Invincible: Beerus, Son of Thragg

Beerus was born into a world of chaos and conflict, inheriting the bloodline of Thragg, one of the most fearsome Viltrumites to have ever lived in the Invincible Universe. Raised in the shadow of his father's legacy, he grew up with the weight of expectation heavy on his shoulders. The Viltrumite society, known for its strict hierarchy and warrior ethos, demanded nothing less than perfection from its offspring, especially those directly descended from legendary figures like Thragg. Disclaimer: I don't own Invincible or any other associated properties.

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Chapter 10: New Guardians of the Globe

Welcome to the 10th chapter. 10th CHAPTER CAME OUT ALREADY BET YOU DIDN'T EXPECT THAT. Anyways, I tried making this chapter a little longer so enjoy.

"The enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution." -Sun Tzu


A few days had passed since the Guardians of the Globe's funeral, and the atmosphere in the Grayson household was one of quiet resilience. Our protagonist floated leisurely in the living room, deeply immersed in a book. His stoic expression softened slightly as he turned the pages with careful, deliberate movements.

Debbie walked by, carrying a basket of laundry. She paused, noticing the distracted alien. "What are you reading there, Beerus?" she asked, her tone curious.

The viltrumite finally looked up, his intense gaze meeting hers. "I am reading 'The Art of War' by a strategist named Sun Tzu. This human displays a remarkable understanding of the complexities of warfare. I am quite impressed."

Debbie smiled, setting the laundry basket down. "Well, I'm glad you think so highly of him. Sun Tzu's work has influenced military strategy for centuries. His insights are timeless."

He nodded, a hint of admiration in his eyes. "Indeed. His emphasis on strategy, preparation, and understanding both oneself and the enemy resonates deeply with my own experiences. War is not merely about strength but about wisdom and foresight."

Debbie took a seat across from her "nephew", her expression thoughtful. "It's interesting to hear your perspective. You've been through countless battles, haven't you?"

Beerus's eyes grew distant for a moment, as if recalling memories from a far-off place. "Yes, I have. Though I am relatively young compared to others of my kind, who possess far more experience in battle, each conflict I faced imparted valuable lessons. The most important of these is that true victory is achieved not through brute force, but through the mind. Understanding your opponent, adapting to changing circumstances, and knowing precisely when to strike—these are the keys to success."

Debbie leaned forward, intrigued. "Do you find it difficult to balance that wisdom with the physical power you possess?"

Beerus considered her question carefully. "It can be challenging. Power can easily corrupt one's judgment. It's crucial to remain grounded and remember the broader consequences of one's actions. That's why I find this human's teachings so valuable. They remind me of the importance of discipline and strategy over sheer might."

Debbie smiled warmly. "You know, you might have more in common with Sun Tzu than you think. Both of you understand the deeper layers of conflict and the importance of wisdom."

Beerus allowed a rare smile to touch his lips. "Perhaps. It is always beneficial to learn from the wisdom of others, regardless of their origin."

Debbie stood up, picking up her laundry basket. "Well, keep enjoying the book. If you need any more recommendations, let me know. We have quite the collection."

Beerus nodded appreciatively. "Thank you, Debbie. Your hospitality and kindness are most welcome."

As Debbie walked away, Beerus returned to his book, a newfound respect for the human strategist growing within him. The peaceful moments of learning and reflection were a stark contrast to the chaos he had known, and he found himself grateful for the unexpected wisdom these humans offered. "Perhaps I should scan this book and send it to Father," he mused aloud. "I believe he would appreciate the philosophies of this human as well."

In the quiet of the Grayson household, Beerus continued to immerse himself in the timeless lessons of 'The Art of War,' feeling a subtle but profound connection to the strategic mind of Sun Tzu. The words on the page resonated with his own experiences, bridging the gap between worlds and eras, and providing him with new insights into the nature of conflict and the path to true victory.

Soon, Nolan floated into the living room, raising an eyebrow at the sight of the younger Viltrumite deeply engrossed in a book. "What are you doing?"

Beerus looked up, his stoic expression softening slightly. "I am reading this intriguing piece of literature, 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu. Have you read it?"

Nolan shook his head. "Not particularly, but I've heard of it. Why the interest?"

"I plan on scanning this book and sending it to my father," Beerus replied thoughtfully. "I believe he would find the strategies and philosophies quite enlightening."

Nolan's eyes widened slightly with curiosity. "Hm, go for it. That could be interesting."

Beerus nodded, returning to his book. Nolan floated closer, his expression turning serious. "By the way, I've received news that the tryouts for the New Guardians of the Globe are happening in a couple of hours. How about you join Mark and assess the candidates' powers? It would also help you maintain your cover."

Beerus hummed, contemplating the proposal. "That sounds reasonable. I have nothing to lose by attending. What time are the tryouts?"

"6 pm," Nolan replied.

"I'll be there," Beerus confirmed with a nod.

"Good," Nolan said, satisfied. "I'll see you there, then."

As Nolan turned to leave, Beerus called out, "Nolan, one more thing."

Nolan paused mid-air, turning back to face Beerus. "Yes?"

"This human strategist, Sun Tzu, emphasizes the importance of unity and understanding among allies. Perhaps it's something we should all keep in mind, especially now," Beerus said, his tone carrying the weight of his wisdom.

Nolan considered his words for a moment, a thoughtful expression crossing his face. "You're right, Beerus. Unity is more important now than ever. Thanks for the reminder."

With that, Nolan flew off to find Debbie, leaving Beerus to his thoughts. He glanced back at the book, a newfound determination in his eyes. The tryouts would be an excellent opportunity not only to assess the new potential Guardians but also to apply the wisdom he had gained from Sun Tzu.


"Do you plan on joining the New Guardians?" Mark asked, his curiosity evident.

"No, I work better alone," Beerus replied without hesitation.

"Oh." Mark stated awkwardly, the conversation trailing off into a brief, uncomfortable silence.

As they watched the candidates sparring against each other, a voice rang out across the room. "Atlas, would you like to participate?"

Beerus turned to see Robot addressing him. With a nod, he responded, "I will, but I have no interest in joining the New Guardians. The only reason I am here is to sate my boredom."

A ripple of awkwardness spread through the room as the heroes exchanged glances. Rex Splode stepped forward, his eyes glinting with a mix of challenge and irritation. "Okay, Bigshot, I've been wanting to knock you down a couple of pegs ever since last time. Let's go, asshole."

Beerus raised an eyebrow, his expression unchanged, before nodding once again. "Very well."

As the tension built, a feminine voice cut through the silence, "Kick his ass, Atlas."

Beerus glanced over and saw Atom Eve standing with her arms crossed, glaring at Rex Splode with obvious anger. Her support added an unexpected twist to the situation.

The assembled heroes and spectators formed a way towards the arena, as Beerus and Rex made their way towards it. The air was thick with tension, and all eyes were on the two combatants at the center of the arena. Rex flexed his hands, small explosions sparking at his fingertips as he prepared himself. "I've been looking forward to this," he muttered, his voice low and charged with aggression.

Beerus, floating serenely a few feet above the ground, barely acknowledged Rex's bravado. His expression remained calm and composed. "Remember what happened last time, boy," he said, his tone calm yet authoritative.

Rex scoffed, launching the first attack with a barrage of explosive projectiles aimed directly at Beerus. With remarkable speed and precision, Beerus barely moved, effortlessly dodging the blasts or letting them harmlessly impact his body. The small explosions seemed to have no effect on him, his expression remaining unchanged.

"Is that the best you can do?" Beerus taunted, his voice carrying an edge of disappointment. "Those explosions tickle."

Rex growled in frustration, increasing the intensity of his assault. Explosions erupted around Beerus, but he stood unfazed, not even bothering to dodge most of the blasts. He simply tanked them, his expression one of mild amusement.

The onlookers watched in awe and disbelief. Robot's analytical eyes widened as he processed the data. "Incredible. His durability is off the charts."

Dupli-Kate, splitting into multiple copies to get different vantage points, shook her head in amazement. "He's not even trying."

Monster Girl, in her untransformed state, looked on with a mixture of admiration and frustration. "That level of durability... it's unreal."

Invincible, standing beside Atom Eve, clenched his fists, both impressed and slightly envious. "He's making it look so easy."

Atom Eve, her eyes fixed on Beerus, felt a mix of respect and curiosity. "He's not just strong. He's completely in control."

Shrinking Ray, perched on a nearby ledge, nodded thoughtfully. "He's toying with Rex. This isn't a fight—it's a demonstration."

Rex, now desperate, charged forward, channeling all his energy into a massive explosion right at Beerus's feet. The ground shook, and smoke filled the air. When it cleared, Beerus stood there, completely unharmed, a bored expression on his face.

"That was your best shot?" he asked, his tone mocking. "The only way for me to get hurt would be if the planet exploded."

Rex's face turned red with a mix of anger and embarrassment. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Without a word, he moved. In a blur of motion, he appeared behind Rex and tapped him on the shoulder. Rex turned, swinging wildly, but Beerus easily sidestepped, gently tapping Rex's chest and sending him sprawling to the ground.

The heroes around them gasped. Robot's mechanical eyes whirred as he recalibrated his sensors. "His speed is as impressive as his strength."

Dupli-Kate merged back into one, shaking her head. "Rex never stood a chance."

Monster Girl let out a low whistle. "I wouldn't want to be on his bad side."

Invincible glanced at his father, Nolan, who watched with a neutral expression. "Now I understand why Dad respects him."

Atom Eve approached Beerus, her expression softening. "You really are something else, Beerus. That was incredible."

He nodded in acknowledgment. "Thank you, Eve. There is much to learn from every encounter, even ones as one-sided as this."

As Rex picked himself up, rubbing his bruised pride more than his body, he looked at Beerus with a mix of respect and grudging admiration. "Alright, you win this round, big shot."

(AN: I didn't want Rex to be severely hurt (I wanted to though) even though his pride is bruised. It would break the image Eve had of Beerus and blow his cover which he needs to maintain)

The large alien simply nodded at Rex, a silent acknowledgment of the boy's effort. The crowd of heroes began to disperse, their awe and respect for the large humanoid evident in their expressions. Beerus, however, remained focused, his mind already moving past the skirmish.

Ignoring the rest of Robot's speech, he floated towards Omni-Man, who stood in the viewing area. The elder Viltrumite greeted him with a nod, the two of them sharing a silent understanding.

Nolan broke the silence first. "What did you think of the heroes down there?"

Beerus stayed silent for a moment, his eyes scanning the facility where the young heroes continued their evaluations and discussions. Finally, he replied, "There were some interesting prospects, the shrinking girl can prove to be useful."

"Her power is unique and versatile," he continued, his tone thoughtful. "She has the ability to shrink down and blindside opponents and be a great infiltration and distraction expert"

Nolan nodded, contemplating Beerus's assessment. "She does seem to have a lot of untapped potential. It's just a matter of honing her skills and understanding the full extent of her power."

As they continued to watch the heroes below, the atmosphere in the room shifted to one of contemplation and planning. The future of the Guardians of the Globe was uncertain, but with the right guidance and training, the next generation could rise to the challenge.

Meanwhile, down on the training floor, Atom Eve was engaged in a conversation with the other heroes. She glanced up and noticed Beerus and Omni-Man watching from above. The intensity of their gazes made her slightly nervous, a feeling she wasn't accustomed to.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to push through her nerves. "Alright, let's see what we can do with this new technique," she said to the group, focusing on the task at hand.

She closed her eyes, concentrating hard. The air around her shimmered as she manipulated the molecules, creating a complex structure in front of her. The other heroes watched in awe as she effortlessly transformed the environment, showcasing the versatility of her powers.

Robot, observing from a nearby console, analyzed the data. "Her molecular manipulation is getting more precise. She's improving at an impressive rate."

Dupli-Kate, watching with her multiple selves, nodded in agreement. "She's definitely got something special."

Monster Girl, in her transformed state, crossed her arms and smiled. "I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that."

Invincible, standing next to Atom Eve, glanced up at his father and Beerus, then back at Eve. "You're doing great, Eve. Keep it up."

Atom Eve smiled, feeling a bit more confident. "Thanks, Mark. I'm just trying to get better every day."

Above, the Viltrumites continued their silent observation. Omni-Man finally spoke, his voice low. "She's nervous because she knows we're watching. But look at how she handles it. She's got resilience."

Beerus nodded thoughtfully. "Indeed. She has the potential to become something truly extraordinary. Her ability to adapt under pressure is a valuable trait."

As Atom Eve completed her demonstration, the other heroes applauded, their respect for her evident. She glanced up once more at Beerus, who gave her a nod of approval. The weight of their gazes had shifted from scrutiny to acknowledgment, and it filled her with a renewed sense of purpose.

He turned to Omni-Man, his expression serious. "I think it's time I start working with her more closely. There's a lot she can learn, and I believe she's ready."

Omni-Man smiled, a rare expression of genuine warmth. "I think that's a good idea. She could benefit greatly from your experience."

As the training session came to an end, Beerus floated down to the floor, approaching Atom Eve. "You did well today," he said, his voice steady and calm.

Eve looked up at him, curiosity in her eyes. "Thank you, Beerus. I'm trying to push my limits."

"Good," Beerus replied. "Wh-"

He was cut off as Robot's voice echoed through the training facility, calling the heroes to finalize the results on who would become the new Guardians. They exchanged quick goodbyes and nods of encouragement as the heroes dispersed, leaving Beerus floating back to Nolan's side.

Beerus glanced over at Nolan thoughtfully, his eyes narrowing with a hint of anticipation. "I feel so restrained," he said, his voice low but intense. "Would you like to spar? I have never fought you before, and I would like to sharpen my skills."

Nolan raised an eyebrow, a flicker of surprise crossing his features. He hadn't expected the Grand Regent's son to extend such an invitation, but he couldn't deny the opportunity to test his own abilities against his powerful colleague. "Sure," he replied with a nod, a confident smile playing on his lips. "Let's see what you've got."

Beerus nodded in agreement, but a spark of excitement gleamed in his eyes. He had been looking forward to this opportunity to test his skills against Nolan, one of the most experienced agents from Viltrum.


As they found an open space away from the others, Beerus and Nolan faced each other, readying themselves for the spar. Without a word, they launched themselves into the air, their movements swift and precise.

In the air, Beerus and Nolan circled each other, testing the waters. Then, with blinding speed, they closed the distance between them, exchanging rapid blows and strikes.

Their movements were a blur of motion, too fast for the average human eye to follow. Punches and kicks were thrown with precision, the sound of impact echoing through the air.

Beerus was impressed by Nolan's skill and agility and he expected no less. But Beerus was no slouch either. His years of combat experience with his father had honed his reflexes and instincts to razor-sharp precision.

The two Viltrumites continued their aerial dance, each one trying to outmaneuver and outwit the other. Violent shockwaves echoed through the air as their fists clashed, the force of their blows creating shockwaves that rippled through the air.

Suddenly, Beerus saw an opening. With a burst of speed, he darted forward, aiming a powerful punch at Nolan's midsection. But Omni-Man was ready. He blocked the blow with one arm, countering with a devastating uppercut that sent Beerus reeling.

As Beerus recovered, he couldn't help but smile. This was exhilarating. He hadn't felt this alive since he stepped foot on this planet. His eyes began to glow as he fired beams of pure energy at his opponent. Omni-Man was hit in the chest and was sent flying and crashed into the nearest wall.

Nolan, too, was enjoying the challenge, he didn't feel it at the moment, but a large bruise was forming underneath his suit. He could feel his buried bloodlust beginning to rise as he sparred with Beerus, matching him blow for blow. Life on Earth had been so dull, and he relished in the moment to cut loose a little bit.

The other heroes felt shockwaves as Robot was cut off from his…inspiring speech. They sought to investigate the source and were shocked to see Atlas matching Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero, blow for blow.

"I did not realize Atlas was as powerful as Omni-Man," said Robot.

"Neither did I…" Mark said in a daze.

Eventually, the spar came to an end as they noticed the young heroes were getting affected by the shockwaves from their clash. Both Beerus and Nolan were still floating a few inches from the ground, they were both slightly out of breath but still had plenty of energy. They exchanged a nod of mutual respect before floating back down to join the others.

As they landed, Beerus felt a sense of satisfaction wash over him. The spar had been intense, but it had also been invigorating. He had tested his skills against one of Viltrum's most experienced agents and had come out stronger because of it.

Nolan clapped Beerus on the shoulder, a smile on his face. "That was quite a workout. I must admit, you're stronger than I thought. I was nowhere near as strong at your age."

Beerus returned the smile, feeling a sense of camaraderie with his fellow Viltrumite. "As are you, Omni-Man. I look forward to our next spar."


Meanwhile, in a secret room hidden from the training area, Cecil and Donald watched the footage of the spar with intense interest. Cecil's eyes narrowed as he analyzed every move, every strike exchanged between Beerus and Omni-Man in slow motion.

"Shit, this isn't good," Cecil muttered, his voice tinged with paranoia. "We've never seen Omni-Man engage in combat like this before."

Donald nodded, his expression equally serious. "Yes sir, it also raises questions about their motives. I have never seen anyone shoot beams out of their eyes before. What are they truly capable of?"

Cecil sighed, rubbing his temples. "We need to keep a close eye on them. I still think that Nolan is hiding something about the attack of the Guardians. His departure from the solar system was suspiciously well-timed. Speaking of, those beams of energy from the kid gave me an idea. I'm going to start a new project. Donald, after this, sent this footage to the labs. Have them do something with it. I'm going to call it 'Project: Hammer. I'll do my best to increase their funding for this project."

"Yes, sir."

As they continued to watch the footage, the tension in the room grew palpable. The clash between Atlas and Omni-Man had raised more questions than answers, and Cecil and Donald knew that they needed to tread carefully in the days to come.