2 0.2~ The Truth Behind Double-souls

A few seconds later, I feel a nudge. I look at the floor, to see the panther laying down. I get on her and everyone walked into the forest, I held my bag tight, and she followed everyone. I am going to die.


Later as it got dark, We all arrived at a house. It was a 2 story white house. It was abandoned, wrecked, and dirty. The panther sat down causing me to slide off of her. I hold on to my messenger bag. I watched the dire wolf walk to the door, and some how opened the door. The panther turned to look at me and stood up. She looked at the house and then back at me.

I followed her inside, Then while I was inside, it was all clear, clean, and it smelled great. I felt the floor vibrate. I turn to see the Night Fury. He didn't look me in the eye.

I moved out the way, so the Night Fury could walk in. I looked to the right, there was a black couch. I look to the left and there is a staircase. The Panther, looked me in the eyes, and she put her paw down, and tapped the floor a few times and I looked at the couch. "Stay?" I said. She nodded.

Everyone walked up the stairs, and I just sat there on the couch. A while later, a girl came running down the stairs. "What's your name?" She said as she sat right next to me. "CAT, NO QUESTIONS UNTIL WE ARE ALL DOWN THERE!" I hear someone yell.

"Well, I'm Cat." she said sticking out her hand. I shake her hand. She grins. Her grin gets bigger by the second. I smile back, then three boys run down the stairs. "I'm Drake, the Dire Wolf." The boy with white, and parts of black in his hair, says. His eyes were green. " Hi, I'm Colby, The cheetah." This other guy said, with black hair, and blue eyes, but when I looked closer, both his eyes were half brown, and half blue. Cat pointed at the guy behind the other two. I put the messenger bag off to the side.

"He is Damon, the Night Fury. He was in your situation, he found his power, he doesn't talk much like you. But he doesn't speak right either." Cat took in a deep breath. I nodded. "Now Questions..." Cat said as she clapped her hands together. "How old are you?" she said. "15.." I say, but my last memory was me being 13. "When is you're birthday?" Cat asked. "Tomorrow..." I say and, I don't know what day it is. I see Damon take a deep breath, then he looked at me, and I looked at Cat.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD. YOUR EYES ARE HUMAN, BUT THE COLOR PART IS AMBER WITH A HINT OF RED WITH A SHARP PUPIL." Cat scremed. I nodded. Colby covered Cat's mouth. "What's your name?" Colby asked. I shrug my shoulders. "A girl has no name. Girl is no one." I say. Cat looks at Damon. "Damon she speaks Like you." Cat said, as she started jumping around. "Can she sleep in my room?" Cat asked Damon. "Ya, it bed time anyway. If okay with No Name." Damon said pointing to me. "I is no mind." I say. "it's 'I don't mind' Okay?" Colby says. "okay?" I reply. "I need a brush." Cat said. "brush?" I echo in a questioning manner. Colby runs upstairs, as fast as a cheetah, and came back down the stairs.

He comes back down with a brush. "Here..." he said. I got up and stood in front of him. "you use it like this..." he said as he brushed his hair. He gave me the brush. I hold it and I started to brush his soft, black hair. He stepped back. Cat snached the brush out of my hand. "Damon did the same thing." Cat says out loud. "I'mma take her upstairs, night every one." Cat said. I grabbed my bag and I followed Cat upstairs.

When we got upstairs, she gave me a little tour. She pointed to a black door at the end of the hall. "That's Damon's door. Make sure you knock." she said, then she pointed to the door right infront of the stair case. "This is my room. The room to the our left is Colby's room, and the one all the way down the hall, opposite direction from Damon's door, is Drake's... dont go in there, it's a mess." I nodded and she dragged me into her room.

The moment she opened the door, it smelled like roses, the room was painted a sky blue, there was a window in the middle of the room, a bed with a sky blue blanket with clouds, sit right in front of the window, And a desk, a white desk, with a huge mirror in front of it, and a light blue wooden chair. "Sit in the chair please." I sit in the chair, and I look at myself, my hair all frizzy with sticks.

Cat's P.O.V

I stand behind No Name, and she looked at me through the mirror. "I need to teach you how to talk." I say, trying to avoid brushing her hair. She tilted her head, and said, "huh?" in a high pich voice. I smile. "can I teach you how to talk?" I ask. She nodded. I thought about where to start. I grabbed the brush, her hair is going to be filled with rats and roaches. It could be dirty and stain my fingers. I brush through her hair and it was soft as silk, running through my fingers, and it flattened out. It smelled like lavender, up in the mountain.

"Where do I start... Ohh, Damon's Birthday was yesterday, he is 16, I love the sky, and to talk... I'm a talker..." As I went on and on, I looked at her in the mirror, and my purple eyes meet hers, And No Name laughed at me. After 20 minutes, I stopped brushing her hair. I look down, to see sticks everywhere on the floor. "I'm hungry and we are running low on food... Anyway, Can I name you?" I asked. She nodded. "Okay, look in the mirror, When I say a name you like, I want you to look me in the eyes. Okay?" I say. She nodded again.

"Em... Emmie... Abigail... Yar... Blue... Rain... Aria!" She looked directly into my soul. "Would you like to spell it A-R-I-A or A-Y-R-I-A-?!" I say. She looked at me. "The first one." She says.

"Well it's time to go to sleep." I say. Aria Nodded. "I can take the floor if you want." She said I had tears in my eyes. "One, no, your taking my bed, and two... YOU CAN SPEAK PROPERLY!" I said. "okay just calm down." she said. I nodded. "You know, I want to paint clouds on the wall. But tomorrow?" I say to myself as I turn off the light.

"I can help you with that?" Aria said. I turn to see Aria in my bed. I blush seeing her in my bed. I lived with boys all my life. I didn't have a mom, or any friends that were girls. Then I was lonly, but then the boys found me, and she is the only friend that I have that is a girl. "Sure. I suck at drawing and painting." I say and she laughes at me.

I said good night and I turn into my double-soul, a half human, half animal. I turn to my panther and I sleep on the floor.

Damon's P.O.V

I brush my hair off to the side with my hand. I think about the moment she becomes 16, me and her might become mates. That's not going to happen. Plus, there is a no way, she is going to be a dragon. She is going to be something else. My mom is a dragon, and my dad is a human. They took my blood and my mother's blood when I was three. They killed her by draining the blood out of her, and they almost killed me.

They did that to multiple other people, But when I had the chance, I too the bags of blood, and drained them in the soil. I escaped and after that, there were papers on every street corner, saying, 'sign your kids up today for a shot that will make them live longer, Parents too, can sign up.'

When I saw it signed by master... I knew what he was going to do was bad. He injected them with the blood of other Double-souls into them, trying to see how they can make double-souls. No Name is one of them, all kids are one of them. Now, there are few adults out there. All male double-souls, and all they want is sex, money and drugs.

That is why I didn't want to leave No Name, or Cat out there by themself. I took them in because I know if the double-souls found them, they would of been done for.

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