1 Character sketch




Ah-in Ya

Gender:- female

Birthday:- 17 August

Age:- 17

Characteristics:- A genius with iq of 154 . Tops in the class a model student . A tom-boy , she can be mean and cold if known better a kind girl inside. If you are kind then she is too , if not you are about to leave to hell.

Likes:- singing (but not in public) , sweet (but can't eat too much) , playing her guitar (Robin), dancing and sketching

Dislikes:- crying in front of people , cringy movies , hates to be with stranger


Seo woo-bin

Gender:- Male

Age:- 17

Birthday:-3 February

Characteristics:- He is the gentlemen of the school . sweet , caring , kind-hearted . Anyone can fall for him but there is a problem he is just a bit boring but it's okay not every time he can be angelic.

Likes:- 90's songs and movies , weightlifting and book reading

Dislikes:- hates to lose from anyone in sports


Kim Yu-na

Gender:- Female

Birthday:- 28 November


Characteristics:- the youngest one in the group . She is polite and respect people but sometimes she can be a badass she got the fighting skills. Don't try to mess with her. Quite interesting girl and fun to stay with.

Likes:- likes to solve crime riddles and sketching

Dislikes:- hates to show her weakness or her problem


Xiao Fei

Gender:- Male

Birthday:- 6 June

Age:- 17

Characteristics:- A Chinese transferred student. Who is fluent in Korean . He got the looks . let's say he is popular one. All the girls are hooked at him. Beside he is funny and the best buddy you could ever ask .

Likes:- loves to play video games

Dislikes:- nothing


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