1 Prologue

"Our end without real beginning"

Our story starts with simple greeting. Then our friendship begin with simple drawing. You knock on my stacked up door, sweeping my feet off the floor. By then, you captivated my heart. Got my attention and put together my shattered world.

Our story continues. As well as our friendships that always giving me one big news.

We are now in the middle of our story where we found happiness, but without prior notice, that happiness suddenly turn to sadness.

You are my friend, but what happened? Why are you pushing me away? Too far away that I already forgot which way to take. You even act as if I am a stranger. A stranger full of danger. What did I do wrong? For having me be treat like this? Aren't you became my friend?

But then, everyone has a tireness, so I decided to bring back my awareness. This heart. My heart is one of the most important things I have got, but pain is only what it felt until it is already torned to pieces, because of the unreciprocated love I have.

So spare me. Allow me to write the last part, for I am ending now our story with sad goodbye, so that I can hush now my heart with a lullaby.

So this is the ending. Our ending without starting at our real beginning.

Basa ko sa sinulat kong tula na parang kwento. I don't know if what it is called. I just wrote it out of nowhere. The words suddenly came inside my mind and so I decided to put it in a pen and paper.

Tinupi ko na yung papel at linagay ito sa boteng walang laman at sinelyuhan.

I am going to throw it. Parang simbolo narin siguro para sa pagkalas ko sa isang bagay na ayaw namang pahawak. Nakakapagod narin kasi.

I am on this cliff. Na sa ilalim nito ay dagat. Sa lugar na ito, dito magtatapos ang bagay na hindi pa nasisimulan subalit sa pakiramdam ko ay mauulit.

"So paano ba yan? Babye na." Sabi ko sa hawak kong bote. Pagkatapos ay hinagis ko na ito.


Tinapon ko na. Wala ng bawian. Hindi ko na maibabalik pa. Wala ng atrasan. Paalam na talaga.

This is the end. The end of our story which has no beginning.

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