6 Hostess of Fertility

While walking down the streets of Orario, Alvar was mostly focusing on the silver stone. Back when Misha left the meeting room he frequently took glances at the stone and saw it was slowly dimming ever so slightly.

Alvar also noticed that the stone is getting pulled at a more downward angle the closer he gets towards Babel, the tall tower in the center of the city.

'It seems that she's in the dungeon and it seems she's descending pretty quickly.' Alvar thought

'What this tells me is that she is a high level, has a strong familia or both. So either way, she should be popular in this city. I can ask the waiters or waitresses at the Hostess of Fertility.' Alvar thought

'I should have asked Misha if she perhaps knew or heard of her.' Alvar thought while facepalming.

Alvar continued thinking until he found the Hostess of Fertility.

The Hostess of Fertility sits on a brick lined street. It is a two story building made of stone that has the depth of a neat inn. As it is located along the Western Main Street, it is usually filled with a lot of customers.

The Hostess of Fertility sign can be seen on the left side of the entrance, as well as on an overhanging sign with a crossed fork and knife.

'Guess this is the place.' he thought while opening the doors and entering the building.

What he saw inside was a bunch of drunk adventurers, some passed out and some gambling.

Alvar just shook his head and walked towards the counter of the place waiting for a waitress.

"Anything I can do for you sir?"

Alvar looked and saw a female Elf with sky blue eyes and green hair.

"I was told that this place also works as an inn by a guild employee, so I'm just wondering if I could rent a room to stay in."

"Is that so? I'll take you to Mama Mia, she's the owner of this pub." said the Elf.

Alvar followed the elf to one of the rooms in the back where the owner was.

"Sorry to bother you Mama Mia but he wants to rent a room."

"Oh? Don't worry I'll take care of it. You can go now, Ryuu." Said Mama Mia.

'Why does this seem so urgent to get the owner in on this? I'm just asking to rent a room.' Alvar thought confused.

"So kid, why do you want to rent a room?" Asked Mama Mia

"I just need a place to stay and a Guild employee recommended this place." Alvar said with a shrug.

"Oh? I understand, it will cost about 1k valis for a room. As for food, you can just order something on the menu and pay that price, so for how long are you planning on staying for?"

"I'm not really sure but for now I will stay for 5 days and I will decide until then. Why does this seem so serious? I'm just asking for a place to stay." Alvar asked confused.

"Don't worry about it kid, although this place does have plenty of free rooms, we don't allow anyone to rent one. I'm not really sure why that Guild employee sent you here but since Ryuu brought you to me it should be fine." she said waving her hand dismissively.

"I don't really know how she's a guild employee in all honesty... Now that I think about it, there are also some important details she forgot to tell me..." He said realizing how lazy Misha is.

Mama Mia just curiously stares at Alvar, she noticed something different about the boy, but she couldn't tell what it was.

"You can go to the counter and ask Ryuu to take you to your room. After you pay of course."

Alvar took out the 5k valis and handed it to her. He then said goodbye and headed to the counter.

"Sorry to bother you again but can you show me the way to my room?" Said Alvar.

"Sure." Said Ryuu showing him the way towards his room.

They didn't talk on the way towards Alvars room and just walked in silence.

"Here is the room's key, you can ask Mama Mia or any of us waitresses for any help if you need anything." She said handing him the room's key.

"Thanks for the help, also why did you help me? Mama Mia told me that these rooms aren't really for rent." Alvar asked.

"I'm not sure myself... It just felt like something told me to help you." Ryuu said shrugging her shoulders while still having a stoic expression on her face.

'Elves have a connection towards nature and spirits in my world so it's probably the same in this world...' he thought looking at the heart shaped pendant he tucked under his shirt.

"Is that so? thanks anyways also there's something I want to know... Is there any Adventurer by the name Cali?" Alvar asked with hidden hope in his words.

"There is, she's a part of the Loki Familia. Her alias is The Scarlet Flame." Ryuu said.

"I see, Where is the Loki Familia now?" Alvar asked unknowingly smiling.

"They're inside the dungeon at the moment. They are testing their limits to see what they can work on for their next expedition I believe. They should be back in about 10 to 14 days depending on how things go." Ryuu said while thinking of something.

"I see... thanks for the information, my name is Alvar." Alvar said

"My name is Ryuu and I still have some work left to do so I will see you later." she said and turned around.

Alvar turned around and walked inside his room. Nothing special about the room other than the fact that it's extremely clean and tidy.

Alvar's room has a desk next to his bed. He walked towards the desk and sat on the chair and took out his diary. He started writing down the information and plans he has for the future.

'I should buy a workshop and start making and selling weapons and gear as well. The only problem is the attention that it might cause. So I should wear a mask and a different attire.' Alvar thought while marking it down.

'I can't keep trading gold coins to get valis and hunting in the dungeon under the name 'Alvar' would also be suspicious since I don't have a Falna and I don't feel comfortable getting one.'

'So my best bet is to sell wears and hunt monsters under a different name and also make sure my soul looks slightly different with my Skull Crown to make sure no Gods or Goddesses can tell that we are the same person.'

Alvar wrote anything down he thought was necessary and after a couple of hours, he decided to stop and lie on his bed.

Alvar fell asleep for the first time in a while.


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