1 Characters and Their Quotes


Artea Lenner - The Witch

“I will care if it’s worth to care for”

Margott Lenner - The Adoptive Mother

“You’ll find your own way”

Gregory Lenner - The Troublemaker

“I know you will find me, you always do”

Martha Trout - The Old Friend

“Every plan of yours fail, how disappointing”

Quinn Barret - The Blonde Bitch

“OMG! You are a witch-bitch!”

Kaylee Williams - The Quiet One

“I’ve lived a life full of regrets”

Terrence Polei - The Jock

“Let’s be real, who doesn’t want ME?”

Kane Vertrude - The Mystery

“I don’t think I’m the mystery here”

Krisana Vertrude - The Rude Twin

“How did my name get into your filthy mouth?”

Kelani Vertrude - The Hyper Twin

“I predict that we will get along SO WELL!”


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