30 Iron Blood Wyvern

I started running outside the mansion hurriedly after appeased Chali for awhile.

Chali chased after me from behind with slightly uneven breaths after seeing me running outside

'it seems she not completely relaxed yet even after I appease her before, sigh...'

[haah... ha.. M-master over there!]

She started pointing toward the sky to tell me the direction of the wyvern, I followed her finger direction before became flabbergasted! it's not a Wyvern but "Wyverns"!

I saw a flock of more than a hundred wyverns flying together impressively. In front of the flock, i could see a Wyvern with a Shining black metal scale leading the flock mightily! I hurriedly took a wooden block that I mass-produced when I was slightly bored as preparation to put its skill in it.

After made my preparation, I appraised the black wyvern hurriedly!

{Iron Blood Wyvern}

Lord Rank

Lv 110

HP : 1.470.000

MP : 2.406.050

ATK : 160.000

MATK : 280.000

DEF : 20000

Skill : Magic Eye[Unique+] Blood Magic V[Unique] Dragonkin V[Unique] Dragon Breath I [Unique] Sky Monarch I[Unique] Lord Class Monster[Unique] Claw(max)[Rare] Corrosive Breath VIII[Rare] Iron Scale V[Rare] Poisonous Skin[Uncommon] STR up large[Uncommon]

Magic Eye[Unique+] : Seeing the flow of mana, it's easier to control magic power. MP reduction 60% When using any skill. reduce the cooldown by 50% to any skill. detecting any stealth skill below Unique rating. 5% chance to deal double magic damage

Blood Magic V[Unique] : Absorb 50% Magic damage as health, Controlling the blood in the area to deal corrosive attack. magic skill : Blood blade[Shooting blood blade to deal 1.5 times MATK], Rupture [Inflict Rupture(negative status condition[whenever the condition wielder move, draining 10% health/m) to one selected target in 500m area. cooldown 6 hours], Bloodlust [Buff yourself and the friendly unit, Increase movement speed by 50%, and attack speed by 50%], Lifesteal (Passive skill)[absorb 10% of ATK damage as health]

Dragonkin V[Unique] : Descendant of Dragon, [HP +100.000 MP +100.000 MP STR +5000 AGI +2500 INT+5000 DEF+1000] permanently

Dragon Breath I [Unique] : deal 50.000 pure damage, and inflict Burn(negatif status condition[deal 1000 pure damage/second]). pure damage(Absolute damage, any resistance status are nullified)

Claw(max)[Rare] : Deal 1.5 ATK, and create 100m ranged claw blade

Iron Scale V[Rare] : DEF+2000

'Holy shii****iiitttt!!! What the fuck with that stats!!'

After surprised for a while, I looked at Chali behind me to warn her!

[Chali, if you suddenly got stronger, don't panic! whatever happens to you right now, all it's my doing! so try not to panic if a sudden strength flows into you!]

[What do master me-]

Before she finished her sentenced, I passed Dragonkin III skill that I possessed to her with paste ability, after that I copied the Sky monarch I and Lord Class monster from the Iron blood Wyvern to paste it into her other skill slot.

After finished doing all of this, I hurriedly copied Dragonkin V for myself.

After a while, she gasped in shock because of the sudden strength she suddenly gets. I ignored her and took another wooden block before copying all the Iron blood wyvern skill that I not copied yet.

Looking at the skill I collected in the wooden block, I started to rearrange my skill in the copied skill slot as it became like this

skill slot : Ultra Mana Body (Max)[Unique +] Magic Eye[Unique+] Space&Time Magic (max)[Unique] Dragonkin V[Unique] Sky monarch V[Unique] Blood Magic V[Unique] Absolute Stealth IV[Unique] Lord Class Monster[Unique] Super Sensitivity II[Unique] Dragon Breath I[Unique]

I felt like a boundless strength spread all over my body as it made me excited!

I waited for the Absolute Copy skill level up notification, but nothing happened.

'what!!! did my speculation wrong? shit!!'

After disappointed with the Absolute Copy skill that failed to level up. I gazed toward the sky once again.

The wyvern flock that approached in this direction suddenly turn, as if they didn't see this area at all before flew away normally as they turn around the Illusive Barrier.

I looked at the flock- no a group of golds for a while before sighed in regret.




All of a sudden, my regret became strong and stronger as it empowered the greedy feeling inside. The Greed becomes stronger as it slowly tried to dominate my body! before long, I feel like my consciousness suddenly fading...

Controlled by greed, the bloodlust inside my head raised uncontrollably! and the desire to slay all the wyverns to get the riches dominated my mind.

'yes! anyone who dared to trespass this Immortal lord territory must die! the skin, eyes, and horns, all belong to this immortal dragon! mwahahahah!!!' 

Without knowing, my body started to move unconsciously and flew toward the flocks

Chali who shocked because of the sudden power that she gained and relief after seeing the wyvern flock evade this area, suddenly shouted in panic after saw me flew toward the wyvern flock direction

[M-master! w-what are you doing!!!]

I, who was already dominated by Greed couldn't hear her voice or what her trying to do at all. somehow I felt like my surrounding became dark, and made me only focused on the pile of "golds" in front of me

Without knowing, I already left the illusive barrier and made the Iron Blood Wyvern turn its lizard-like head toward me


It's roaring madly after seeing me and made the sky trembled by its mightiness!

Without hesitation, the Iron blood charged towards me like a mindless beast!

After seeing it rushed at me, I confront the black wyvern (Iron Blood Wyvern, for now on, I called it black wyvern because its name is too long) as I activated Super sensitivity skill!

The black wyvern strike using its claw before created multiple translucent energy that shots towards me. looking at the translucent energy coming toward my direction at a fast speed, I drew my rapier before using Slash skill to create sword energy to repealed the translucent energy that rushed to my direction!

the two different energy started to clash and made a strong explosion!




Hearing a somewhat familiar sound screaming in pain among the chaotic sound that reverberated in my surrounding, my mind started to sober before looking at the source of the scream. In front of my eyes, I saw Chali being besieged by a group of wyverns behind me as she trying to defend my back from the flock of wyverns.

After observed her carefully, I could see some deep wound in her chest area that made it became bloody.

All of a sudden, a deep regret enveloped my mind and pained my heart terribly!

'Why! why I couldn't control myself better?!! It's because of "that" fucker fault!!'

Because I got distracted by Chali voice, I didn't aware of the claw blade that hit my chest



I groaned in pain while looking at my bloodied chest. After realizing the dangerous situation I am in, my survival instinct that enhanced by Super Sensitivity kick in and my brain started working quickly!


All of a sudden, my condition back to 1 second before I got the wound. After canceled the mortal wound of my chest, my heart still unsettled for some reason! and made me realize that Chali was still in a dire situation!

I turn my head before looking at Chali who was besieged by the group of wyverns as I saw one of the wyverns almost bite Chali's head off.


Without thinking, my brain activated the ultimate skill that has a one-day cooldown(12 hours now after I got the Magic eye skill) immediately!!


All of a sudden, the 1-kilometer surrounding area enveloped by a translucent blue barrier like thing, as the time inside the barrier frozen to stop. the wyverns and Chali standstill in their own place like a statue that being frozen by time.

Looking at the frozen Chali that still has a reluctant smile plastered on her face as the wyvern in front of her trying to bite her head off, My brain started working at full power as it continued twitching in madness and made my head hot. 

Before long, a numerous possibility, calculation, as well as a plan started to formulate inside my head!



<Kill 1 the iron blood wyvern immediately then save Chali. denied, it's impossible to kill black under minute after calculating its hp and my damage. next formulation..>



<Blink to Chali and started the teleport skill. denied, channeling is too long. next formulation...>




< ---First, because I couldn't move any object or person that frozen in time inside the chronosphere, I should slaughter the wyvern around Chali and reduced their number as fast as I could. 

---second, after the Chronospher ended I should pull Chali and hide her in the trees while transferring my Absolute Stealth skill to her, used Master order to force her to obey my order. 

---third, the second decision is calculated based on the Lord Class Wyvern strength and Chali condition, with the black wyvern speed I couldn't bring Chali safely towards the base without being intercepted by it.

---fourth, Kill the black wyvern quickly and transfer the ultra mana body to Chali to help her recover and back to the base, estimated time before Chali condition became worst 10 minutes. I must end the battle before 9 minutes and 58 seconds. formulation ended>

It only took me 2 seconds to finish formulating this, it showed how hard my brain work was. Even now, I could feel my head throbbing in pain



I Blink beside Chali and started slaughtering the standstill group of Wyvern around Chali.

After looking at Chali's reluctant smile as she's holding her wounds.

My eyes became bloodshot, as I started to vent my rage and regret because of my own foolishness towards the flock of wyverns.




<level up>

[WHY!!why!why!!WHYYYYY!!!!!!Why I'm so foolish!!!]

<level up>

<level up>

<level up>




The Wyverns were continuously being bisected like the meat on the chopping board as I swung my rapier that shooting sword energy in madness!

<level up>

<You reach level 60(max) swordsman>

<You can advance to Swordexpert or Magic swordsman>



<You choose Magic swordsman>



<Job 1 changed to level Magic Swordsman>

<Affinity Checked....>

<You have lighting affinity and ice>

<Acquired title: Loved by Thunder>

<Acquired title: Embraced by Coldness>

<Acquired Skill: Lightning strike>

<Acquired Skill: Ice Armor>

One minute almost passed and the Chronosphere almost reaching its time limit as its blue translucent barrier started fading, without hesitation, I put all the wyvern corpses to my inventory skill so the blood wouldn't spill everywhere after the Chronosphere barrier disappeared.

Before long, the Chronosphere barrier and the time flow normally once again. without further ado, I embraced Chali's body and flew as fast as I could to make some distance with the enraged Black Wyvern.

For some reason, I could feel the wyvern condition is weird, but I didn't have time to ponder about it now.


After looking around in confusion Chali started touching my cheek weakly. after looking at my distorted face that full of pain, she looked like wanted to somewhat appease me 

[Chali... why you chase after me?]

Without knowing a hoarse and cold voice came out from my mouth, I know the reason why but I still asking her! what a bastard am I! somehow, I really hated myself right now.

Chali's hand stopped after hearing me as she gazed at my eyes softly with a weak smile formed on her pale face.

'That smile is enough to answer everything.'

After seeing her weak smile, I gripped my hands tightly as it making blood started to come out slowly from it.

While I thought this place already far enough from the Black Wyvern, I dived towards one of the trees near my location before putting Chali's body on the branch of the tree

[Listen Chali, I will give you Absolute stealth skill right now after you receive it, activate it immediately, and stay here! its "master order!"]

After seeing her slave collar started glowing, I pasted Absolute Stealth skill to Chali hurriedly and took the wooden block that contained my skill before placed Bless by the wind skill to my one empty skill slot

Chali seems wanted to say something but her body already started being invisible.


<Blessed by the wind skill resonating with loved thunder title..>

<Blessed by the wind skill upgraded to Storm Incarnation[Unique]>

Storm Incarnation[Unique] : Every attack gives additional Lightning magic damage by 50% of MATK, adds movement speed by 250% when activated, consumed 20MP/s. boost attack speed by 100% permanently. Summon storm and thunder when the skill wielder's heart full of rage, Attack Speed and Movement speed double within the storm.

I Blink towards the Wyvern flock while a sudden notification appeared inside my head.

After savoring the notification, I moved my gaze at the Black Wyvern in front of my eyes, coldly

[Should we started the Round-Two now?]

I coldly looked at the wyvern as I gripped my rapier tightly.

The clear sky above me suddenly started to be cloudy and darker as the burning rage inside my heart slowly boiling...

'I must end the battle under 9 minutes 58 seconds.....'

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