Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping
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Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping


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What is Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping

Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping is a popular web novel written by the author wintermist1994, covering R-18, MILF, HARÉM, ECCHI, GAME-ELEMENT, DEMI-HUMANS, LEVEL-UP SYSTEM, UNIQUE SKILL, TRANSPORTED-TO-ANOTHER-WORLD, PERVERTED-MALE-LEAD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.15/5 and 51 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 109 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Whaa--- I can order Mcdonalds in isekai ?!! With this i can still eat junkfood without problem in the middle of the jungle mwahahahahah! what is dry meat ?! i dont need it !!" Alex the only one otherworlder begin his journey in sword and magic world with hamburger in his hands. . . . patreon.com/wintermist You can see the Illustration on my Patreon (It's new) the character illust and everything will be uploaded there (now its just a world map as well as continent map there XD)

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Author here~, i just want to remind you guys that this novel isnot complex novel and isnot really well written like mostly KR novel, the title speak it loud thats is almost look like JP novel (I tried to make the MC not too braindead but dont expect me too much since i am still beginner loll). so i hope to future reader to not bully this noob too much lolll. itsnot that i forbid you to rate this novel lowly thou, since i myself know it better that my novel isnot good enough(trash) to compare with some well written Chinese or KR novel but i hope you guys dont set your expectation bar too high and then get dissappointed later. idk for JP one, because mostly JP isekai novel i read is almost all with some breindead MC, but idk i really enjoy read it tho, you could tell that my taste isnot that good loll. and in the future this novel will go premium(since i already sign the contract, but idk when it will go premium), i hope you guys still supporting me since i am a NEET that lost in his way of life loll (in sort i am broke and poor loll), i dont expect to get alot of gift from you guys, but i hope at least you guys still continued open the chapter when its release and still continued read it if you guys have some free time, maybe you guys think that i have some low self esteem or something, after seeing me rating my own work lowly, i do have some pride of myself after all i already write this far(the really first time novel i write was ended being abndoned in ch 6 loll so i never consider it as my first novel), but i need to be realistic, since i know there is alot of better novel out there that worth your guys money in webnovel after all XD. and idk i after reading that my novel got contracted i have this strange feeling that i want to continued this novel until the end, i will be honest with you guys, i once dreamed to be manga artist but give up after realizing i draw too slow, and its taking too much burden to my body for having less sleep after drawing all day. i know that i really not suited to became pro, maybe i am weakwilled or something, but i choose to have longlife rather than achieving my dream. since then i always lost of myself and don't have confident and always doubt myself. i never doing something else with passion like before when i still dreamed to be manga artist. idk maybe i have no motivation anymore... but... i really want to finish this novel till the end, maybe i will used this chance as my own therapy since i have nothing to do at home anyway, and somehow i do really want to change myself... i have enough of being burden of my family, i am sorry if i unconsciously sharing this with you (some random stranger that dwelling the webnovel). i just hope you guys that still enjoying this novel continued to supporting me... thank you... . . . and in the future i have a plan to (idk if it will be done) draw some character design and continent or maybe a world map for this novel. i just didnt know where should i upload it? ill be honest i dont use social media often, i even almost never playing it i have instagram but i just upload my few artwork there so...(yeah i am a weirdo, and loner lol) maybe its better if i make new instagram to upload some drawing about this novel (i dont want to use my old insta since i dont want my family know that i write ero-ero novel lolll. anyway enjoy your day, and thak you for supporting me. -noob author-


stop saying hurtfull thing to my novel and give a real critics that could make me grow. here! I give the low rating you guys want! if you want to insult anything just comment here! i will take all your insult! i am still a noob. but i hope you guys could be more understanding, i rather if you guys comment like daremyname that give low rating but with a reason so i could processing what i should do in the future. stop with shitty shit low IQ else. i give you guys a place here to insult me the author directly. i never bother if you guys give low rating, but a hurtful thing is still hurt for me as an author. I just want to cure my-self and have some meaning in my life, i know how trashy my novel is so i don't need your insult to remind me, what i need now is critic and advice that could make me a better writer. I just want to ignite my passion with this novel....


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The story is not too bad, it is basically a first work of attempt by an author, with many *** scenes and many cliches. My biggest problem is that the MC ended up raping a character, he hears aphrodisiac drugs involved, even though it wasn't the MC himself that made the woman look like this, I couldn't keep reading. I have seen cases where women at parties were drugged or were heavily drunk and were raped. Esim, this is rape, you have *** with someone who is not aware or under strong drug effects, it is rape, and even though the author tried to justify things, the character of the MC at that point for me, was worth less than rubbish.


Okay I'm not really sure about this novel since I couldn't bear reading any longer! dude idk how could you write the mc mwhahaha laugh, IT'S SO CRINGE! THAT IM EMBARRASSED AS A READER! Okay that's all the story is good, etc..etc.. thanks for reading.


If you want to read this novel these are the things that you should be aware. Misspelling ~ It would have been ok if there were only a few misspelled words but there to many that you would have to reread the sentence to understand it. Grammar ~ Along with misspelled words are sentence that is hard to understand because the grammar is messed up. Fighting Scene ~ Just skip the fight scene. It's like a 3 yrs old kid playing fights with his toys. Story ~ Just give up! And my most hated thing about this novel is: It's Premium ~ I don't know what made the author thinks that this will is worth the premium but for me it's a waste of "Fast Pass". Don't bother spending your FP, if you want to read this novel just wait until it's unlock. It's not worth it! **: this my opinion and Review!!


Well, let me make a brief comment on what I think of this novel. The beginning is quite average, the MC is quite annoying, the dialogues between characters seem a bit strange and the presented world is typical for this kind of story. However, over time and in subsequent chapters, many of these elements are clearly improving. We have some development of the MC, the relations between him and one of the main female characters are presented in a good way and they develop all the time. As these are the most important elements in the novel for me, I am glad that the author pays attention to them. Additionally, a big plus from me for the MC for his taste in women. The main accusation I can have about the history is the fact that MC is really too OP. I prefer when the power of the main character is more balanced and side characters are able to compete with him. Generally I may be wrong but it seems to me that this is the beginning of the author's adventure with writing and you can see it. Nevertheless, I highly recommend following the story because I think it can only get better with time.


the story is good and it is great that the author already warned the reader or let just say he already set the expectations of readers in the level that he know the novel has and it make sense reading it knowing things.


The writing quality of the story is probaly the main thing giving it a lower score. It is understandable as in guessing it isnt the authors first language, and it is one of his first works which will result in him not knowing a much descriptive words etc. If the author needs it i can proofread his chapters and rewrite certain paragraphs where i need to. I dont have much experience execpt for about 40 chapters of My vampire system (first 40-50 chaps). Just respond to this review with your discord (Username or server code) or something along those lines where i can give you an example of a paragraph i would rewrite.


I am reader that doesn't have the patience to wait for untranslated chapters of chinese/japanese/korean novel and I already have the ability [Auto-Correct](Max)🤣🤣 so the writing quality doesn't affect me but I'll still give that part a 1 star. Next is about the smut scenes. I think that you don't need to make it detailed everytime. I think you should make it detailed for the first time of each girls with mc and the next time make it short but not vague (like the first smut scene with his companion). Then, there is the part where mc thinks with his d*ck, I think readers should be prepared for that because the TAG already said it. I also appreciate the fact that this book doesn't have the most cliche plot like nonsense face-slapping. Overall, I like the novel and the MILFS lol.


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Стабильность обновлений на высоте, так сказать впечатляет. Судя по этой истории, мне не терпится увидеть больше (MC) и то, на что он способен в тот момент, мне нравится стиль письма, и я рад видеть, что нас ждет в следующих главах. Мне очень нравится этот роман


Everything is great but the mc is a total simp and thinks with his dick.other than that it’s a great story 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I enjoy reading it....but yeah that's that...I wonder if the mc include legal/illegal loli?? hahaha anyway I think its better if the copy skill include a function like erase or just replace other skill not add a limited one?


writing quality:I was tempted to give 2 stars when I read the first five chapters I mean seriously you are just one level above than MTL. it's awful but I was generous


Very good Story is very iffy in the beginning but the main character develops into somthing better as it goes. Keep up the good work Author!!!


a good start, the world building is interesting. if there some downside in this novel is probably the mc personality in the start because it give me some mix messages I though he was a bit smart and have decent common sense but then at some later chap, he become a bit idoitic and inconsistent with his mindset, but author said it for the sake of character development. Well overall its a pretty good novel!


The story is basically a Japanese novel with an op cringe protagonist. It is honestly fun to read something like this again... I'm honestly tired from all the cold ruthless op MCs that can even hold their character straight... c'mon are you a ruthless or just edgy as fk. The author has said in the summary what type of story its going to be so I dont get why people are bitching about it beeing as it was described. Now onto the story itself. There are 2 problems that I have with the story. First one is the grammar. It is honestly not bad as some of the reviews might make you believe... since I have seen bad grammar. From which you just loose brain cells and there is a ton of those types of novels. This one is very much readable and the mistakes are minor and easily fixable. The mistakes also happen maybe once to three times a chapter... so not that often. Second would be the MC. He is not terrible since I wouldn't have read 20ish chapters if he was... but you have to make him grow somehow. I like the fact that he is cheerful but it's really annoying at how idioticaly he acts sometimes. Get him a skill that will calm him down a little bit so he doesn't embarrass himself. Showing lustful expressions just makes him look like a creep and even though it is sometimes funny... his character will defenitly get stale pretty quickly. Keep it happy go lucky but please make him realise that he should take things a bit more seriously and get himself a bit of a cool head (cool head in the terms that when he is excited he won't act like a kid and start shouting whooo! hoo! or accidentally make his mouth slip and stuff like that) Good Luck with your novel... though i think that the depressed "ruthless MC" loving audience on this website is not made for this novel. Sometimes I really see some of these comments and think if these people ever got some love in their lives? Like wtf...


I am so engrossed in this book. Really, it is so amazing and I particularly like thr plot. Keep up the good work, author. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


I’ve always loved these kind of skills


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