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Hello from the author! This is my first novel. I do my best to do at least two new chapters daily, but usually I do more than that. The main characters are three sisters from Seattle, WA USA. All three are strong, independent young women. Through the story they interact with other characters, and since it's a romance novel, of course they will end up finding their male counterparts. They all work together to support and improve themselves. I hope you give it a try and write a review. Thank you!


I just have one question : WHY THE HECK IS THIS STORY SO UNDERRATED???!! WHY AREN'T THERE A BUNCH OF READERS??!! Well, that's two questions but JUST WHY???!!! I was first just looking around in hope that I'll find a novel that will attract my interest, apart from the famous ones, and then I found THIS! I read the synopsis and I was like: "Wait what? Is this three stories merged in one?" And I was freaking right! I finally found a story that is ... emm ... let's say .. down to earth? Because everything feels real! I'm still somewhere between the 100th and 150th chapters and I assure you that there isn't even one second where I feel bored. The chemistry between the characters is really great and I can't help but fall in love with them, or even sometimes, I feel jealous in some lovey dovey scenes. (OOhhh these scenes! Me, as a shameless reader, feel veeeeryy satisfied while reading them! So thanks a lot to the author for the details hehehe....) I also want to fall in love and we are all the same ok readers? So don't judge me. I'm lazy and can't find the right word to describe this story, but, well, let's just keep it short: READ THIS STORY AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT! (Ehem. This looks like a clickbait title ... but NO! I swear it's the truth !!!) And if you like an independant, strong and badass Female Lead who isn't always depending on the Male Lead, well you have THREE of them here so GO FOR IT !!!!!!!! That's all! I love you Author ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Hello readers! Why aren't you all reading this wonderful book, let me tell you?. I was asked if I could review this book, well I was shocked to see that there are over 300 chapters already. So.. I read. Few chapters and bang!!! I can't put it down, that's how good it is in my opinion. Why not give it a try, you might enjoy it like I do. Lastly, you don't need ss to read.. Just your time and vote.. Give some ❤️❤️


THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING STORY!!!!I love it so much! Lately, I haven’t been able to find a good story that I really liked until I found this one! It’s beautifully written and every relationship seems real. The story is not overly dramatic, but definitely has some intense moments. The writing is great it knows when to make you laugh, cry, make you happy, get mad at a character, or cheer a character on. It is a long story but I think it’s absolutely worth it. So, if you are wondering if you should read this story I say... DEFINITELY!❤️


Amazing work... Romantic action and thank goodness there is no misunderstanding between ml and fl... One of my favourite novels.... Fastest update... Thank you author for your hard work keep it up.. I highly recommend this 📚 book... Three amazing couple super family.. They all are extra ordinary... ❤❤❤❤❤


Amazing book about three sisters and their sweet love story. Each sister is strong in their own sense and amazing too. There are no grammar mistakes and it flows easily as you read. And the updating stability is awesome with this author. Overall a really good read and everyone should give rhis book a chance.


I was surprised to discover that this novel hasn't gotten more exposure or views. It's really good and is one of those hidden gems where you applaud yourself for finding it. I haven't gotten that far into the novel, but I'm pleased to find yet another love story where rape isn't the catalyst for the romance. The lack of unnecessary drama is also a big plus for me.


Found a gem of a story,it is awesome and everyday waiting for the updates. All do give this book a try, you will not regret it. It focus on 3 sisters finding their true love, each of them of have their own skills and different personality which compliment each other. The sisters are close and I like how each pair communicate with each other, its nice how they video call, now additional their significant other, making it 6. The romance, action and mystery is there and it let the readers guessing what will happen next, there is no dull moment. Great job dear author.


This novel has all the spices that you want to read. Ahahaha! All six characters has their moment. Even the minor characters have thier own time to shine... Keep it up author. Well made and planned develpment of of your story. Great job!!! 😍😍😍😍


I recommend this book to literally everyone. It is so good and will leave you captivated. The writing quality is perfect (Ican't find anything wrong with it) and the story development is really good. The characters are very unique and each bring something different. I'd encourage everyone to read this. Here I end my review and will get back to reading this wonderful novel.


Hands down one of my favorite book on Webnovel!! The flow of each individual and the developments of each character so far is soooooo good and intense. 💯✊👏Author does a good job of flowing the the stories in the chapters, especially when the story jumps from one sister to another within the same chapter! 👏🙌✊ Job very well done author. Will look forward to more chapters.


This is an excellent novel. Every character is unique and with diffrent personalities . It fills you up with joy, happiness, hope, sorrow , curiosity...you experience a rollercister of emotions. I really like it when a novel can make me feel al the emotions of the characters in it, and this novel has 3 FL and 3 ML and neither one of them is neglected 🙌 trully an excellent work and the english is almost perfect 👍


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it hard to believe that this book isn't among the top 10 in power ranking and all. Everything about this is, for lack of better word, Beautiful! From the story development, to the plot. A mix of romance, action, romance, action, more romance, more action. 😉🤗🤗🤗 I have been binge-reading ever since I LUCKILY came across it, and so far I have no regrets. Thank you, RedSonia. 🙏🏻


I’m just over 100 chapters in. First 100 are mostly about youngest of the three sisters, other two are mentioned occasionally. Around chapter 100 story focuses on oldest sister as well. The youngest heroine is smart, capable and brave. No whishy-whashy crying and depending on guys to get her out of trouble. I like that. Story is interesting, and I look forward to see what is coming. Bonus: novel is free 😉


I like how main characters are not perfect. Both male and female leads are strong, with different personalities. Best parts so far: when Hill sisters and their partners work together to teach bad people a lesson. Great teamwork!


Story starts with youngest sister, Sarah, 19 year old. And later other two sisters get into focus as well. All three of them are working on finding their love and what makes them happy. I love how each character is unique and well developed. I come back for funny scenes and romantic ones.


3 sisters each they own characters and strengthsk. Helping and supporting each other while fulfilling they own love.. You can find your self in each of them. Lots of fun moments.. That can't hold yourself back to laugh out loud. And lots of hot scenes you can enjoy.


Being the author's first book (which no one can tell by reading this.... It's jus AWESOME❤️), She has nailed it. Each and every scene, every explanation, she jus nails it. This author is THE BEST and the story is mind blowing and I really fell in love with it and the characters too (especially Aiden & Sarah pair😍😘) Also, the author updates it each n every day which is a plus...!!!!


WHY I DIDNT DISCOVER THIS EARLIER?! this story is so good and realistic that you can't help read on and on until suddenly you reached the end of published chapter.


Very entertaining novel! Plot is amazing, it has everything: romance, mystery, action, drama. It's a long novel, but it's not boring at all. Great job, author! 👍