51 Chapter 51. Mission

Tirus gave his answer to Zegna and joined Jupiter's lightning.

There were, however, several conditions to which he had to agree.

Firstly, Jupiter's lightning was aware of the fact that Tirus had a guild of his own in the subterranean world, and so his guild would be affiliated with Jupiter's lightning and, if they were to be given an order, then they couldn't refuse. In return, Jupiter's lightning would make sure that his guild's territory wasn't attacked by any force from the central continent.

Secondly, he could return to the subterranean world whenever he was free.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye,

He kept contacted Elena once a day through a magic tool which he created before leaving the twilight zone. Although this contact was in written, it was more than enough.

Three months passed,

In these three months, Tirus wasn't given too many missions aside from potion brewing.

Tirus was in a lab brewing a high-grade potion for a rank 3 magus clan leader. Since he was a potioneering grand master, he naturally got a lot of attention from the forces of twilight zone.

'If I want to establish a trade in the central continent, then I'd need to first lay a foundation here for a while…' Just as he was pondering his next move, he heard a knock on the door.

"Lord Tirus, may I enter?"

Tirus heard a knock of the door and gave the person outside the permission to enter.

"Have you been brewing potions for this entire week?" Lewis, a rank 1 magi, asked him in surprise. He was a magus assigned to him by the higher ups of the organization, but he rarely ever disturbed Tirus.

"Yes…now tell me what have you come here for?" Tirus said in an agitated tone. This was all just an act by him to make himself seem like an actual expert busy with his work.

After all, appearances were everything.

"Lord, you have been assigned a mission by the higher ups."

Tirus's eyes flickered with curiosity. The only 'higher ups' in this organization for him would be the rank 4 magi, Zegna and the other higher ranked magi about which Tirus currently had little information about.

"What is the mission?"

Lewis immediately gave him a scroll with Tirus's mission written on it.

"Oh, I am to attack the Ortiz family's resource points." This didn't come as a surprise to Tirus. After some investigation by Jupiter's lightning, it turned out that the warlock family that attacked Bryan were from the Ortiz family.

So they were going to die eventually.

"Okay, I'll go in a few minutes." He said as he gestured Lewis to leave.


In the territory of the Ortiz clan,

Hundreds of magi from different clans besieged the area.

What they were attacking right now was the spatial research facility of the Ortiz clan.

"This…this is the end." A magus from the Ortiz clan muttered in despair.

Actually, the Ortiz clan had 3 morning star magi as their ancestors so if they showed up, then they may have had a chance of survival, but alas, all of them were fighting for their lives as well.

'So, this was all a conspiracy by the Jupiter's lightning.' Tirus thought with an expressionless face.

'They provoked this clan of warlocks, and since this warlock clan had 3 morning star ancestors, they got a little cocky and took the bait.'

Warlocks were usually stronger than the magi of the same rank, this was the reason they were confident enough to take an offensive stance against Jupiter's lightning, unfortunately, this was their last mistake.

Jupiter's lightning wanted more resources to further increase their accumulation, this was precisely the reason why they'd want to destroy a warlock clan. That was because the fastest way for an organization to accumulate foundation was to annex other's foundations.

The reason for which Jupiter's lightning opposed the warlocks was a prophecy. A prophecy that in the future a warlock would be born, and he will become the monarch of bloodlines.

The warlocks were naturally stronger to the magi of the same rank and so, if a rank 6 warlock were to appear, then he or she would definitely be stronger than any other breaking dawn magi. And so almost all monarchs, along with other magi of the central continent, had decided to nip the problem in the bud and kill any warlock with rank 6 bloodlines.

'In the future, around 2,800 years later when Zegna reaches the peak of radiant moon realm, he'll be killed by his teacher, Melinda, and then Melinda would collude with other radiant moon magi of the central continent to attack the blazing flame monarch.' Tirus recalled what he had read in his previous life, 'I devoured Leylin's soul, so will the prophecy be fulfilled?' he thought as he looked at the warlocks in front of him.

Despair filled every Ortiz clan member's eyes as they saw their impending death nearing them.

Thousands of vengeful spirits swirled around Tirus, wailing in agony. These vengeful spirits were coming out of the necklace, a high-grade magic equipment, which he was wearing. He had forged it during the one hundred years he was in the twilight zone.

Tirus closed his eyes and focused on his heart that was beating steadily.

The inky black heart emitted a bright red light when he injected spiritual force in it.

"Attack." Tirus lazily said, pointing the tip of his sword. His prophetic heart revealed that there was no one who could pose a threat to him in that facility.

Hundreds of semi-converted rank 1 and even some rank 2 magi made their advances, along with Tirus's vengeful spirits.

"Don't damage their souls." He gave an order in a chilly voice.

Sounds of screaming could be heard coming from the facility as the magi slaughtered the warlocks like pigs.

"Don't you dare!" A roar resounded in the surroundings as a ray of golden light rushed towards Tirus.

"Hmph." Tirus coldly snorted in response and transformed into a ray of dark light. All the vengeful spirits moved towards the incoming rank 3 warlock.

"You're just at the hydro phase, and you have the gall to come here? Aren't you too confident in your bloodline?" Tirus mocked and took out his black sword.

"You'll see." The warlock murmured as his pupils turned into a golden color and a large amount of hair started growing on his body.

Soon, the warlock turned into a 5 meter, six-armed ape.

"Weak. You really thought you'd be able to defeated me with your half-assed transformation." Tirus didn't waste any time and used his rank 3 innate spell, dark giant transformation.

Warlocks, when they broke through to morning star realm, would be able to transform into the magical beast which they had the bloodline of. But this warlock had probably used some forbidden method for this transformation at rank 3 which must've costed him a considerable amount of his lifespan.


The area where Tirus was hovering above was destroyed in a single punch by the giant ape, fortunately, he was currently in the form of a dark light, so his movement speed was exceptional.

A gigantic dark could covered his entire body as he started to grow taller.

1.9 meters

4.3 meters

6.7 meters

10 meters

50 meters

In a blink of an eye, a 50-meter tall giant, covered in dark clouds, appeared before everyone. Actually, this Tirus was hiding 2 meters below the giant's navel, but nobody knew this.

"What…what the hell is this?" The transformed ape warlock cursed in shock.

Before he knew it, the dark coulds enveloped his entire body and trapped him, slowly decomposing his body while he was still alive.


'What a disappointment, I thought he'd give me a good fight.' Tirus thought dejectedly before his black sword manifested itself above the head of the ape warlock, while the warlock was surrounded by hundreds of vengeful spirits.

"Any last words?...Well, don't bother because I can't even hear you, hehe." Tirus mocked the ape warlock one last time before his sword sliced the warlock's head open, slowly and painfully.

This scene instilled fear into the hearts of many magi and warlocks alike.

To be continued..

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