Iron Blood Warlord of Rebirth Book

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Iron Blood Warlord of Rebirth


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A graduate student of the National University of Defense Technology returned to a time of turmoil due to an accident. From a Red Army squad leader, he became famous in the battle of Xiangjiang. For historical reasons, he did not follow the captain's march and stayed on the east bank of the Xiangjiang River. He led the remnants he rescued and rebuilt the base area. To better cover the main Long March, he joined forces with He Long and Xiao Ke's Second and Sixth Army Regiments. He formed the Second Army of the Red Army and successfully reached northern Shaanxi, ending his long march. The Red Army experienced countless battles along the way. Instead of reducing staff, it continued to grow. In the War of Resistance Against Japan, it was adapted into a brigade of 120 divisions of Helong. Later, because of the martial arts adaptation into an independent division, it repeatedly built amazing achievements ... and eventually became an independent One general. Mao Zedong was hailed as "the most intelligent general in our army"!