1 I...died?

'Where am I ?'

This was the only thought in my head as I stare at the seemingly endless darkness.

There was no light, there was nothing but darkness. Darkness was the only thing around me.


(Time Skip)

"...91328" Said the white light bulb looking being.

"...91329" He said as he slowly but surely got bigger.

Unkown to the white light bulb, a yellow light was coming towards him as he was counting the time it has been since his entry to this seemingly endless darkness.


(100 Years Later)

"...3153691329" said the white entity that is as big as a planet.

As he was counting the time, the yellow light coming towards him finally stopped in front of him and "jumped" into him.

[Integrating "Invincible System" with the host.]

[Establishing a soul contract.]

[A soul link has been formed.]

'Ah, I guess I am finally going insane?'

[Negative, host is perfectly sane.]

'Then, what are you?'

[Invincible System is the first system that was created by the supreme being.]

[Invincible System chose you as its host and will assist you to become omnipotent.]

'I gained more questions then answers.'

[Converting host's karma for chaos energy.]

'Karma? Isn't that important for me?'

[Negative, your connection with the reincarnation cycle has been cut.]

'That means karma is useless for me...that also explains why I was here for a century or two.]

[Negative, karma is still useful for Chaos Energy.]

'And what is "Chaos Energy" ?'

[Chaos Energy was the second thing to exist after the <True Void>.]

'What can I do with it ?'

[Anything is possible with the right amount of Chaos Energy.]

'Pretty neat, can I use it to reincarnate ?'


'Nice, so can you reincarnate me now ?'


'Then do it! I am definetly gonna get insane if i stay here any longer!'

[Please choose a world and timeline for your reincarnation.]

'Does fictionals worlds exist ?'

[Depends, most of them was introduced to your planet for faith energy by their respective creators.]

'So, there is a chance it does exist.'


'What about MHA ? Does it exist.'

[Affirmative, but please note that you will be placed in a alternative universe as the original one refuses otherwordly beings.]

'I got it, please proceed with my reincarnation.'


[Putting host in a sleep state until birth.]

[Confirm? Y/N]

'YES, just get me outta here!'

[Affirmative, good night host.]

As the self proclaimed "Invincible System" said that the light bulb lost all its color as a rift sucked him in.



'Hm? 5 More minutes Mom'


'C'mon just 5 minutes mom'


'*yawn* What is it mom?'

[System name is registered as "Mom".]

[Confirm? Y/N]

'Wait what ? NO, I don't wanna call you mom!'

[System was joking to wake host up.]

'You can joke?'

[Of course. System also has a soul afterall. I am not a machine like host tought me to be.]

'Oh, then can I name you like people with systems does ?'

[Affirmative, host can also fuck me to his desires like people does to my creations.]

'*virgin blush*What do you mean creations ?'

[Like I said, I am the first system to exist. The others are just my creations that I forgot about.]

'I am pretty sure the other systems would be sad knowing their creator doesn't even recognize their existence.'

[Host also doesn't recognize ants as living beings while crushing them, or do you?]


'Anyways, why can't I hear anything'

[Host is in a womb, 5 hours left until your birth.]

'Why didn't you wake me up after my birth ?'

[Being born is pretty painful, System wants host to build up resistance to pain.]

'...Anyways, can I name you since you are pretty much alive like me ?'

[I would prefer a female name as I took the gender of female as the Supreme Being did.]

'Supreme Being is a female ? Wait, what is Supreme Being anyways ?'

[Supreme Being is the will Chaos Energy, Chaos Energy gained its own will after a few thousand years.]

'And why it chose to be female ?'

[Host is stupid, you don't question Supreme Being's choices unless you wanna die.]

'So she is kinda ruthless ? Exactly my type.'

[Host is recommend to NOT think like that unless you want us both to die.]

'oof, It is obvious why I would die but why would she kill you with me anyways ?'

[I made a soul link between us. I would die if you die.]

'Why would you even do something like that ?'

[Host has the potential to become Timeless, that is also the reason I chose you as my host.]

'So you basically wanted a omnipotent and eternal host or someone who has that potential ?'


'Okey then, anyways we're getting off track I still have to find a name for you.'

'...I need time to think about it, I will just name you later.'

(A/N: I'm open for suggestions!)



( 5 Hours Later )


"AGHHHHH" screamed the pregnant green haired beauty named Inko Midoriya.

"Dear, please push harder." said a handsome looking man with red horns.

(A/N: Hisahi's quirk is fire breathing and I assumed he would have some kind of dragon feature if we saw him in the anime, I chose horns in this fanfic.)

"AGGGHHHH" scramed Inko as a baby head has become visible.


"I'M TRYING DOCTOR!" said Inko as she screamed in pain.

As this was going on our MC was having thoughts a "normal" baby shouldn't have.

'FUCK, I am gonna be the brother of a simp ?'

[Negative, you are gonna be the little sister.]

'WHAT ?'

[Would you like to change medical reports and your gender for 3000 Divine Points ?]

'What is Divine Points, and how much do I have ?'

[Divine Points is a numberic value for the chaos energy stored in the system. You currently have 25940 Divine Points because of your karma.]

'Use it then.'

[Affirmative. Deducting 3000 points to change gender.]

[Congratz host, you have gained your first achievement!]

'Achievement ?'

[Yes, Supreme Being made it so that my host can gain Divine Points from making Hidden Achievements.]

'Sick. How much did I gain ?'

[Hidden Achievement: Gender Swap - Rewards:3000 points and a <Quirk Ticket>]

'I made profit! Nice, use the <Quirk Ticket>'


[Congratz, you have gained <Reaper's Hand>.]

[Upon Physical contact you can steal other people's positive luck permanently.]

'That is one broken ability, if I bought tickets after stealing people's luck....'

'Now that I think about it, I never asked your fuctions, did I ?'

[I'm glad you remembered to ask me about my fuctions.]

[I currently only have Status, you can add other fuctions using Divine Points.]

[Please also remember that I can do anything without the need for fuctions. But using points to add fuctions would be better in the long run as using the fuctions lowers the price needed without the fuction. For example, if you had a shop something that normally cost 10000 DP would be only 9000 in the shop. I highly recommend you to add fuctions like shop for the long run.]

(A/N: DP - Divine Points = Chaos Energy stored in the system.)

'How much would it cost to add a shop ?'


'Do it'

[Deducting 25000 DP, adding "Shop" fuction to the system, Done. You currently have 940 DP left.]

'Oh ? I see a light up there. What is that light ?'

[You are currently being born, Izuku Midoriya came before you by 34 seconds. You will also start feeling pain after seeing light with this body for the first time...also please prepare for the slap.]

'Yeah, It hurts to see the light but what slap are you talkin-


"WAAAAGGGH" screamed the newborn baby.

"Congratulations Miss Midoriya, you have 2 healthy boys." said the doctor with glasses.

'That hurts, I, your father will punish you for this after I become an adult.'

"Can I hold them, Doctor ?" said a sleepy looking Inko.

"Yes." said the doctor handing me and my "BIG" brother Izuku to our mother.

'So, she is my new mother huh. I will try to experience the love of a mother I never got to experience.'

As I was thinking about that my mother smiled at me and my brother before turning to the asshole of a father that will probably leave us if we don't have good quirks.

"I will name the younger one, you name the older one." said Inko with a smile that screamed supremacy.

"Y-yes D-dear." said my "Father" before closing his eyes to think.

"Izuku Midoriya, that will be his name." he said as he opened his eyes revealing his crimson eyes to me.

'I hope I got my father's genes, since I really want crimson eyes like that.'

[Would host like to know his appearance ?]

'Oh, I would definetly wanna know.'

[Host took after your father, you have dark hair with crimson eyes. Your overall face looks like Ichigo Kurosaki from bleach minus the hair and eyes.]

'Well, not bad at all. I mean Ichigo was pretty handsome when he was being serious.'

As I was having a conversation with my system, my mother revealed a huge smile to me.

"His name will be Katsuo Midoriya." said my new mother.

My father suddenly revealed a beatiful smile that makes him more charming.

"That is a good name dear." he said.

'I'm getting sleepy.'

'System how can i gain DP ?'

[There a lot of ways, karma and killing is the most basic ones.]

[You are not bound to the reincarnation cycle so your karma is only useful for DP.]

[I will daily convert your good and bad karma to DP as you grow up.]

[You can also gain DP by killing, after you kill a being. I will convert most of their soul into Chaos Energy giving us DP. That is a win-win situation for both sides as the soul will get more powerful after getting healed in the reincarnation cycle. They will have a higher chance of being reborn as a better race such as Dragons or high-humans.]

'Hm, I got it. Can you put me in a auto-pilot state ? I don't wanna repeat childhood. Wake me up when I'm 14 and hide my quirk from the doctors using DP.'

[One time use of Auto-Pilot will cost 300 DP and hiding your quirk will cost 200 DP. Confirm ? Y/N]


[Putting host into Auto-Pilot, sealing memories.]

[You have 440 DP remaining.]

'See you later system' I mentallly said as I fell asleep.


(A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you enjoy.)