1 Chapter 1 - Smartphone Addict

Mobile phone. It is an indispensable mobile terminal not only for businessmen but also for many people from students to housewives to even parents.

In 1970, the Osaka Expo became known to the public. Here, the world's first cordless Phone is announced. Back then, it could only be used by sticking it in the car, but this cordless phone was very innovative.

Phones, which arrived in people's hands ten years later, were so expensive that few people could own them and were large enough to carry. However, the evolution of the telephone continued, and in 1989, the portable little phone was born.

Since then, cell phones have grown and become so cheap that even students can have them. The era where everyone can have a cell phone. Every company will be equipped with new functions, and mobile phones will continue to evolve.

However, a revolution has occurred in cell phones. Namely the birth of the smartphone. Nowadays it is a very common smartphone, but at the time of its announcement, people around me said it was stupid to want something like that, saying that no one would buy it.

However, just a few years after its launch, mobile phones have gained such popularity and recognition that they are called smartphones. At that time, cell phones and smartphones were distinguished. And the phone features are gone.

Since the emergence of smartphones, the average time of using cellphones that are considered problematic since the era of feature phones has increased from year to year. People cannot live without smartphones now.

Rei Kuraki is one of them. Now my sleep time is reduced due to playing smartphone and even while eating I also play Smartphone. You can use your smartphone anywhere in the bathroom or anywhere. When was the last time you saw a blue sky or a tree-like cloud next to your smartphone?

I currently live off sponsorship fees by researching reviews and strategies for smartphone apps and games and posting them on his blog. To be honest, I was surprised by how popular it was, but it did not affect my life.

Today I'm still looking for new games and recording and evaluating them from scratch.

"Hmm, this game is useless. Lots of bugs because it's not well made. What can I think? Oops, I have to consume it because my stamina has accumulated."

I will continue to consume stamina in my daily routine today. If fully accumulated, recovery time will be wasted. Then log in and receive a bonus for fully taken games. We also have to handle events starting today. I am busy with many things to do today.

"I have to review some interesting games. I have to find some money to recharge because the swimsuit event is coming soon… Hmm… Hopefully this time it fits 100,000 times… Good luck, Excited…"

Anime swimsuit shows are very popular. It was scheduled to start soon, but production rates were very low, and it was finally available for 300,000 yen one last time. I've spent a lot of money on it, but I'm very happy to forgive it because the humor is worth it.

"Now...which game looks interesting? Let me be lucky. Isn't that great...? What is this?"

When I was looking for a game, an app appeared in the "Recommend to you" column. But I can't read the name of the game application, because it uses a language that I don't understand at all. But more than that, the point is that this application has not been ranked by anyone.

Furthermore, the release date is today. That must be a good story. I feel happy and even laugh evilly, it's because I found something good.

"Download immediately... in a bit. So fast because the capacity is small... They can't expect this. I'll ask them to make some parts?"

It takes about a second to complete the download. I don't think I can expect this, so I'll start now. Then the extra download starts and the loading screen continues for a while. I'm a little relieved that I could expect this.

I'm waiting while writing review articles for other apps is done. When I finished writing some articles, I checked my smartphone and found that the extra download was complete, and the screen was redirected. It's written there for starters in Japanese.

I can't read the name of the app, but it's written in Japanese. The app is available in Japanese, but if that's the case I'll include a tsukkomi to change the app name to Japanese, but it's a good story when writing a review. When I press the start button, a character appears on the screen.

[Thank you for downloading this time. I'll ask you a few questions. Please answer the question accurately. It will be relevant in the future, so please answer firmly.]

"Hmm... so. Is this the type of application? Maybe my answer will change the future story development, abilities, personality, and appearance of the hero. I've seen video games, but smartphone games. Very rare. You can expect this."

[The first question, please tell me your age and gender.]

"This area seems to be reflected in the main characters as they are. It seems interesting to turn gender into an experiment, but... well, it's the first time, and I'll be honest here. Age 26... a man"

Then questions such as Rei's height, weight, and personality diagnosis were asked. Honestly, I feel like answering the asker's survey question about who is playing this app with the app.

[Question 28, tell us what you want the most. The answer may not be realistic.]

"Oh, they have questions that seem to be related to games. The answers might be unrealistic...? When I was a kid, I might say magic, psychic powers, doors everywhere... I still admire them but, when I can reach this age... but I still want something unrealistic... well, it's a very high-performance smartphone that nobody owns."

I felt a small childish answer after thinking. But once you decide, it's hard to come up with another good answer. However, I feel a little embarrassed because the answers are like a sword that cuts through everything, a fire that burns everything, and so on.

But I can't think of anything else and believe that a highly informed smartphone that no one ever dreamed of. I do.

"Question 29, do you want a change?

"Change... change... I'm not that old because I can't keep up with the times. On the other hand, smartphones and other interesting things have come out because of the changing times. I'm still keeping up with those changes. This time... Here it is."

"Question 30, is there anything scarier than death?

"Death! There's nothing scarier than death! I hate death. But what's worse, scary. Blogs on fire? Scary enough, but not enough to die. This is scarier than death... A world without smartphones. Oh, this is scary. Maybe I'll die without a smartphone. I'm dying. I can't keep my mind down. Then this is a yes."

"Thank you for answering all 30 questions. Then from this..."

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