had formed into some object in front of him as soon as that female voice had said so. It was developing into a humanoid figure at a rapid speed.

Thus, a woman with the elegant gold nightdress with her red hair sparked gently shown in front of him.

She had a pair of beautiful purple eyes, a pointy nose yet with a long sheathe in her left hip.

She talked to Aloysius with her gentle voice, telling him.

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"I'm Askardia, the goddess of war you challenged earlier."

Without any more delay, the goddess stood in front of him, landing the sword outright to his left neck, slamming him down.

But, he could anticipate it as a martial artist himself. He blocked the sword attack by grabbing its sharp point using his right hand. Then, he countered with a knee strike dodged by the goddess easily as she shoves herself back.

"To think a god or a goddess could only make this basic attack?" Aloysius reacted in a fierce tone. Thus, he threw the sword right away to the goddess' face that led her to have a shocked expression. Therefore, she yelled,


Of course, it was the similar voice that he had heard before when he sparred with his mother when he was on the training camp of martial arts.


"I'm not your mom! But, calm your ass off first!" Askardia yelled at him right away as soon as the man had called her mom.

He paused for a while, observing the lady who was shocked after he initiated the brutal counterattack.

He remembered that he should be a reasonable man as well despite his extreme devout to one god. Thus, he demanded her,


"There are many gods of war in the outside of this realm. I'm one of them. And just like you, I'm a tactical lady. Not the fighter, but you are both fighter and tactical. That's why I had picked you at the moment when you were about to die."

"How much the amount of god of wars exists in this realm exactly?"

"Twenty of them. Each of us will choose one of the teams of five. Trained in the most extreme environment ever for the battle will determine which of you will become the leader of the god of wars. You..."

"Ah, a bunch of noobs in the MOBA game, am I right?"

"To be put simply. Yep, it is what you guys called MOBA." Askardia replied to him when he cut her word halfway after she explained it Lil bit.

"To be honest, Askardia. I don't regard you as a god, goddess, deity, or you name it. I have absolute faith in only one god, the all-father god. But since I'm trapped here, I have to resolve this thing first before meeting with him. Tell me now what I need to do for this."

Yes, he did not fear death at all, thanks to his extreme faith in the god he always prayed. Thus, the lady stood gently, and she explained to him as she remained her composure.

But, before she started to explain what the world was going on, she complimented him.

"It is pretty good actually to have a man with a strong steadiness like you. Good to have you, Aloysius."

"You have overestimated me. God might be giving me a sign before I was alive."

"I have to tell you the truth that it's all-father who wanted you to die and join this battle. Then, become the commander of the god of wars."

"It was him for real?" Aloysius looked at her in a severe glance, looking at her passionately, and then, he grabbed her shoulder, which shocked him. Thus, she looked at him,

"Why you are respected that old fogey so much?" She looked at him in disdain. But, Aloysius looked at her in a murderous glare. Still, he had the limit that led him to say,

"If you were someone else, then I would rip you apart already! You won't know how badass he is when he is joining the battle. You know, at that time when I prayed to him to show up at my chess competition for the first time, I saw him! He gave me a hint to win the war, and I did it! That's why I always have faith in him. Not even a death could stop me from my faith to that man!"

"Damn, that's the fanboy on a whole new level. Not even Michael who could do that level of fanboyism." Askardia complimented him in a good way. She raised her respect to him from the last time that she was poorly insulted by the man in front of him.

"Not only that, Askardia! He even saved the hell out of my brother from the fight! I saw that he was appeared there, hinting at my brother when the loan shark was attacking him for informing them to the police. And you know, that man is sick! He even hinted to my brother that led him able to trounce those loan sharks, and it led him to be acknowledged as the military special forces member later on!"

"Man, that was something unusual about him. All I know is that if it weren't because he is the father of the son who traded his life for salvation, he would be hit into hell already for what he had done previously. Good thing that he saved you previously."

"Alright, tell me the rules, Askardia!" Aloysius changed his course right away after knowing that his god assigned him for this task.

"Do you know MOBA first of all? I think that's what you guys said while we are saying that as the Tug-O-War."

"Hmm... Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, basically five versus five in the tactical battle, killing each other until we managed to secure the enemy's base." Aloysius replied to her based on his experience in that game as training during his strategy sharpening training for his chess pro tournament.

"Well said, yes. It is like that! But, there is a significant difference in this VR which our believer had put it on your guys' corpse."

"State it. More clearly it is, better it will be." Aloysius encouraged her to explain it. Thus, she told him,

"That VR headset only lasts for sixty days, counted from today when you woke up at this place. Once the battery ran out before you managed to win at least ten games in the round-robin format. The VR will shut down, destroying your soul almost immediately, leading your body to get burned without any remains there. Same with the lower bottom one and the one who died in the game."

"What does it mean, Askardia?" Aloysius asked her in a severe tone, which led her to say,

"In other means, you can't heal yourself in the game. You will be left injured as it should be. Then, don't get yourself lost in the round-robin game after you have done introduced yourself. Any methods are okay, even if you are cheating. Cause we do believe that our system is perfect and unhacked. So..."

Aloysius laughed maniacally, deeming himself as the winner who led him to say,

"You know, Askardia. I'm going to win this battle and prove my worth in front of the all-father. Thus, I'm going to show you guys how the real god of war works!"

Askardia gulped when he had laughed in the most maniac way possible as if she had felt the dangerous presence in front of him. The difficult company that she was afraid of but yet, she respected.

Thus, she looked at Aloysius, asked him,

"What do you need any more information from me regarding the battle rules?"

"Battle rules? Hmm, didn't you told me that it is free for all?"

"It is, but there are some other rules applied here. Drafting, map location, and so on. You will need to understand it first before you are starting to..."

"Your sword is interesting, to be honest." Aloysius drafted the conversation to the other topic where he had piqued his interest in the sword,

"Oh, this? Sword of Aorus?" She asked him back while pulling her sheathe out from her hip. Thus, she handed it to Aloysius, who wanted to know about that sword more.

Aloysius looked at the sword carefully while he pulled the blade gently. Thus, he commented on the sword as he said,

"It is a well-crafted sword... And I can feel that there is a strong presence of something that I don't know. It seemed to call me as if that I was its true owner. That's why I'm asking you about this sword."

"Calling voice?" Askardia asked him in response to his amused expression. Thus, she continued,

"I did hear that the sword will call out its master when it closes..."

"I would like to do some experiment. Not sure if this is going to work or not at the real case, but I tend to see this action on course at novel or manga." He suggested Askardia as he threw the sword far away, wondering something about what he had read in the manga.

He looked at that sword which seems to be stuck in the ground perfectly.

"Well... I'm not too fond of this. But, this action is kind of cool." Aloysius smirked when he had remembered the manga scene that he had ever read. Thus, he demanded,

"Sword of Aorus, come to me!"

Without any single glance of delay, the sheathe had shaken the ground violently to crack the foundation.

As she could see it. The sword listened to Aloysius by blasting the ground away to let the sheathe loose. Thus, it spun violently towards Aloysius, and he grabbed it without any problem.

"Wouldn't it mean that Sword of Aorus is mine initially?" Aloysius smirked when he had managed to grab the sword

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