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1 Fated Encounter

For the cultivators of the planet of Makui, one of the best ways to improve one's own cultivation faster is by absorbing the energy of wisps. As beings of pure energy, they are very suitable for cultivation and are easy to assimilate. However, it's not recommended to do so.

It doesn't matter how pure its energy might be. As an intelligent form of life, wisps are also bound to have a different kind of energy from heaven and earth, which still has its defects if used for cultivation. Of course, for the other life forms on this planet, be they people or demon beasts, it's still a common practice to use wisps.

Sure the constant use of wisps might leave behind a shaky foundation. But for a planet where the strongest cultivators have barely passed the Divine Soul stage, such defects are not considered as significant. As long as you reach the Core Formation stage, you can already be seen as a godlike existence by its people.

Since that's the case, why bother with the detrimental side effects of using wisps?

As for how the wisps feel about that, who cares? With such a convenient way to improve one's cultivation faster, almost no one on this planet even sees them as a life form anymore.

The discriminated hunt of wisps made their numbers plummet to less than a thousandth of its original amount from a millennia ago. Because of that, the market's price has skyrocketed, which brought even more wisp hunters to their living places. And the forest of Katiu just so happens to be one of those.

Forest of Katiu, northern corner of the Yule continent. At this moment, there is a wisp running for his life! Well, that's if you consider floating at high speeds a form of running to start with. This is not the first nor the second time that Krune has passed through this situation, the higher the price of wisp on the market, the more hunters Katiu forest had around. By luck or by experience, Krune has extricated himself from them quite a few times already.

But today seems like Krune's luck has come to an end. He tried using his many times' sure-fire strategy of hiding within the river. But Krune didn't notice that he was already being tracked. In fact, it couldn't even be called bad luck anymore. Due to the small number of wisps remaining, the hunters have developed several new ways and tools for wisp hunting. With so few of them available, the hunters can't afford to let wisps escape anymore. They are worth way too much now. It has already become a market where the demand is too high, and even if you have the money, you could still end up with nothing.

Krune didn't know how the hunters kept finding him time and time again. After a full day of pursuit, he was already starting to feel tired. Even if wisps are beings of energy, they still need to absorb spiritual energy from heaven and earth, which can be considered as their food. Still, he had no time to do that at all.

Finally, the hunters had led him to a dead-end, and he could already hear their approach. During the hunt, he heard them cursing at him several times every time he escaped, but what really made him hate them was the ways how they addressed him.

"Fuc*, this bag of money is too slippery..."

"The floating gold bar is here, after him!"

"Ahhh! My promotion ticket escaped again!"


Just because I was born as a wisp?

Why everyone only sees me as nothing more than that?

What did I do to deserve it? Why?!

I have always fled. I always thought that as long as I kept escaping, I would survive. But in the end, all that matters is power!

A bulky hunter around his thirties walked from behind a tree, a smile on his face.

"Hehe! Little guy, you gave us a lot of trouble, you know?"

After saying that, several more figures appeared around him, he indeed had nowhere to go anymore.

He couldn't help but think.

'Seems like this is really the end now. In that case, I might as well dissipate my Core. It will be better than become someone's spirit stone replacement. If reincarnation really exists, I'll make sure that I won't escape anymore. I will become strong and definitely show to everyone that you can't just disregard me just because I'm a wisp!'

The hunter noticed that the wisp's energy started to fade away and gave a devil smile.

"Trying to commit suicide in front of us? How could we let you go just like that? Your value is way too big for us to allow you to do so."

"Throw the spiritual net!"

This spiritual net was made, especially for the wisp hunting. It definitely wasn't the first time that a wisp had decided to dissipate their Core instead of being captured. So the hunter clans have long since developed this spiritual tool capable of completely seal the wisp's ability to control energy. It could stop them from being able to dissipate themselves.

Krune's mind went blank for a second. Then he tried to avoid the net. He definitely wouldn't allow himself to become someone else cultivation resource!

But the hunters were prepared, they were expecting that he was going to dodge and threw even more nets, completely sealing off all escape routes.

Just as he was about to be caught, Krune heard a childish voice coming from behind.

"You baddies! How could you do that with such a cute little guy?!"

Instantly, Krune felt a wave of energy pass through him to strike the spiritual nets. The nets immediately turned into dust, and soon were blown away by the wind.

The hunters face paled. It's not like they cant destroy the spiritual net, but let alone being able to do it without being close to it. Even if they were, there is absolutely no way they could crush it to powder. To do something like that, they would need to be at the very least at the Core Formation stage, and that still might not be sufficient!

Soon they saw a little girl, no more than 9 or 10 years old, coming flying from behind the wisp. Her face is truly showing how angry she was. But in Krune's eyes, he couldn't help but think how beautiful she looked. Of course, Krune is a wisp, not even a human to start with. The reason why he felt she was beautiful was mostly because of how she tried to save him even though he is a wisp. Where has he ever seen anyone caring about wisps?

She had long, fiery hair, a white and very smooth skin, with a little of a child fat that every child has around that age that didn't diminish her beauty.

The hunter leader soon came back to himself and immediately bowed.

"This little Lady, is there something this Shu can help you with?"

The little lady was fuming.

"Why are you bullying him? Can't you see that he's afraid?"

The hunters and the leader were taken aback!

'We are wisp hunters! We didn't come here to invite it for a cup of tea, right?'

Obviously, the leader only kept these thoughts for himself. That girl in front of him can totally crush them to a pulp with just a finger!

"We didn't know that this little guy was this lady's friend. We deeply apologize!"

"All of you! Quickly apologize to this lady and her little friend."

The other hunters immediately understood the situation. Their leader is a 7th stage Qi Condensation Realm cultivator. For his attitude to change 180 degrees like that, one can already imagine how much stronger that little lady is in comparison to him. Not to mention, for a girl as young as her to be like this, they don't need to think much to know that she definitely has a very fearsome background.

All the hunters quickly apologized. They wouldn't dare not doing so! After that, the hunter leader looked back at the girl with a smile.

"Little lady, we won't bully him anymore. I hope you can let us go."


"Since it looks like you all regretted your actions, I will let you go. Don't do that anymore!"

The Hunter leader didn't dare to rebuke

"Of course, of course! Everyone, we are going back!"

The hunter immediately left, but one of the leader's subordinates couldn't help but whisper.

"Senior Shu, who is that girl?"

"I don't know, but she isn't someone we can afford to provoke. Not her, not her background. Listen up! We didn't see anything today. Do you all understand?"


Back there at the wisp and girl's place, the little girl looked back at Krune with a smile.

"Alright! They won't do bad things with you anymore. My name is Wang Feifei, what's your name?"

Krune was still spacing out with all that happened. Just a second ago, he was about to become a cultivation resource, but out of nowhere, he got saved by a child. What are the chances of such a thing happen?

Krune wanted to answer the little girl's question, but just as he was about to do so, he heard an old man's voice from his side.

"Feifei, the spaceship repairs are over. It's time to go."

Krune's Core almost dissipate when he heard that! Where the hell did this guy come from?

On the other side, Feifei looked sad.

"Already? We just landed a few hours ago, and I haven't had time to move around at all!"

The old man quickly scolded her.

"Feifei, that's not how a lady of the Wang clan should behave. When we get back, you can play as much as you want. But for now, we should keep going since we are still far away from home."

He then put a serious face.

"Don't make me get in contact with your father."

As soon as she heard about her father, she stopped and just nodded. She was very afraid of her father and didn't dare make him angry. She was just about to leave when she remembered the wisp beside them.

"Uncle Feng, if I go back just like that, those baddies will bully him again. He can't defend himself, so can we bring him with us?"

Krune's mind felt like he was struck by lightning!

'Me? For real?'

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