42 Chapter 42. Dragon Warlock

In a secret room beneath the underground laboratory,

Elena and Tirus were standing in front of the massive container filled with the ancient red dragon bloodline.

"This is the bloodline of an ancient dragon." Elena gasped in amazement upon seeing the golden red blood.

"How will I consume all this?"

"You don't need to consume all of it. First, I'll make it purer by igniting 90% of the total amount, that much should be enough to push the purity of this bloodline till the highest level possible.

Actually, this is a rank 5 bloodline, but if I were to purify this further, then it'd help you a lot when breaking through to next ranks and even increase your cultivation speed." Tirus explained his plan and started a formation which caused the container to glow with an intense golden light.

Actually, the A.I. chip had given him the information that this bloodline shackles of this blood can be broken with enough stimulation, that's why he was giving it a try.

If not for the A.I. chip, he wouldn't waste his time trying to break the bloodline shackles.

"I see." Elena murmured, reaching an understanding.

[Beep! The bloodline of the ancient red fiery dragon is being condensed… The purity of the bloodline is increasing at a rapid pace]

[Beep! The bloodline has reached a critical juncture and has encountered a bottleneck. Stimulation from a rank 2 magi needed for further advancement]

"Mhm." Tirus focused all of his radiation on the container, which caused the already violently churning bloodline to churn even faster. If one looked at this, then they'd think that this blood might just break the container.

Actually, this process of increasing the blood's quality to make it break its bloodline shackles only had a 40% chance of success, but Tirus was more than willing to make this gamble.

[Beep! The bloodline has gotten the needed stimulant at a critical moment… Bloodline's purity is increasing…]

"The bloodline ignition was successful." Tirus put the bloodline into a small potion vial, turned around and walked towards a formation he made while Elena followed him.

Now, with this rank 5 bloodline, Elena would surely be able to break through to rank 4 easily and become a morning star magus.

A rank 1 official magus had the lifespan of 200 years.

Five hundred years of lifespan for a rank 2 magi, 1,000 years of lifespan for a rank 3 magi and a morning star magus could theoretically live for 5,000 years.

Tirus was confident that he could become a breaking dawn monarch within 1,000 years at most with the help of the A.I. chip, and once he reached the realm of breaking dawn and started comprehending the power of laws, then helping Elena evolve her bloodline further would be as easy as breathing.

"Take off your clothes and sit here." He said and Elena quickly took off all of her clothes, revealing her mature figure.

Tirus didn't pay much attention to it and put the vial containing the bloodline in a certain point of the formation, while Elena sat cross-legged in the middle of the formation, stark naked.

"It will hurt, okay." Tirus said as he started the formation.

The entire formation started glowing in a golden color as golden lines appeared on the floor, reaching towards Elena.


Sounds of flesh sizzling could be heard as a pain filled expression revealed itself on her face, but she persisted.

Her skin started turning red, and she started sweating profusely from every corner of her body. Soon, blood started dripping from her seven orifices and her flesh seem to melt.

The gruesome scene made Tirus feel a little nauseated, but he wanted to see what would happen next.

Soon, her skin melted completely, revealing a horrifying figure. The melted skin and blood started revolving around her body, forming some a layer of protection which soon turned into an eggshell.

Fire energy particles gathered around the eggshell as her transformation started.

'How long will this take?'

[It will take the target a total of 10 days 2 hours and 13 minutes to complete the transformation] The A.I. chip loyally intoned.

Tirus soon made his way out of the secret room and sealed it from the outside. Now, nobody aside from him could enter.



Absolute darkness,

This was what Elena experienced once she felt her skin melt completely. She stopped feeling physical pain, but she could still feel a fire burning her soul from the inside.

'Where am I now?' She tried to speak, but no words came out, she soon discovered that she had no physical body in this form.

'Where is this place?' Anxiety dawned on her as she started feeling helpless.


The majestic roar of a dragon could be heard. Soon, a dragon appeared in front of her, looking into her very soul. This dragon looked like a standard western fantasy dragon, it was colossal, with each of its wings being 100,000 meters long.

'What am I supposed to do?.. He told me to accept the power, is this it?' She thought about the instructions Tirus had given her.

The dragon kept staring at her, it looked as if it was waiting for a moment to attack but that wasn't the case.

'I...I accept.' She said internally, almost immediately, as if the dragon heard her, it opened its mouth and swallowed her. Stuffing her into its belly.

Then, for an unknown amount of time, she felt as if she was in a warm place with her entire body being reconstructed from scratch.




In the secret room, sounds of an intense heartbeat could be jeard coming from inside the egg. Hearing the sound, Tirus came rushing.



Cracks started to appear on the eggshell as a pristine white hand revealed itself.

The eggshell soon started absorbing the fire energy particles in the surroundings and started to melt.

Soon, the eggshell looked as if it would crumble from the lightest touch, completely liquified.

Elena opened her mouth wide as the eggshell turned into milky white liquid as it poured itself in her mouth.



She soon increased her pace, gulping down as much as she could. Like a newly born dragon, eating their own eggshell.

'A.I. chip, scan.'

[Beep…calculating data]

[Name: Elena Le Elrod, occupation: warlock, rank 1 acolyte, bloodline: red fiery emperor dragon, strength: 3.2, agility: 3.7, vitality: 6.4, spiritual force: 3.99 (spiritual force is in sync with magic power)]

"Your cultivation had regressed."

"Yes, but I'm sure I can become an official magus within 2 years!" Elena said in a tone filled with enthusiasm.

She soon stood up, trying to walk on her own two legs while struggling to keep balance

"Wait..." Tirus said as he gently held her in his embrace.

"Sorry, I am not used to this new body, it feels as if I was born once again today." She said with a wry smile.

Tirus looked at her and noticed her increased natural charm. All warlocks were good-looking, but the purer one's blood, the higher their beauty.

"So, do you…" Tirus mumbled as he started touching Elena's velvet entrance.

"No, son, wait, not now. I have a better idea in mind." Elena rejected his advances for the first time in years, shaking her head violently.

"Hm, what is that idea?"

"I'll tell you in a bit." She said, winking.

To be continued...

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