Introduction to Blood and Soul Magic [Dropped] Book

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Introduction to Blood and Soul Magic [Dropped]


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The world was 'ordinary' as a utopia had grown from human societies that united the entire planet. This utopia lasted thousands of years and only ended when magic was introduced to the world. On a day that started like any other all the human's turned into monsters from fairy tales. It only took an hou for the utopia to collapse as 2/3 of the planet's population died. After the hour ended without a single second delay half of the human's returned to their original forms but now they were able to use magic. A world wide monarchy quickly formed as no one could oppose the one who said they were king, a human with far more magical power than the rest. Arco was taking an afternoon nap that was interrupted by loud bangs and roars. She gets out of bed and looks out the window to see numerous monsters of all sizes wandering the streets. Her first thought was 'is there a parade going on?' She retains this thought for only a moment before seeing a giant reptile bite off the upper half of a humanoid shaped pig. The guts spilled out and she felt herself gag as she covered he mouth with her hand yet this hand was not the hand she remembered.


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