3 0.3~ "Follow us, baby girl"

Aria's P.O.V

I woke up with my eyes closed. I had no energy to open my eyes. I throw the cover off of me. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIA?" Cat shouted. My eyes opened. "Your eyes are cut in half. One side Amber and the other red." cat said, tilting her head to the side. I blinked a few times. "Are they normal now?" I asked. Cat smiked and nodded.

"Mate... you need a mate." She said. "I thought that mates were only in stories." I said. Cat Shook her head. "Oh trust me. They are real." Cat spend 20 minutes explaining more in detail about mates. "Let's go downstairs." Cat said. I nodded and I got out the bed. "Actually, let me get you a change of clothes." Cat said running off to her closet. I look down at a bloody over sized shirt, and Shorts that were clawed at.

Cat comes back with a black crop top, which I haven't seen in a long time, and Black jeans that were torn, all on the thighs, part. "here." Cat said as she placed the clothes on the bed, then she closed the door, leaving the room. I changed and after, I looked around her room. I went to the desk and opened the drawers, and found like 8 chains with hooks on each end of the chains. I took a short chain and put it on the left side of my pants, and I took another one, a little longer than the first, and put it on the same side.

Cat knocked on the door and opened the door short after. I looked at her and I saw her eyes turn white. "Are you okay? Your eyes are..." she cut me off, looked down and blinked her eyes like 80 times. "Ya, I-I'm okay..." she said. She looked up. "O-okay, let's go downstairs." she said.

"By the way, what's in the bag." Cat asked glancing at it and then back at me. I grabbed the bag and walked to her. "Downstairs." I said. Cat nodded. She walked down the stairs and I followed.

Damon's P.O.V

I stay in my room. No sleep at all. Cat taught me how to speak last night. And because I had no sleep, That means I can't change to my double-soul. Even 5 minutes of sleep would help. I hug my knees and rock back and Forth. I think about the mate thing, I can't look at her, she might become my mate, but she would think that I hate her. I can't just not look at her forever. I close my eyes and I fell asleep.

10 minutes later...

"DAMON" Colby yells, I yelled and I fell off the bed. Drake stands at the door way, with his shoulder leaning against the frame, arms crossed and laughing. "It's Aria's birthday." Drake says. "Who's Aria." I say, getting up from the floor. I get up with pins and needles in my feet. I jump on the bed. "Aria is The girl you call No Name." Drake said.

I get up from the bed and I slowly walked down the stairs. "I don't wanna look at Aria." I say before I walk down the top step. "Ohh, you..." Drake said. Then Colby and Drake walked up to the top stair. "You think that she will become your mate?" Colby said. I nodded. "You never know. She might be the only one. Plus, there is no way she is a dragon, let alone a dragons mate." Drake said as he started walking down the stairs.

"Damon, let's go." Colby said. I nodded and followed.

Colby's P.O.V

I walked downstairs, and I walked to the kitchen. I see Aria with a Shiv and food. I walked over to Aria, grab her hand with the shiv, and with my other hand, I grabbed her other hand and pulled it behind her back. I thought she was going to kill Cat.

Next thing I know, she is up on top of me, my back against the ground, Aria's legs wrapped around my waist, pinning me down, and the shiv in her right hand, at my throat, her eyes were blood shot red. "Colby..." Aria said, as her eyes turned a dark blue. "I am... So sorry. Here..." Aria said as she held out her hand. I took her hand and she lifted me up.

"I have food, I stole it from the house." Aria said and I turned around and Damon is looking down, as Drake is pushing Damon towards the kitchen. "I hope it's enough." Aria said. "It's enough if we safe half of everything or eat every other day, like we have been doing." Drake said. We nodded and Cat put the stuff in the pantry.

Aria's eyes started twitching like she is looking at 18 different places at once. "People are outside." Aria said. "I got it" Aria and Damon said at the same time. They both ran out the house and left the door open. Aria went left and Damon went right. "Damon this way!" Aria said, and Damon ran to Aria.

"We all know it's happening today? Right?" I say as I closed the doors.

Aria's P.O.V

"Damon this way!" I shout. He starts running towards me and he catches up. We make it to More people. A group of men standing in a circle. I signal Damon to get down behind the bushes. He gets down and looked down at the ground. "Why won't you look at me. We live in the same house." I say, he shakes his head and looks at the group of people and points at them.

"Look." Damon said. I look at the people coming twords us. "Hide." Damon whispered shouted, without even looking at me. He changes into his dragon, and hides in the trees behind us. "I got over here. Stay there." One of the men said. I smelled a strong scent of testosterone. I don't even know how I picked that up. Let alone anything.

That one dude, had a dog tattoo, on his coller bone. I sat down hugging my knees, facing the dude walking towards me. I put my head down on my knees, and I wrapped my hands behind my head, and shut my eyes tight, knowing I was going to die.

I turned my body towards the man, and his footsteps Shook the ground and stopped infront of the bushes. I started shaking and I looked at at the dude push the bushes over, so he could get through. He stooped down to my face and his noes is in my face.

"NOTHING HERE!" He said as he looked in my eyes. He let out a small breath, which smelled like the sewers, looked around, backed up, and he walked away, back to his clan. I looked down at my hands and I see an outline of my body, but I can still see the floor. "The tattoo." I whispered to myself. I took deep breaths to focus to getting back to normal.

"Damon?" I whisper, and he climbed down the tree, looking down at all times. "Let's go home." Damon said as He looked in the direction of the house. "One we have to kill these people, and two, you're gonna have to look at me at some point. We are going to live with each other, you can't do this forever. Do you hate me... We're wasting time. It's getting dark, I'mma kill them if you don't." I say. I make sure I have three shivs.

"You don't even know what your double-soul is yet." I was shocked. "You can speake right... that doesn't matter. I'm a wolf.." I showed him the back of my neck, but I don't think he would even look at me. "anyway, I'mma kill those dumb asses, and go home." I say and walk to the guys.

I walk quietly to the group of men, in there early 20's. I walked over to them, passed the bushes and stopped about 10 feet away from them. They turned around. "Hey, come over here!" one of them said. I walked over, more like struded over to them, swaying my hips side to side, getting there attention. "follow us, baby girl." The one with the dog tattoo said.

"Okay." I said. 3 other guys walked ahead of us, and me and dog boy were far in the back. He put his arm around my waist. I grabbed my shiv. "Liam, let's go..." one of the 3 boys in the front shouted. "Okay I'm coming!" Liam said, and after that, I grabbed my shiv, and I slit his throat open.

I ran to the other three, getting the one closest to me. I ran to him, jumped on his shoulders and slit his throat to. I ran to the next one. I stabbed his heart, he fell to the floor, and I saw a purple light behind me, I saw Damon in the air. I turned my whole body towards the body and I see his hand twitching. I grabbed the shiv, and I stabbed his heart five more times, then I slit his throat, then cut opened his stomach. Again I stabbed his heart continuously, And I felt a pare of arms wrapped around my waist, gently. "Aria, its me, Damon. Aria! He is dead!" Damon said pulling me off the body.

I started crying. "You're okay, the moon is comming up. Let's go home." he said. I turned, trying to look at the moon, but Damon is in my way, he looked into my eyes. I stare at his eyes and I see his eyes turn to a glowing teal color. he Shook his head.

Damon's P.O.V

Looking at Aria's eyes, and her eyes became a glowing purple. And in the reflection in her eyes, I see a glowing teal. I blink my eyes. "Omg" she said. "Let's get home, now." Aria said. She got up, with the shiv still in her hand. "Put the shiv down, Aria." I helped Aria up, I couldn't help but stare at her, I now realised that she was pretty, she had something in her, something greater than potential. "Lets get home now." I say and we walked home. "Damon, is the rest of the world like this?" Aria said. "Yes, long story short, an old master of mine gave shots to non double-souls. And soon, the vaccine was bought all over the world. There is only one area it seperates the world, there are two sides of the world. We're trying to get there." I said, and Aria looked behind us. "What?" I said, looking behind us. "Nothing." she said and walked towords the house. Aria yawns, and rubs her eyes.

Cat's P.O.V

I sit in the kitchen and shake my leg up and down while shaking my head side to side, constantly. "She is freaking out again, isn't she?" Colby said. "NO IM NOT, ITS NOT LIKE ITS 12:00 AND THEY ARE NOT BACK!" I shouted. The door opened. Damon was caring Aria. He closed the door quietly. Colby, Drake and I stared at them.

He placed Aria on the couch, and walked to the pantry, and grabbed a water bottle and opened it, grabbed the cup, and poured the water in the cup, placed it down, then walked to Aria. He picked her up, bridal style, and Aria took her arms, wrapped her arms around Damon's neck, and held on, while he walked up the stairs, And a few seconds later, we hear a door shut.

We looked at each other in silence, with our mouths on the floor. We hear the door open, and Damon comes down the stairs, walks to the kitchen, grabbed the cup, and the water bottle, and ran back up the stairs. I looked at Colby. "You were right!" I shouted. Damon walked downstairs. "Cat, you're eyes turned white this morning with Aria?"

"Damon, are you two..." He cut me off. "Answer my question." he hissed. "I think that's a yes..." Drake said. Damon's eyes turned red, and looked at Drake. "Cat, she is mine, no one can feel any way towards her." He said and I nodded.

His eyes turned back to a yellowish green. He put his pointer fingers on his temple. "See you tomorrow." Damon said as he ran upstairs. Colby, Drake and I waited a few minutes to go upstairs. "Night guys. I'mma check if Aria is in my room." I said winking. They laughed, knowing that Aria is 100 percent in Damon's room.

Drake's P.O.V

After Cat opens her door, she walks five steps down, and signals Colby and I up the stairs. Colby and I walked down to my room. "Is it clean?" Cat asked. "It's not dirty." I said. "Fine" Cat said. I opened my door, and at the door there are two step to go into the room. A hole bunch a straw on the floor, One window that goes across the room, and long couch that goes under the window, that is attached to the wall.

"Wow, what happened to the table, bed, and ugly bean bag chair?" Colby said. "In the closet." I said. "That's right he has the biggest closet here." Cat said. "Here" I said as we all walked in, I closed the door and Head to the closet. "Cole, help with the table." I said. Colby help dragged out the table.

We placed it in the middle of the room. "Wait I wanna see something, Follow me." Cat said as she skipped the two stairs, opened the door, and ran down the hall. "Cat!" we hissed at her. She opened Damon's door, and she was smiling, and signaled us over. We Colby and I walked quietly to Damon's door.

Aria and Damon were under the covers, hugging each other, and cat was about to scream. Colby covered her mouth, and dragged her to her room. "Grab the map." he whispered. Cat grabbed the map and walked to my room. We all sat down on the floor, and Cat, Colby and I layed out the map on the table. "Here is what we are going to do..."

To be continued...