16 Mars!

" Six. five. four. three. two. one. We have lift off!!!"

The announcer for the declared as the first manned ship to mars began blasting off from the terminal.

" Alright, let's go."

Mark said to himself. He strapped on his helmet so he could breathe in space and followed just behind the rockets booster trail, making sure to keep himself invisible to the crowd below. Once they were above the atmosphere, Mark landed softly on the ships roof.

" Good job, Kid."

Cecil said to Mark over the radio.

" Thanks, glad to help."

Mark replied.

" All right, I'm going to go over mission details one more time so pay attention. One. Stay out of sight unless something goes wrong. This is supposed to be a human space flight."

Cecil explained.

" Right, got it. And second watch out for the Martians, right?"

Mark asked the man.

" Right! Martian man might have been a friendly, but he was an exile. We don't know about the other Martians so be on the lookout just in case."

Cecil continued explaining.

" All right, I got it all covered. I'll make sure our people get home safe. Invincible out!"

Mark finished radioing before relaxing on the roof of his ship.

" Ah, I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful space really is. Now if only it wasn't so dangerous!"

Mark joked as he looked out at the vast void of space, littered with stars shining bright from every corner of the galaxy.

Time passed by quickly for mark, and soon came the time for arrival on Mars.

Mark departed from the ship and watched as the shuttle slowly landed on the ground, making sure not to allow himself to be seen in the process.

" They're seriously only picking up rocks and other junk. If only they knew just how horrible this place really was."

Mark said to himself as he continued watching the astronauts pick up rock samples and take picture for future records

However, Mark's attention was soon brought to something else.

" And speaking of that danger, looks like theirs a sequid and some Martians nearby."

Mark flew over to the sequid and stomped on it crushing it beneath his foot and killing it instantly before flying off to confront the Martians. Mark landed right in front of the group of Martians startling them. The group raised their spears ready to strike.

" Listen guys, I get it the whole sequid thing. But I can't let you hurt these astronauts. Retreat now and I promise I'll let you go."

Mark said to the Martians


One of the Martians rushed Mark with his spear raised ready to kill.

Mark sighed and grabbed the spear with his hand, he then shattered the spear into pieces.

" I can stop a plane landing on my head Martians. I can kill you all with one punch. So last time I'm going to ask. How's this gonna go down?"

Mark asked the men once again.

Seeing that they were still ready to attack, Mark sighed and attacked.

He grabbed the unarmed Martian and threw him at his compatriots. This caught the men off guard as they had to drop their spear to keep from stabbing and killing their own. Mark punched through the man's back and into the face of one of the Martians killing them both on the spot. He then turned to the last two and shook his head.

" Look, how about this. You guys leave them alone and I'll handle your sequid problem. My people are immune to their symbiosis."

Mark explained to the two men.

" Either I help you or I kill you god this is not a hard choice to make."

Mark exclaimed in aggravation. His temper briefly getting the best of him.

The two aliens looked at each other briefly and decided life was more important.

" Good!"

Mark nodded at the men and went back to watching the Astronauts. Once they boarded their ship to return to earth. Mark had the Martians led him to their king. It was a long and arduous venture and Mark killed any sequid they found along the way until finally they arrived in the king's throne room.

" Earth man why are you here?

The king of Mars asked.

" I was originally sent to make sure the astronauts made it back. But now that they're safe and on the way home, I figured I'd take care of a mutual problem we share. The sequids."

Mark explained to the king without hesitation or respect.

The king motioned for his soldiers to step towards him and so they did, making sure to get as far away from the earth man as quickly as possible.

Though, Mark did understand he was still slightly offended.

Mark watched as the king conversed with his men, his face showing different emotions from indifference to anger. Mark knew things weren't going to go so easy.

" You have invaded my planet; you have killed my men and you think we will accept your help? Guards kill the earth man."

The king ordered his men to immediately attack.

Mark sped right up to the king and placed his hand on the man's throat.

" Look, I'm going to do you a favor and get rid of the sequids for good. If you don't want to help me then I'll kill you and put someone who will help me on this throne. Now which is it going to be?"

Mark asked the man.

The king looked around at his people before taking a deep breath and sighing.

" Very well, we will assist you in finding the sequids. But we will not be held responsible for your death."

The king said to the man

Mark released the king and nodded before being escorted by the Martian soldiers from earlier out of the room.

" We have outfitted your equipment with technology that will help you find the sequids. I hope you don't come back."

The martian said to the man before walking away

" Gee thanks for offering to save my planet."

Mark said sarcastically as he put his helmet back on.

" Alright, let's see if this works."

Mark said to himself. He pressed a button on his helmet and began searching for the sequids and boy did he.

" That is a lot of squids. Guess i got my work cut out for me."

Mark said to himself. He planted his feet on the ground and rocketed off towards the giant swarm of venom knockoffs.

Mark, however, was unaware that the Martians had been watching him through a camera set in the helmet. Everything he did was broadcasted back to the king's chambers.

" This human is different from what I've heard of his people. We must find a weakness."

The king surmised.

Back with our Mc, Mark had just touched down in the first of the Sequids many hidden tunnels on Mars and was attacked instantly.

" Ugh freaky bastards."

Mark grumbled as he used his hand to slice through the numerous amounts of squid like creatures.

Not really posing a problem to the man other than their sheer numbers, Mark was able to dispatch of the creatures with ease, a feat that shocked the Martian king.

" He handled the sequids so easily. That's not possible."

The king muttered in disbelief.

The man watched as mark burned the entire cavern and leave.

" One down ninety-nine more to go."

Mark said as he flew off to his next destination.

Over the next four hours Mark spent his time killing the sequids off cave by cave burning the left behind bodies to ensure that none survived. Once he was done Mark returned to the Martians kingdom to a very different surprise. Martians cheered the man and welcomed him back as a hero to their people, even the king who had much disdain for Mark had no other choice than to welcome him back with open arms.

" Welcome, Earth champion."

The king welcomed the man.

" This is a very different reaction. You're welcome by the way."

Mark said to the man.

" What are your plans now earth man?"

The king asked.

" Going home, got a lady to get back to and I'm pretty tired of space. So... Goodbye."

Mark said to the man before flying out of the underground city.

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