1 the curse of the iron rose, my main serial that i'm writing

The curse of the iron rose is about this small land which once was rule by both darkness and light but for a unknown reason, the darkness starting the war that is still being fight to this day. When all light are gone along with the the land history, magic and the believe in the creators, marker, zodiac sister. The darkness replaces it with their own and brain wash everyone in Everwood. When the light start to some back into the land, the zodiac sister is ready for a round, but this time, their more powerful. Will the light won this time and end the darkness era of power after many years? Read the keeper journal to find out.

This is the books, I have been years on since high school, that I be writing and this is my first book I write. Hope you like it because this is my favorite books I write right next to Ebony woods' story. You are going to read book one of the curse of the iron rose books.

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New update: I'm going and making the finale version of the journal, so if you see anything undate on the chapter, it is because i'm update the finale verison of the story in here ;)

New update, April 18: the update to all the chapters for the finale version is all done and copy onto this book. Hope you enjoy it ;p

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