1 Warriors of Sunlight

"...Oh, you... You're no Hollow, eh?"

"Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival. Let me guess. Fate of the Undead, right? Well, you're not the first."

"You! Yes, you! Here, over here! Please, you must help me!"

"You are Undead, as well? Then we've no time to fraternize. I have my mission, and you no doubt have yours. We must not let this curse overcome us."

"Is it not so that thou art new? Thou fared well to find me. But cometh thee not for the grave of Sir Artorias? My advice true, forget this! The legend of Artorias art none but a fabrication. ...Traversing the dark? 'Tis but a fairy tale. Have thine own respect, go not yonder knocking for nothing, I say!"

"Why not join me, as a warrior of the Sun? Righteous knights, guardians of all that is good, in the name of the Lord of Sunlight! ...Only if it would please you, of course. Well?

"...Oh dear...What have we here? Are you a new servant?"

"Quelaag? Please, sister, do not cry. I am happy, truly. I have you...don't I?"

"Chosen Undead. Your fate...is to succeed the Great Lord Gwyn. Chosen Undead, who has rung the Bell of Awakening. I wish to elucidate your fate. Do you seek such enlightenment?"

"I can guide thee, and illuminate the truth. Undead Warrior, conqueror of the Four Kings, is this not your wish? To know the truth of men, and the Undead?"

"Thou art strong, human...Surely thine kind are more than pure dark. I beg of thee, the spread of the Abyss...must be stopped."

"Hmm... A mere Undead, yet you can see me? Fascinating... I am Quelana of Izalith. I am not often revealed to walkers of flesh. You have a gift. Are you, too, one who seeks my pyromancy?"

"Ah, hello! You don't look Hollow, far from it! I am Solaire of Astora, an adherent of the Lord of Sunlight."

"I am Laurentius, of the Great Swamp. I will not forget my debt to you."

"Forgive me. I was absorbed in thought. I am Siegmeyer of Catarina."

"Mm, you seem quite lucid! A rare thing in these times. I am Logan."

"Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Oscar of Astora."

"In case you have not heard, I am Reah of Thorolund."

"I'm Alvina of the Darkroot Wood. I command a clan of hunters who track down defilers of the forest graves. What dost thou say? Wilt thou not join us?"

"Your ambitions have sealed your fate. But, who'd have thought I'd be the traitor? Sometimes you never know, do you... Keh heh heh heh!"

"My father...all Hollow now...has been subdued. He will cause no more trouble."

"...Who are you...Stay clear...stay clear of my work...Curses upon you!... How dare you disturb me!"

"...Finally, I have found it, I have!... ...My very own sun... I...am the sun!... ...I've done it...I have... ...Yes, I did it...I did!"

"I ask just one thing. If I do go, Hollow, then finish me off. I beg of you."

"I have waited for thee... Foolish slave of the Gods, and pawn of Frampt... I will kill you... And become the true Dark Lord..."




"The First Flame quickly fades. Darkness will shortly settle. But one day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Like embers, linked by lords past."

"Ashen One, hearest thou my voice, still?"



*GASP* I lurched forward with a deep breath as the strange nightmare, as my whole un-life had flashed before my eyes...So fast yet so vivid, things long forgotten once again thrust into my mind, many, I wish to forget.

"Gwyn's beard that hurts...." I mumbled to myself as I went to adjust my helmet, making flesh instead...

Near instantly, I was up, reaching for my broadsword....nothing but air..

My dagger....empty space.....

"Fuck" I had been robbed blind, had I not... To think a Warrior of Sunlight would be caught unawares like this, shameful...Solaire would never let me live it down...oh Brother how I miss you.

"Calm, collected, like a river, powerful yet gentle," I mumbled my mantra as I calmed myself from the fear of being without my equipment, first I had to see if I still had my bottomless box...I did. Next, did I have my gear...I did... Ignoring all else for a moment I quickly equipped my Elite knight armor, my broadsword, and hollow shield. Stuck my dagger under my belts and took a second survey of my surroundings...

Izalth be damned..Where in the Abyss am I? I could see trees many times bigger than the ones where I used to roam with the Forest Keepers, how they would love it. I could even feel the heat of the sun...A REAL sun! Dropping to my knees I threw my arms up as I screamed. "PRAISE THE SUN! Brother! I have found it! I have found our SUN!" I could not stop the tears... For untold years living under that false mockery of light, the true heat of it, the pure light, was like a bath of Estus for my soul. Truly it had not been in vain. But I still had no idea how I ended up here.

The last thing I remember...Was fighting Gwyn...I had him on the ground as he snarled at me...Right as I swung down to decapitate him, a purple portal opened under us, and we both fell. I managed to grab hold of the ground and stab my dagger to stay half inside and out of the portal. Gwyn fell screaming until he was swallowed by another portal of which I could see someone standing with...Pink hair? When that portal closed I tried to climb out of mine but the dagger slipped and I tumbled into the darkness, but then there was nothing but black until I awoke here.



Bah! I've dealt with worse, after going back in time, just getting portaled isn't that bad, I'll figure it out, like I always do...Time to find a bonfire. Sheathing my broadsword I began walking through the woods, for around 30 minutes I walked, before noticing a road, it looked well-traveled. I noticed a severe lack of corruption and had not even been attacked...This was new.

As I looked up and down the road, I noticed a slight cloud of dust coming my way from the left, deciding to converse with the unknown, hopefully friendly, undead; I walked to the middle of the road while crossing my arms above my chest to show I was not holding a weapon....



"There seems to be someone in the road ahead." A middle-aged man with a slightly receding hairline and a salt and pepper beard spoke to the young teen to his right. "Oh, I see them, what do you think they want, Mr.Porter?" The young lad with white hair and red-tinted eyes asked the man. The man only shrugged and said, "I don't know Bell, but reach under the seat and grab my sword, just in case." The boy just gave him a strange look and asked, "Won't that make us look like we want to fight him, or something?" He asked, even as he handed the shortsword to Porter. "It will make us look like we won't roll over, in case he's a bandit....Though he looks more like a knight." He explained while commenting on the man he could now get a better look at, at least he thought it was a man.



"Ho! Ho!" I heard the middle-aged man say as he slowed his carriage being pulled by a creature I had not seen before, it looked strangely majestic. "What do you want? Standing in the road like that, you could be mistaken for a bandit." The man said in a raised voice, so I could make no mistake in hearing him. I just shook my head as I gave a greeting, lifting my right hand in a fist before lightly knocking it on the left side of my breastplate. "Greetings, travelers, I meant not to alarm you. I merely wished to inquire as to your destination and, if possible, ask for transportation." I asked respectfully, as I always did.

The man looked me up and down before relaxing slightly and saying, "My name is Piere Porter, I am a coachman, I make deliveries between Orario and the villages surrounding it. I am on my way to Orario. If you want to ride you'll have to pay 100 Valis, if not, get out the way." He gave a good introduction, perhaps he was a learned man before his curse. "Well met Piere of Orario, I am Alistair of Astora, a Knight of Sunlight, may the sunlight your path. I am afraid I do not have any of this Valis you speak of, perhaps I could take a debt on my honor to pay you back once we reach the destination." I hoped he recognized my covenant, that way I could rely on my reputation for a ride, then pay him back at a later date.

"Never heard of them things before...Sorry but I don't give handouts and I've been two-timed too many times to take a man's word at face value. Orario is only a day's walk the way we're heading, I wish you luck. He prepared to snap the reins and continue on, and I merely nodded, I was not one to force a man against his will, however, it seemed the child to his right had a different plan.

"W-wait, Mr. Porter, Ill pay for his fee, it's the least I could do." The coachmen just gave a grunt of acknowledgment as he took the coin from the child. "I thank you for your kindness, I do not believe I have heard your name yet?" I thanked the child as I asked his name, he seemed flustered and maybe even shy, truly sad for a child such as he to be shackled with our curse. The white-haired boy just stuttered out his name with a silly smile on his face. "B-Bell Cranel, sir." Well behaved and respectful, he would make a good squire for the Covenant.

"I thank you once again, young Bell, may I sit with you?" I asked seeing as the only free space to sit was next to the boy, as the rest of the carriage was filled with goods. He acquiesced with a nod and I placed my shield lower on my back and pulled myself into the seat with a few clanks from my armor. Once seated I removed my helmet and held it at my side, as to show my trust to them as I made conversation. "Will you allow me to pay you back, young Bell? I cannot in good conscience allow myself to owe a generous child a debt." He seemed to think about it for a moment before saying, "Helping someone else is payment enough, Sir." He said respectfully, truly a good child.

"A good and proper view on life, Young Bell, too much evil is in this world, and many do not help their fellow man as they used to, it makes me glad to see the new generation will have men like you in it. Tell me, have you ever heard of the Warriors of Sunlight?" I told him, I would try to recruit him, our numbers were lower than ever. And if the growing feeling in the back of my mind was true, I may be the only one. "Thank you, sir" He thanked me before a scrunched up look came to his face like he was thinking hard, "I don't think I've ever heard of them before, sorry."

I felt saddened at his revelation, nearly every child in the world knew of us, we were told in children's stories to make them happy and feel safe, just as the abyss was talked about to scare them. It was likely the portal didn't take me to just another area of my world, but to a brand new one, I should have realized as soon as I saw the sun, but I have always been stubborn.

"Tis nothing to apologize for Bell, may I call you that?" He nodded and I gave a smile, "Then please call me Al, all my friends do." He gave a nod while smiling as well. "Wonderful, now I asked because the Warriors of Sunlight, to which I belong, believe in helping those that cannot help themselves, being generous and in general, being a good person. Would you like to join?"

He seemed to like what I was saying but also seemed reserved as to agree or disagree, perhaps he had family duties. "What would I have to do? I'm going to Orario to become an adventurer and join a Familia, is your group under a god already?" 'Familia?'

"At one point we were under a god, now we just worship the sun, though worship is not required, as we are more an order of knights than a religious group. What is this Familia you speak of? The term is unfamiliar to me. Perhaps it does not exist where I hail from." I explained while questioning him subtly, I needed more information.

Bell seemed surprised I didn't know about these Familia's but explained for me anyway, "Well, When the gods came down from Heaven a few thousand years ago, they took human bodies and made Familias, where they give blessings to people that join them called a Falna, that allows them to grow stronger than normal people. The majority of Gods and Goddesses came down to Orario, the adventurer's capital, because of the Babble Tower, with its dungeon. I know! If we join the same Familia I can join your group and be in a Familia at the same time!" He seemed excited at the end due to his idea, and I couldn't blame him, I liked the idea as well. These Familia's reminded me of covenants, thus I will join one so I can have a backing, being alone is not a fun thing and dangerous.

"Brilliant plan, Bell, then I shall leave the search for the Familia to you once we reach Orario and as of now, you can consider yourself a member of the Warriors of Sunlight, and my squire. Once we reach the city, I must go and find a blacksmith, to repair my equipment."

I then walked him through the Oath and since I was the only member around, I had him swear it to me, I was one of the highest-ranked members so it might work. Thankfully it did and our emblem manifested on his chest over his heart, I also presented him a Sunlight Medal since it most likely was useless anyway. I also for some reason could sense his location next to me, it seemed as if I was now the order master, and with it came the perks of it. It seems I truly am in another world. For the next few hours, we conversed and talked about our past and families and such before we reached Orario at evening time.




Letting Bell go off and find us a Familia to join since I trusted his judgment, I went to find the Guildhall Bell mentioned, I had plenty of repair supplies and could just repair my gear with it, I needed to get into the dungeon soon. Another thing that happened when Bell swore his oath was that I learned how to make a bonfire, why I don't know, but without one if I died I would stay dead, so I needed to go and get these 'monster cores' and with 300 I could make a bonfire. Don't ask how it will work, I don't know yet, just that it will work.

*Clink* *Clack* *Click*

Many cast glances to the man in full armor, not only was he taller than most around, maybe 6'6, but he also wore a full helm, not many did this. Adventurers wanted to be recognized, and wearing something that blocked your face was contrary to getting people to recognize you.


Looking up at the building that I was directed to, I was impressed, I had long got over my awe at a living city and its huge buildings, but the Guild building was still impressive. Opening the large wooden doors I walked in, noticing many people stopped to stare at me, but I was used to it after the city streets. Noticing many people lined up in front of admittedly good looking women I decided to go to one that had no line, with a red-head woman with dog ears 'strange'.

"I wish to register as an adventurer, if you would be so kind, Madam." I greeted respectfully, grateful for my helmet since my eyes were drawn to her large bust, barely contained by the white dress shirt and black vest, on her left breast there was a nametag that read "Rose Fanett" The lady just nodded while she pulled out a sheet of paper and a piece of metal that had spaces for information.

"Name?" She asked in a monotone voice that I had a feeling was normal.

Alistair of Astora

She filled in the birth location as well.



She glanced up at that, must have thought I was old to just now be starting, truthfully, I didn't know my real age anymore.


"None yet, I am still in the process of searching."

Another glance.

"Next of Kin?"

"Pardon?" I asked confused at the term

"Who gets your stuff when you die." It seems she had people she knew die in the dungeon before if the venom when she said it means anything.

"Bell Cranel"

"I will go add you to our records and stamp your ID, please wait at one of the tables and I will bring it to you once it's ready." She told me.

"Thank you, Madam Rose, the help is greatly appreciated," I told her respectfully, strangely she looked off-put, perhaps she doesn't like my way of speaking.

"Whatever." She mumbled as she went to the back and I found a seat. 'Interesting woman..' I struck up a conversation with the man I sat next to so I could pass the time.

A few minutes later and I had my ID and was on my way to the dungeon, I would go check with Bell in a few hours.



[Floor 1]

I had been on floor one for around 20 minutes, easily killing everything I crossed paths with, and collecting the cores. Seeing no need to use my sword I switched to throwing knives and just threw them above the cores so I could just pop them out as I retrieved my knife. I'm glad I can still collect souls from the monsters, as I would grow weak if I died and lost all my souls. Around 10 minutes later I noticed a sound that sounded similar to a bird, rounding a corner I saw what looked like an overgrown chicken mixed with a hawk. I didn't hesitate to throw my knife and it pinned the creature to the wall with the head skewered. A few moments later it disappeared leaving a small core and an...Egg?



Bell was extremely happy right now, not only had he made his first friend today, but he also managed to join a Familia! It wasn't easy though, he had been refused by around 25 Famila's and when he was sulking about it a beautiful girl wearing a white dress with blue ribbons approached him and asked if he wanted to join a familia. Once he stopped staring at her in awe, he quickly accepted and informed her that he had a friend that had to join as well, otherwise, it was impossible for him to join, thankfully she accepted and when he asked which God the Familia followed, imagine his surprise when he found out the girl was the goddess. Hestia was her name, Goddess of the Hearth and home, he didn't think things could get any better until he saw their new home.... or lack of it. It turns out that the Hestia family only has two members, Himself and Al, whenever he shows up, and their home is an abandoned church. Things are really looking up for Bell Cranel.



"How much?" I asked in astonishment as Rose just gave me a blank stare as she repeated, "1,051,00 Valis." I had no idea that egg was worth that much...."T-Thank you Madam Rose, I should be on my way, may the sun light your path." Another blank stare and nod, but I were already leaving, no doubt the other people inside there heard her, and I never underestimate the evil of man, so I made a quick escape before anyone with sticky fingers appeared. Though I was curious on how they fit that many coins in a small bag, I just dropped it in my bottomless box and headed in the direction I sensed Bell.

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