1 Prologue

Aiden is usually relaxed and a joker, never loses his composure he doesn't show it but he really cares for his friends like way more than they think. when one of his friends get hurt doesn't matter who hurt them he will hate and hurt them back. He has short blonde hair always has some sort of scratch on his face blue eyes and black shoes, he doesn't like to be extra/hold extra items so he doesn't.

Eliz is kind and mostly joyful while being kind she gets upset when her friends are upset she loves them dearly and again if one of her friends are hurt she will be sour to whoever hurt them. She has a blonde bob with a few highlights of pink and blue, wears a necklace grey slip-on shoes and short black socks to school.

Caris is nerdy strict and basically the teacher of the bunch that tell them off if they do something bad. But she is happy they are there for her and she is always there for them if they get themselves in trouble shell bale them out with her I'm a good student card. She has pink hair that swept back into a low ponytail with her natural black hair growing out. She wears white trainers and black leggings in her uniform. She wears bangles and bobbles on her left wrist.

Lore is kind happy that his friends are there for him when he has his attacks. he is happy when his friends are. Lore got his nickname for when he was in his old school he was the best spray painter in the city. He wears a black mask when he goes outside since he finds it stylish/just wants to wear a mask. he always carries his favourite hoodie from his sister, it's a pink hooded vest thick and good for chilly weather.

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