1 ~ The Beginning

I wake up, not remembering when I fell asleep. I look around and the first thing I see is a dead body laying on the floor. Looking around and I realized that this isn't my house. I turn around to see a window barricaded with wooden sticks. I turn to my left and see a nightstand with a pistol and some bullets. I unwrapped the dark red blanket off of me and threw it on the dead body. While walking on the blanket and I feel the bones shatter underneath my feet. A chill went down my spine, hearing the bones break. I turn to see a door cracked open to the rest of the house. I grab the pistol and loaded it up. I walked around the bed, shifting my bare feet across the wooden rotten floor.

As I make my way to the door, I heard footsteps coming from under the house. The house probably has stairs. Grabing the knob to the door, it broke off, and I feel a sharp pain on my finger. I drop the knob on the floor, and it made a big bang, that echoed through the house. I hear shouting coming from downstairs.

"CHECK THE PERIMETERS!" I hear a male shout. I pull open the door and hid behind it. "Lutenet, I'm going to check upstairs." I hear a female voice say. I think of the out comes of this situation if I walk in the open. I hear heavy combat boots walking up the stairs, proceeding with caution. Bullets of Sweat fall down from my forehead to my cheek. The air getting heavier by the second, my skin becoming sticky, with my heart in my throat. I almost dropped the gun but I grabbed it with my other hand.

The woman walked up and down the hallway, checking in each room. She finally came to the room I was in she stood there, and I saw a sniper in her hand, with her finger on the trigger. I hold my breath and waited. "NOTHING UP HERE LUTENET!" She shouted and left. I open the door a little to see if anyone would still be standing in the hallway. The girl ran down the stairs. "EVERYONE OUTSIDE, THE SOUND COULD OF CAME FROM OUTSIDE." the male shouted, and I hear multiple pare of heavy feet walk out the house.

My feet became wobbly and I hear a truck come from out side. I run out to the hallway and I run to the nearest bathroom. I opened the door to see two decaying bodies, and again I was bare foot. I jumped over them, and I found a huge messenger bag on the floor. I pick it up and looked for the sink, while putting the pistol from the bedroom, in the bag. I turn around and I see a mirror with a message written in blood.

'The end is near' It spelled out. The chills crawled all over by body. I opened the bag and I see more bullets, painkillers, and bandages. I decided to take the bag and I put it around my shoulders and the bag dangled around my hip.

"What you doing... What is name?" I say shaking my head, walking to the mirror. I can't even talk right. I look at the words on the mirror as I get closer to the sink. My eyes meet there own reflection, I gasp looking at a pare of cat eyes colored Amber and a hint of red. In shock, hyperventilating was the only option, but quietly. I looked at my dark brown, almost black hair, all frizzy with sticks and a leaf in it. With dirt and mud all over me.

I slowed my breath and I turned the faucet on and surprisingly the water was clean, clear, and cold. I drank the water until it became warm, when warm, I washed my face and hands. I turn the faucet off, and looked up, into the mirror. A black mark on my neck caught my eye. I slowly look at my neck, I turn to my right, to see a bigger black mark, moving the little messenger bag strap out of the way, and saw a tattoo. "brother going to kill me!" I whisper shout, then I look down, not remembering my brother. The tattoo is two wolves running towards each other. One was fully black, and the other one was a light gray with an outline of a wolf, but in the light gray wolf, there's trees. No trees anywhere else. Only in the gray wolf.

I reached over to touch the gray wolf, with trees in the shape, I stopped, then continued. When touched, it tingled and on my hand it felt soft. I was about to reach over to touch the full black wolf, but it was fading.

I step back in shock, then I feel something being ingraved on my left wrist. Looking down at my wrist, I see something being written down on my arm, but with the writting, came unbearable pain. It felt like a knife, or a needle in my skin, being dragged along to make words. A tear ecaped from my eyes, and when I wiped it away, it was black on my finger. I couldn't make noise because of the people outside.

When done, I looked at my wrist it said, 'Luna~G-Alpha' I have no idea what that means. I put my left wrist down and I felt the same pain on my right wrist. Another tear escaped my eye, and again it was black. When done, I looked back in the mirror and it looked like I was crying regular tears, no black marks. When I made sure the tattoo on my right wrist was done, I looked at it and it spelled, 'Invisibility' I shake it off and I walk out the bathroom.

When I finally was in the hallway, I turned to my right and started to make my way down the hallway. I walked down the hallway, looking at the walls, they were white, with cracks and it was pealing off the walls. I walked untill I found the staircase. Walking down the staircase, it made me have anxiety. Each step I take, it made me feel a step closer to my death.

When I got to the last step, I crouched, then looked to my left. There was a kitchen filled with a whole bunch of food. My stomach growled, trying to reach for the food itself. My mouth watered, begging for my body to consume all the food. There was Fruits, vegetables, water bottles, crackers, and soup. I looked around for windows and I saw a hole bunch of people with snipers, and a huge tank, with a turret, a huge gun with a fast fire rate. I crawled on the floor to the kitchen.

I opened the messenger bag and took 5 water bottles, 6 cans of soup, 4 apples, a carrot, and took 8 cracker snack packs, and I closed the bag, with no problem. I got up and I saw the tank and the people walking around the house, they started to walk to the left, checking the perimeter. When they were out of my sight, I stood up and I looked in all the cabinets, and I found a sawed-off shot gun, and I put it in the bag, and closed it with no problem, other than the bag getting heavier.

I check in the drawers and I found little and big pocket knives, called shivs. I hear the tank and other people start making their way to the front of the house again. I threw the knives in my bag and I ran out the house, and outside was dull, sand like a desert. But in the distance, there was a forest. I started to make my way to the forest.

"HEY STOP RIGHT THERE OR WE WILL SHOOT!" A male shouts I stop in my tracks and put my hands up. "PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR KNEES AND GET ON YOUR HEAD!" I laughed at the female voice, and I hear other people laughing. "HEY..." The male shouts again, then it became quiet. I stopped laughing.

"GET YOUR HAND BEHIND YOUR HEAD AND TURN AROUND SLOWLY! THEN CAREFULLY TAKE EVERYTING OUT THE MESSENGERS BAG!" He shouted. I did exactly what he said, but I overlapped my hands so they didn't see my wrist, and I looked down, so they won't see my eyes. I left the messenger bag untouched. I need all of this stuff

I can feel their eyes burning holes in my skin, as I can feel the barrel of the gun already poking at my skin. "Get out the tank and check her." the male's voice said softly. I hear squeaks coming from the turret door, and I hear heavy foot steps heading my way.

Out of no where, I hear, Growles, screams, and gun shots, I look up, and I see A cheetah, a dire wolf, which I thought were extinct, a Black Panther, And.... A DRAGON, THAT TURNED INVISIBLE!!! In a matter of seconds, the group of people were all dead.

I stood in shock, I almost peed my pants. I saw the Black Panther running towards me and I closed me eyes, waiting for impact. A second later, I heard sniffing. I open my eyes and the panther with purple eyes, was circling me, while sniffing me. She stopped and she turned into a human but she was naked. I covered my eyes.

"Can we keep her. IM THE ONLY GIRL IN THE PACK!" She shouted. Her voice was so calming, then it sounded angry. I close my eyes even tighter and hear a growl. "I know I'm naked, but, Damon, we kept Drake and Colby. IM THE ONLY GIRL IN THE PACK." I hear another growl. "Damon said you can come with us. It will be more safer. When I nudge you, get on my back. Okay?" she said. I nodded.

A few seconds later, I feel a nudge. I look at the floor, to see the panther laying on the floor. I get on her and everyone walked into the forest, and I held my bag tight, and she followed everyone. I am going to die.

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