49 Chapter 49. Understanding the situation

Time passed by in a blink of an eye, and 40 years flashed by quickly.

Tirus became a crystal phase rank 3 magi during this period, and Elena also made great advancements, becoming a peak vapor phase magi.

'Perhaps I should take some magi with me.' He pondered with a troubled expression.

The central continent was the core of the Magus World. It spanned across a huge area, and had an abundance of precious resources!

There, official Magi were as common as the clouds, and rank 2 Magi were the elites! Rank 3 Magi were respected, although there were different ranks to them.

Only Morning Star Magi truly held clout, at least that was the way it was described during the events of the canon and since he was currently reincarnated almost 3,000 years before the events of the canon started, he really felt hesitant to just go there.

Organizations in the central continent needed a Morning Star Magus to oversee their development if they hoped to grow in power. Some small organizations were occasionally built by rank 2 or rank 3 Magi, but they were short-lived, typically being destroyed after a short period of time.

"I have decided. I will first try to make simple contact with the central continent and sell high-grade potions.

Since I'm a grandmaster in potioneering, I can easily build some strong relations." He murmured.

He knew he couldn't just enter the central continent and say "Hi folks, I'm a peak rank 3 magus with an unknown background, and I know it's kinda sudden, but I wish to join one of the strongest organizations of this region.'

In the Twilight Zone, he could act a bit rowdy, since he too was at that rank when he arrived here.

But it was different in the central continent.


A beeping sound was made by the tiny badge he had on his robe, he tapped it twice and said, "What is it?"

"Tirus, we have encountered a group which claims to be from the central continent." Elena said, from the other side.



In the headquarters,

Tirus was sitting on his luxurious throne while a rank 2 magi along with several other magi with peak rank 1 cultivation prostrated themselves in front of him.

The rank 2 magi's name was Bryan. He was the magus who came here from the central continent.

'It's kinda similar to how it was in the canon, huh.'

'Maybe in the canon, they came here and died due to injuries, but this time, we were here to save them.'

"Who are you and why are you here?" He inquired in an emotionless voice.

"Lord, this lowly one's name is Bryan, a rank 2 magi. I am a member of an organization of the central region of the surface world. We were protecting a newly discovered teleportation formation but were attacked by a warlock due to which I had no other choice but to use the formation to save my life."

He said this in a voice filled with anguish.

"Hm, you better not be lying, because if I feel as if you are lying, then I'd soul search you myself."


"I'm not lying, lord." Bryan bowed down fiercely.

"Then, tell me more about your organisation."

"Lord, my organization is named Jupiter's lightning and is a 200 year old organization, and has just completed its development period. But since the leader is a peak morning star expert, they were able to recruit strong memebers in a really short span of time at the start."

"...." Tirus didn't say anything, but after a few seconds he asked "What is a morning star magus?" He pretended as if he didn't know anything about the cultivation realms.

'How can this be? Just when I was making a plan on how to enter the central continent, a member of such a high level organization shows himself, I'm really starting to become as lucky as Leylin!'

He secretly thought, 'The blazing flame monarch split her soul and created Melinda, but seperated herself from Melinda during her break through to rank 6 and imprisoned her, an unknown amount of period after that, Melinda escaped from the clutches of the blazing flame monarch and took Zegna as her student and created the Jupiter's lightning if I remember correctly, huh, from the looks of it, Zegna is probably still just a breaking dawn magi.'

"Lord, the cultivation ranks above rank 3 are given special titles. Rank 4 magi are called morning stars. Rank 5 magi are called radiant moons and rank 6 magi are called breaking dawn monarchs. As for ranks after that, I don't know anything." He said, deeply bowing his head.

"If your leader is a rank 4 magi, then how can you get attacked like this?" He asked.

"The reason for that is simple, our organization opposes the warlock clans openly thus gaining their enmity. There is a warlock clan which we opposed quite...harshly." Bryan answered immediately since his life depended on his this.

After that he continued to explain what the warlocks were, and how even rank 3 magi were still quite rare in the continent. Once the talk ended, Tirus gave him a healing potion and offered him some help which Bryan gladly accepted.


In Tirus's room,

"So you are going to the central continent?" Elena asked, pouting.

"Yes. He has made a vow in the name of his truesoul that he will repay the favour. Even if he is just a rank 2 magi, its better to know someone from the inside of the organization, right?"

"So...you are leaving me?"

"Of course not! Listen, I will have to go there for a while, then I will return for sure." Tirus consold Elena in a calm tone.

"I'm not trying to stop you, its just that I'm worried." She mumumbled.

"Don't worry, I've used my prophetic heart technique, I can tell that this venture holds immense benefits for me, for us."

".... I understand you're strong but that place is foreign so just be careful."

"I will, I will. Just you wait." He said while kissing her on her forehead.

To be continued...

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