Invincible System in ATG (Hiatus)
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Invincible System in ATG (Hiatus)


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What is Invincible System in ATG (Hiatus)

Read Invincible System in ATG (Hiatus) fanfiction written by the author Charan56 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, system, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters or settings of ATG at all and I am only creating this story for entertainment purposes. -------- Synopsis:- Our MC is different from the OG and was tasked by the Gods to conquer the ATG Universe in a span of 10 years. Not like forcing, but more like to improve his own standing. Previously, desiring to lead a life with no restrictions. He stumbles this path to make his dreams come true. Losing his memories of the world he resides in, join his journey as he explores this Universe. --------------- Author Note:- *No Qingyue in harem* Well, if you want an MC where he doesn't go for looks or at least treats his harem well and not as toys. Then it's for you. My story was birthed from the question "What if?" This is a story where MC doesn't leave his harem and it will be more like their journey. I'm not a pro, so don't go on to expect great things, but I will try to make it an enjoyable experience for you. I'm bad at English. I mean, grammar, if you point them out I will correct them. ______ Consider supporting the author by joining Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/charan56 If you feel it too expensive, then go on with Paypal. www.paypal.me/charan56 I will try to increase the release rate if you do so. Otherwise, never matter. ------- And thanks for reading!


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Every thing was good until MC accepted Cang yue's confession, I mean it was so unnecessary to accept that confession that I don't even wan't to read anymore he know that jasmine liked him but he still accepted her confession was really cringe I mean she not worthy of MC no matter who say I am not going to accept that she is just going to be MC's pet that need to feed cultivation resources and have S** with and thats it I think author really made a bad decision to accept her as first harem member so I just want to say author thanks until this time with that move you did there every thing over for me(you know I read so many atgs fanfics so I can see future direction of your story in atg universe so with turn you did here harem of this story made story over for me). Because of language barrier I can't express what I have in my mind so if the things I write here is heavy sorry fo that.


Please.... Please give us the satisfaction of slapping the arrogant face of the ice b1tch!!! Make her regret so much that she feel like she had poop inside her ancestor urn....


The story is great. Love it❤️❤️. But if you drop this like your last against the gods story, then I am gonna find you and force you write 100 chapters straight. Understand?


This is a Great novel You should definetly go check it out, first of all the mc avoid all wunxia cliches and simp situations, he is being OP with the time and so Far he can beat tyrants tier level cultivators and he is not Even a throne, when he get to the divine realm he Will probably bitch slap them without worry The story and interacctions are well and the girls he Will add in the harem are just the few useful, that means he Will not leave them while he is in his Journey like the OG jun che Really good without all that wunxia drama so Far, You should really check this out, totally worth it


This is simply a work of art. A good MC that thinks with his head ? ✅ Actual Love Progress ? ✅ System that is actually useful ? ✅ OP Cheats ? ✅ NO System Punishment for Missions ? ✅


I don't really usually comment on the stories I read, not for anything in particular, but I can't help but comment on the great amount of joy that reading this work has brought me so far, when it comes to ATG I've always felt bad I use that fanfics give to the character of Yun che because I think that if you know how to use this character you can give a lot of ideas for very interesting and funny stories This kind of plot with this new yun che is simply incredible and I can't help but wait like an addict for the new chapter I would like to congratulate the author for the hidden work of art that he has left on this site and I wish him the best of encouragement to continue this great story My sincere thanks to the author


It was good until he accepted cang yue confession. It became sort of annoying. i hope you the author can do better later to composate this thing.


Well You can read the other reviews and you would get the idea. Simply Said. This is the best ATG Fanfic out there. I have read many of them. But this is truly the best. So what is better than the other ones?? Writing Quality ... The story is written in proper english, No shitty grammatical errors. No He/She errors. Perfect but easy to understand word flow. The flow is so well, I didn't even realise when I covered all the chapters.( and for the haters... It's was not because of words. Each chapter had at least 1500-2000 words for sure but I didn't count) Character Design is actually the best part as the Yun Che of the story is the best ever. Each character acts the way you would expect them to act actually if that event would have happened. System too is good as it is a system of the person and the person is not a slave of the system. There are no penalties. Quests are given but are for the benefit of Yun Che himself and he is not forced to accept them. He can refuse them. The shop part is very funny. But it's a secret for you. Next ... Well there are more points but I gotta go. So I recommend the story to any and everyone . C YA


One of the better ATG fanfic that have rad till now with a down to earth mc who is humble and not horndog compared to the original mc. The relationship between mc and the characters also feels a lot more genuine. Overall I recommend this to anyone looking for a good ATG fanfic.


Like most xianxia novels logic does not apply to this one too, just a 10x more illogical. Also I can't even understand wtf is going on without reading it twice or more.


nice work author and hope not to drop this fanfic till u finish [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


So far it's going very well, the grammar and very good is going in the right way (in my case on google translator). I hope the author continues with the fanfic.


After reading until the last chapter, I can only say that I like how it goes, I am not a native of English, so I do not know if the grammar and all that pod of failures that there will be, if like how I progress, not so fast with the force, is not pervert looking for girls like collecting pokemon. - First it has its main point, which is to become strong, it is not like the other "fanfic" where they start with a dominated protagonist, who does not know what to do (those who when they have Op powers, they only use it to have all the beauties in their bed just for fucking). - Since it started until now I like how it goes, it has been slow, but not so slow, it does not get into other people's problems, as other authors do. - You presented "can yue" that is different from other "fanfic" where they don't give it a different approach (as for example in other "Atg" stories, they always put "can yue" only as bait for the protagonist to help her because of its beauty, in passing also so that the protagonist feels good about himself), but in your story, I see that his role is not simple, you are giving it a different approach, where alone it is managing to obtain more power, not one that It is given by the protagonist who would make things easy and without any effort. - I just hope to see how you will treat "xiam quiyue" for treating him badly, I want to see how you put her in her place and make her see that she is not a big deal and that what she does is only because of her selfish satisfaction that she has for her mother , where he hurts the rest of his family that he is already losing with each time he gets more involved in the cultivation that blocks his emotions. - I would put more but it i am lazy xD.


I like your motto "Never Give Up". Awesome is the only word I could use to describe the fanfic. The relationships are not forced and the character development is very good. Just don't get yourself stressed out and focus on haters. Haters are everywhere. I hope you show your version of how ATG should be.[img=recommend]


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Suck I regret commenting on the chapter a while back this suck reborn as SCUM CHE himself. Although he isnt THE Yun Che cant help but feel disgusted knowing its the same fucking INCUBUS


The fanfiction was going well after the confession chapter. everything went down hill. Also why did change jasmine attitude they barely know each other she already considered her big sister. she supposed to jealous of her. Jasmine attitude ruthless not meek.


This is simply a work of art. A good MC that thinks with his head ? ✅ Actual Love Progress ? ✅ System that is actually useful ? ✅ OP Cheats ? ✅ NO System Punishment for Missions ? ✅ Update:We need more Chapters!


Eh, one of the better ATG fics on the site, likeable MC so far with the waifus seeming to be more than just pokemon. English is in the upper echelons for webnovel. The only complaint I have is the update rate, while it's consistent, it's kind of slow and the chapters rather short. All in all, surprised it's not ranked higher but then again it doesn't have barely readable english nor is the MC isn't an edgy psychopath, things that are apparently a must to get into the top ranks nowadays.


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