is love fake?

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What is is love fake?

Read ‘is love fake?’ Online for Free, written by the author Princessladynoir, This book is a Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The Exit Strategy

"So what now? You know how she feels Blake. She's in love with you, she's been for a while now" Sighing I ran my hand through my hair in frustration, "I know, trust me, I know". She walked away from me and leaned against the huge window peering into the night. "If you go you won't just break her heart. You will break her... forever". I shook my head, my hands tightening around the handle of the duffel bag full of clothes that I'd packed in a rush mere minutes ago. I looked up at her, "What do I do then?". She smirked but still didn't turn to fully face me "You do what you so best, only, this time you get to create your own exit strategy". "No, Siara!", I replied a little too harshly "she's not one of my assignments. I can't do that to her. I won't". Her head whipped around to face me and she narrowed her eyes "Then leave Blake!" she shouted, you're already packed so go. But don't forget the devastation you'll be leaving behind when you do". I closed my eyes tightly fighting against the raw emotions riling in my chest. Stirring and making a mess out of everything that has to make sense to me. "You know I'm right", Siara's voice echoed through the huge empty room "but what I don't understand is why you're running away from the only girl you've ever loved". My eyes opened slowly and I lowered myself unto one of the chairs. She was right. I hated that she was right. I sighed in defeated and looked over at Siara as she took a seat beside me. She gave me a small sympathetic smile. "So what now Siara?". She gave my hand a slight squeeze "Now we create one last exit strategy. What do you say? For old times sake?".

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Naruto: Chronicles of the Fallen Realms Demon

I was a figure of legend, known across realms by many names. In some lands, they called me the Jack of All Weapons, But the most used one was The weapon god-king. My reputation wasn’t merely a title; it was a testament to my relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill. I had studied under legendary blacksmiths, learned from mystical masters, and sparred with warriors from diverse cultures, absorbing the essence of their techniques into my own. Every swing of a sword, every twirl of a staff, and every draw of an arrow had been meticulously honed through years of practice and dedication. Yet I still died. But that's not the most ridiculous part I was Trasmigrated to an unknown world. One that trained their kids to be war machines. yay, this is going to be fun. *MUST READ* Hello, wonderful readers! I'm absolutely thrilled to connect with you here. I've been working tirelessly on a story that's been brewing in my heart and mind. Today, I'm sharing a sneak peek – the first 4 chapters – giving you an exclusive glimpse into the world I've created. Why this early preview, you ask? Well, I believe in the power of community. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable to me. I want you to be a part of this creative process, to hear your insights, and perhaps gain some inspiration from your perspectives. Writing can sometimes be a lonely journey, and having you along for the ride makes it all the more exciting and fulfilling. (definitely not because I am afraid of writer's block...) Life as a student is, as many of you might relate, incredibly busy. Between classes, assignments, and the occasional bout of writer's block, finding time to write can be challenging. But I'm determined to make it work. I'll be working hard to stockpile chapters, ensuring that there will be a consistent stream of content despite my hectic schedule. Now, for the big news! The schedule is set to be released next month, around the 5th or 7th. I can hardly contain my excitement! I hope these initial chapters pique your interest and leave you eager for more. *I own nothing but OCs and...Can I claim AI art?*

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Youkai Incarnate, Beast Tamer, and Savage(SAO)

(Warning; this story gets dark) Sword Art Online wasn't a game for children, and it never was. Karasu, born to an American mother and a Japanese father in modern Tokyo, always stood out in any crowd, standing a head and a half taller than most others and, compared to some, built like an ox. There were many places where he could not possibly hope to feel at home; such as school, or work. He always felt at home in the dojo, though. Hokkaido's Steel Dragon Dojo, where he fought, and learned. Sometimes, the others didn't like his size advantage, but others saw it as a welcome challenge, and knew that size in a battle does not win the fight. To them, Karasu took the practice blades, and like a dance he fought through man after man, woman after woman... and finally, just about a month after turning nineteen, while on summer break from University, he achieved the final rank, black belt sixth degree. As a gift shortly after, the master gives him a blade of his own, specially forged... and a video game, along with instructions to stop being so serious, to take a day off and game like so many other nineteen-year olds. He logs in and makes his avatar, spawns in a Town of Beginnings, bringing his girlfriend Ayano with him. She's bubbly and fun, but frightened... she'll need to get over that fast. Because at the end of the day, all of the players are summoned back to the spawn point in the Town of Beginnings, and faced with a frightening truth; there will be no returning to the real world until the game has been completed. Karasu runs, and he takes her with him, escaping the incoming stampede... At that point, it's no longer a game. It's a world of death, pain and fear; every otaku's dream turned into a waking nightmare. Karasu's problems form a wide range, from some older teen called the Black Swordsman getting a little too big for his britches, to the constant knowledge that the health bar is real in every sense... but, one way or another, he'll fight his way out, and he won't do it alone. ((Hm... this is not a story for die hard fans, it is entirely an AU/alternate universe, NOT canon. Silica is several years older, Sword Art Online dips into psychological horror... and all in all, while I respect the hecc out of the original, thanks Reiki-senpai, this is SAO for a different audience. ALSO! If you wanna hang out, copy and paste this, only good for ten uses right now though)) https://discord.gg/8SgN3SefHb

Rebuilt_Kitsunii · Anime & Comics
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