1 Isekai God

Sitting at my desk watching my screen, my appointment finally arrived. I minimized the tab on the screen and began my usual script.

"Have a seat over there... I'm sure you have many questions. To tell you the truth, you are dead and can never return to your old life."

I paused at this moment to allow the young man in front of me to come out of his shocked state. I'm a little disappointed that this short, fat asian teenager is what appeared in front of me as opposed to a cute girl or striking and strong gentleman. I usually get to see a better second life with more attractive or charismatic types of people. This slob in front of me will likely need to be coddled and waste my time.

"Wh-who are you?" The young man stuttered out.

"I am the God of Transmigration. It is my responsibility to send you to another world. A world of swords and magic. While we the gods hope that you can repay us this favor by defeating the demon lord of that world, sending you already helps in many other various ways. If you choose not to defeat the demon lord we still benefit. So there's no need to feel obligated."

The young mans eyes seemed to glitter and jump for joy at the start of my speech, but for an instant he let out such a deep frown before he started to smile in wonder again.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"No, nothing is wrong. I'm absolutely excited! I can't believe that something I've always wished for is really happening. I watched and read so many isekai anime, manga and light novels, they were my favorite fantasy! And now I get to travel to another world of swords and magic. My wish has come true..." He kind of faded out at the last part of his statement and lost eye contact.

"What is it?" I sighed

"W-well... I just always fantasized that the God sending me over would be a beautiful Goddess..." He stated with a depressed tone.

Ooohh. He is one of those types. This is why I'm always wary of way too skinny or way too obese asians. The language he is hearing me speak right now must be Japanese.

He is starting to piss me off.

The reason I choose to appear as a calming and handsome male in his late 60s is twofold. First the presence of this figure is much more calming and authoritative. Second is that even though I, as a God am merely a being of spiritual energy and power, also feel that my personality and the intentions of my thoughts are most certainly of a male of the human species.

I looked at his eyes and they pass from me to the floor as if he is ashamed or embarrassed. After considering it, while watching this pitiful otaku, I decided to throw him a bone.

A bright light enveloped the room as I transformed into my Loli-Goddess form I created for pitiful fools like him.

My normal 6 foot tall gentleman frame shrinks down to the size of a 4'8" child-like figure with a giant chest. My voice is now that of child but with the hint of an adult rasp and maturity.

"Allow me one moment to check your file. After that we will begin the process of choosing your abilities and thus transmigrate." I let out in a monotone.

His eyes jumped and saliva dribbled from his mouth as the pervert lewdly eye-fucked my entire body.

Now I'm really pissed.

This moron doesn't even have the common sense that one shouldn't look at a child like body that way so openly. Even if this form is erotic to a pedo like him, he should still feel some restraint.

Name: Daisuki, Kenma

Age: 19

Occupation: N/A

Potential: Average

Energy Score: 82

The rest is a boring summary about his pathetic life. Mostly skipping school and isolating himself. His hobbies were pretty disgusting and disturbing. Thankfully he was a shut-in. If this guy had practiced any of his perverted desires many people would be harmed and he would have spent his life in prison. I almost laughed out loud upon reading his cause of death.

Sadly, I can see why this piece of shit was sent to my office. The average energy score is barely 50. In other words, we need this energy to be sent to the other world for the gods selfish benefit.

"The world you are being sent to is called Grandia. As I mentioned earlier, this is a world of swords and magic. If you have the affinity for any magic, you will be able to identify it after getting your status checked either at an Adventurers Guild or town office."

I paused for a breath and looked at Kenma to read his reaction. He's still just barely resisting the urge to grab my chest, but it looks as if he has heard me.

" The skill granted you from the gods is called 'Language Acquisition', as you can tell by the name it is the amazing ability that allows you to be able to speak, read and write all of the languages in Grandia"

While I kept my voice dry and monotone, I perked it up a bit to embellish how great the default skill that all transmigrators get automatically is. I'm not giving this piece of human trash any bonuses or skills. I'm pretty sure he'd just use them to **** little girls.

"Thank you! I know that that skill is going to save me many troubles..." He stated gladly before trailing off. "But, isn't there something else? Something like 'Hero or 'Holy Swordsman?" he asked in a passive tone.

"There are also those skills, but unfortunately, only one skill is awarded before transmigration, and it is done randomly." I lied

"Ahh, Oh..." He paused and processed what I said while still not moving his eyes from my chest.

"I guess it's fine" he said in a dejected tone.

Thank goodness the idiot bought it.

"I'll give you one clue about yourself. In the other world you are an other worlder. Other worlders have slightly higher base stats, and when your level is raised you will gain stats at a slightly higher pace. It's only about ten to fifteen percent more than the residents of that world, but by level 50 or so it is a massive advantage."

The ravionus glare that won't leave my chest lit up in excitement. I'm glad for his lust for only one reason. I am a terrible liar in loli-goddess form. It's part of the charm of the character. When I used this form for Yuki, we had so much fun while flirting and playing as we chose her multiple cheat skills.

"Thank you so much! Is there anything else I need to know?"

"When you are transmigrated it will likely be in a place away from town, but the distance should be cross-able before nightfall. You will be given the basics of a simple knife, some rations and a liter of water. If you randomly popped up in town it would be bad."

He nodded with this.

"Just head east until you find a road. Then you should be able to spot a town or at least some travelers."

"Thank you"

I pulled up the world map onto my screen and decided that I'll just put him around the western forest of the country of Zetia. I randomly tapped a place without a care.

"You will now be sent to your new world and your new life. Grow strong and enjoy the world of Grandia."

I pressed the transmigration button. As he faded away I heard a cry.


With a sigh of relief, and a quick shiver of disgust, I change back into my supposed and preferred true form of the tall and well built gentleman.

I'm glad that's over. I hope he is arrested or crippled right away so I can feel at peace about sending that hazard into that beautiful world

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