5 1 vs 1

A day had passed after the battle.

In the public chat where Aloysius could see it while he sat in the brown chair with the table in front of it, he observed everything.

He observed how they talked about his battle.

All of them were chatting as if that he was a god. But in fact, he was only a guy who had a strong faith in the creator.

"This is what do you planed all along, Aloysius?" Askardia asked him while she observed at her screen where everyone had talked about him.

But, he shook his head, telling her,

"I want them to know what is the true definition of 'Dark Horse*'"

"Dark Horse?"

"Yes. The Unbeatable one is surely known as the Dark Horse.. But, do they know that the true Dark Horse is the man who managed to achieve the feat that impossibly done by someone else?"

She shook her head as a response to the answer from Aloysius. She was thinking the same with them, which led Aloysius to laugh. He told her,

"This is why your higher ups could micromanage you easily. But don't worry. Learn from me and I will make you won't get fooled anymore!"

Thus, he left the place, heading towards the gallant-red door that split their room with the public space.

He arrived at that position where his face had faced the door within 1.5 meters distance.

He was about to pull the doorknob downwards. But, Askardia called him,

"Many players will asked you to join with them. Are you sure that you will get out for a while?"

"Don't worry. They can't invite me to their team after all. Don't forget that I'm a captain. In the rules, nobody could be able to invite the captain."

"Pffft!! Big-brained! You did had some research indeed." Askardia complimented him over his sheer amount of knowledge from the researches.

Then, he left the place, leaving Askardia alone in the room, reflecting herself.

'I thought that Aloysius was a cocky extremist. But... He was a nice guy after all.' She smiled while observing the long row of constructive feedbacks from him about their last matches.

She summoned her sapphire-crafted grimoire by spun her right hand counterclockwise.

Thus, she observed the grimoire that revealed from the transparent void, which led her to smile, compliment,

'He was right, I wasn't ever suitable to play with the swords.'

Then, she returned to her heads-up display again to rewatch the matches.

On the outside, someone had surrounded by a bunch of gods who interviewed him.

To them, they wondered, "How come this good-for-nothing kid could turn a table over a team of five?"

Thus, that man was Aloysius. The man who managed to defeat the opposing team without using many members. He could do that not because that he was strong. But, he told them,

"You don't really need a lot of members. Two or three supperior player is enough to deal with five noobs."

Of course, that statement had enraged some players who cherish their friends more than the game. Aloysius wasn't stupid for not knowing those which led him to say,

"Maybe some of you might be cussing on me. But shame on you, this is a game of survival. Not some nakama-bullshit game!"

That even enraged many players who looked at him from their screen in their room.

However, he was right. It was not about all-friend stuff as he continued to say,

"Isekai Online may be not a one-man army game. But you need to stick with the plan, as strict as a military man. That's the secret of how I win the game with player disadvantage."

Then, he continued as the interviewers kept noting on themselves.

"For all of you who watched, cussed on me. Trust me, it's all-father's guide. Pray to him and he will tell you the same shit! Didn't believe what I told you now? Let's meet in the match an hour later."

He left the place as soon as he talked about those. But then, he looked at the large screen in the center of that white-void place.

He observed the matching diagram on it. Thus, he looked at the screen, muttering.

'Sirius... I remember that he was a top MOBA pro-player in the human world. But how? Or,"

"Oh hey! That's you, Aloysius bro right?" A friendly toned man called upon him.

'Fuck! Speaking in god!' Aloysius cursed himself as if that he had found someone who he remembered.

He looked back, looking at the guy with the e-sport outfit, telling him,

"Man, I never thought that we will be in a match later on!" He laughed while patted Aloysius's left shoulder.

But, he looked at him with his unamused expression. Thus, he replied to him,

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I should be the one who asked, 'What the hell are you doing here?' instead." He replied to Aloysius while he was staring at him with his caucasian eyes inside his round eyeglasses.

He was looking at Aloysius as if that he was much shorter than him. Then Aloysius replied at him,

"I was died man. Died by the airplane crash incident."

"That MA 390? Dude! I'm in that airplane too!"

"Really? I thought a cheapstake like you wouldn't take the first class airplane, Sirius."

Thus, Sirius laughed upon his expression blurted there with the reply. He replied to him,

"Did you know the team that you were defeated back then was sent to the nothingness by the gods already?"

"Huh? I thought that's only conducted where the matches was finished." Aloysius commented with the statement that he knew it from his pal, Sirius.

Thus, Sirius explained to him.

"Five of them alongside with the god were exiled to the hell after getting caught cheating. I found that was pretty amusing as well since you know, he landed hundred hits of punches in the other opponents within miliseconds, then used many hooks to you within fifteen seconds which is impossible."

"Makes sense, their opposing off-laner is really annoying indeed."

"Good thing that they had changed the rules. Man, imagine that I had to face those kind of dipshit." Sirius laughed while he walked towards the screen, then looked at it.

The rest were chit-chatter about their game, and some gossiped about two black horses in [Isekai Online].

They talked about a pair of black horses, which were known as Aloysius and Sirius.

One of them was the one who had the highest kill count amongst any players exists. And one of them was the man who defeated the odds, not to mention that he even managed to beat a team of cheaters, which he didn't know until he watched his gameplay himself.

The nearby players agreed that both of them shouldn't be disturbed. Or else, they might be facing the same incident that either Aloysius or Sirius's opponent had ever encountered, which was a nightmare to them.

"They had too much gossip, do they?" Sirius smirked at Aloysius, who stood on the right side while observing the screen, primarily focused on match info in the screen,

[Team Sirius vs. Team Undefined]

[Time remaining: 0:00:04]

"Oh my." Aloysius chuckled when he looked at the timing. Thus, he received the invitation, same with Sirius.

"Ah? You were doing the one man army setup too?" Sirius looked at his match information which his team only consist of himself and his goddess. Same with Sirius, who had himself and the god of war as the only teammates.

[Aloysius: Well, to be honest, they are pretty much too Nakama-caring-ish. That isn't very pleasant.]

[Aloysius: I mean, yes, I'm agreed that friends beyond anything. But this is a fucking MOBA game. Not some Nakama bullshit anime you would ever watch. Seriously]

Thus, Sirius replied to the public chat with a laughter emoji, suggesting that he agreed with him about it.

Meanwhile, the game started by itself that led them to use the public chat to talk together. Well, that's normal for both Sirius and Aloysius as the buddies in-game and in real life. Thus, they did so.

However, Askardia and the god of war who helped Sirius were observing them in the observer room instead, looking at the screen as it mentioned the game.

The game itself named,

[1v1 Solo Mid]*

"1v1 Solo mid, what was that Bryce?" Askardia looked at the screen while looking at the god wearing his mask covering his face. That mask itself is cyan-colored, painting with the screaming face that could freak the others out.

However, it was a virtual world created by the gods after all. So, no one would be getting scared of it.

Thus, Bryce explained to Askardia about the game with his heavy tone,

"1v1 Solo Mid is one of the game modes that involves the captains. The captain of the respective team will face the battle one by one in the field, they can go to other lanes as much as they want. But, most of them will choose to go with the full middle lane since player's capabilities are fully variative."

Rather than seeing them stealing their position for the runes, both of them chatted instead.

[Sirius: Bro, how do you think about this game? I thought that you weren't a gamer, dude.]

[Aloysius: Nah, man, it's fun. I may not be a gamer, but this shit is entertaining.]

[Sirius: Ahahaha!! IKR**]

[Aloysius: Shall we start the match?]

[Sirius: As you wish, no hard feelings, bro!]

Thus, both of them moved towards their middle lane, starting from Aloysius, who dashed towards the lane as he muttered,

'Lesson learned from earlier time, I must not buy [Blink Dagger] in the early game.'

Instead of buying the [Blink Dagger.] He was buying [Swift Boots] Instead.

In the meantime, in a few seconds before. Aloysius observed those items as he muttered.

'Speed boosts in the early game? Not bad.'

Thus, he observed the spiky boots in his inventory page as it had written as,

[Swift Boots]

Price: 2200


Movement speed: 80

Attack Speed: 90

Atk: 5

Agility: 5

Time returned to the past, blocking the creep's movement by moving his body left and right swiftly.

A chat popped out as Aloysius tried to blocking around the creeps so that they won't go first.

Same with Sirius, both of them was an expert of MOBA games after all. But the only significant difference between them was, Aloysius was a pro chess player. He played MOBA games when he was a living human back then, to the extent that he had managed to infuse his knowledge in chess to the game.

Unlike Sirius, he was a man who was a real pro player before. Being a captain for an e-sport team had refined him to the extent which led him possibly,

[Sirius acquired first blood!]

"Damn! That's fast!" Both Bryce and Askardia reacted while everyone yelled into the crowd.

Five versus Five was an ordinary feat already. But this is one vs. one. And that was a game from the two strongest MVPs for the current scoring in the scoring system of the [Isekai Online]

In-game, it was visibly seen that Aloysius had respawned, while Sirius had 30% HP remaining after the previous fierce match between the two.

Thus, Sirius moved swiftly while grabbing another item, the item that shaped like a dagger.

While the match initiated, the chat popped out from the spectator's screen.

[Aloysius: Man, as expected of the pro player.]

[Sirius: Nah, you are pretty substantial as a support player.]

[Aloysius: Not really, it just where I'm good at actually, using meemaw or injoker as my main, or either tunker.]

[Sirius: LOL***!]

Thus, they continued the attack again as Aloysius had arrived on the battlefield.

It started from Aloysius first, who seized the opportunity as he had 70% HP Advantage by throwing his [Blink Dagger] to the man's back.

But, Sirius could see it through quickly. So, he took his initiative by landing a trap in the ground where Aloysius had placed the mark.

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Of course, Aloysius was not doing anything as well. So instead, he used his second skill as crowd control. Thus, Sirius's HP went down by 5%, killing the rest of the opposing creeps as well.

Sirius replied to the attack with the hook that he pulled towards Sirus, which he used to kill him through the towering advantage.

However, only a donkey fell in the same trap twice.

Aloysius threw his [Blink Dagger], dodging the attack right away with a blink of an eye that led him to stay in the other place, hiding in the bush.

Thus, Aloysius observed him, who was searching over his presence as soon as he went missing.

"Cunning, I like this guy!" Bryce complimented over Aloysius's gameplay, who hid in the bush sneakily while moving around towards Sirius's back, waiting for him to get close with his lane's tower.

"That's Aloysius for ya! The man with assist-rampage kill!" Askardia replied to Bryce, who enjoyed the match about his compliment over Aloysius. She knew it better than anyone for Aloysius's capability in the fight.

Still, he remained hidden, throwing the [Blink Dagger] around while blinking into the teleportation, making sure that his buddy wouldn't notice his presence.

Thus, he moved sneakily towards his back while the environment killed the creeps without anything else remaining.

He pulled his sword quickly from his sheathe, and he commanded.

[Skill 3: Assassinate!]

An announcer yelled,

[Aloysius killed Sirius]


*It's a game mode where you are fighting in the mid-lane, one versus one. It's a game mode in MOBA.

**I Know, Right? It means that you could not agree more with your opposing guy in conversation.

***LOL = Laughing Out Loud (Basically a reaction for those who is laughing over you in chat)

Author note: The chat part may be using a lot of memes, slang, and puns. But that's normal. If the chatting part was using the formal grammar way, then it's no longer a chat that you'd usually seen in the game.

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