Is It Hard To Raise Your Cute Nieces While Clearing Dungeon? (Hiatus) Book

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Is It Hard To Raise Your Cute Nieces While Clearing Dungeon? (Hiatus)


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『Finally,  I found the host.  Initialization Begin in                    3              2         1     0 』 『 Congratulation Host for Having An Ultimate Lottery System 』 Ian's mind got blank for the sudden information that he obtained. And make it working again when he receives another prompt. 『 Ding! The host received his starter pack. Do you want to receive it? Yes? Or Yes?  』 That's what Ian heard when he woke up on the body of a teen, and it seems he has gotten reincarnated on the body of a Sis-Con after dying from the constant assault of bullets in his previous life. ----- [Ding! Congratulations Host for Obtaining a Blue Potion from the Ruin of Crazy Magus!"] "Potion? Hehe~" [Ding! Congratulations Host for Obtaining a Grɪmˈwɑːre from the Magus World!"] "Oh!! An ability book, Girls who want this book?!" "What? Uncle, me! Me! Meeee!" ------ Follow Ian on his adventure with his Cute nieces in another world with different kinds of abilities and items that he wields from another world thanks to his Ultimate Lottery System. ----- First of all, if you want to read a work without a grammar error, sadly this is not for you. For Reason the author me and I was not native, so English is not my forte. Second, I am a newbie Author so please be lenient with me. But any review was accepted. If it's not good for my health just delete it, just kidding xD. For the owner of the cover, please message me if you want it removed. ----- Want to support me the Author? Well thank you, here is the link: https://ko-fi.com/yanderewife https://www.paypal.me/yanderewife Peace and Enjoy the stay.


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