1 Prologue

'Hmm..?' my consciousness comes to me, I wake up in a place where nothing exists.

'Where am I?'

'Ah! Another soul! Greetings there soul!' a voice answers me. The entire nothingness then turns into a blinding light, making it impossible to see the source.

'Who are you? Why am I here?'

'You, dear...man are one of those who wished to be reborn in another world. And so you are taken here, under my control'.

'Reborn? You mean I died!?'

'Yes, Yes, You were very happy when you passed so that's an upside. You had just finished binge reading the comic 'Invincible' on the bus when it suddenly blew up. Such a tragic story indeed...Tsk3...' the voice replies.

'I see... Thank you for telling me. I think I know how this goes now.' I said.

'Very well. Let us proceed then...' his voice trials of as if waiting for me to do something.

'Do I get any wishes or decisions on where I choose to be reborn?' I try to guess his intentions.

'Yes, Yes. 3 to be exact, now do go on and state them' he stated.

'Okay!! Well I wish to be reborn in the Universe of Invincible. And as Mark's Twin Brother'.

'Yes, Yes. One moment...There we go, What else?'

'I want to have the powers of Kon-El with Full Kryptonian DNA and the Long Life of a Viltrumite. I don't want any of that rage and overconfident crap, I'm my own man. And also none of that Kryptonite crap I'm weak to'. I told him as I remember SuperBoy.

'Yes, Yes. A moment... Granted. Like him you're full Kryptonian powers won't manifest until the same time as Mark's powers do, although your Tactile Telekinesis powers will awaken by age 8'.

'That's..... great actually. Anyway, for my last I wish to keep my memories and especially my knowledge of the Invincible comics'. I reply.

'Yes, Yes... Hang on...There!...' the voice trails off once more.

It took a while for it to come back and said, 'Lets get you there young soul, I have more souls to handle before I can catch a break'

I began to feel different before being shunted out of that space all together.


My awareness turned dark, I can feel some slime-like matter surround and push me towards an opening that was too small for me.

The pushing kept going as I slowly slid out of that opening to find a blinding light meeting me.

I heard sounds of crying near me and a pair of gloves hand take me, a woman's laughter and pained groans sounded out before I was out beside someone.

I felt this someone, he was like me, small and hairless. Moments later we were cleaned and wrapped in warm cloth.

We were then brought to room where I could hear murmurs and excited voices ahead, and then a pair of powerful arms took me and the other.

It was a man with a trimmed mustache on his lips, he carried us towards a tired but kind looking woman who smiled as she saw us both.

The woman requested to rest and the man took us away from her, he sat in a chair while holding us both.

"For the Empire.... For Viltrum....."

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