Into the Void Book

novel - Fantasy

Into the Void

Violet Gem

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  • 22 Chs

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“Wake up” A calling is what I hear, to learn and grow, to discover. A part of me is unlocked and the raging dragon needs to be tamed. I didn’t know that this world existed, I wanted to be normal before but now I want to be extraordinary. The adventure of a teen witch in a new world that ought to be hidden from her. Troubles, dangers, and new things will be discovered, her downfall and destiny will clash. Will she ever survive? Will she fall prey to what they call her downfall? Or will she find people that will make her heart throb, eventually helps her to lower down her walls, to rise and dominate every step of the way. Her choices will help her step closer to the future. "My eyes are finally opened" Dangers lurk in the shadows but what they don’t know is that she is one with the shadows.