Into The Portal: Monster Invasion
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Into The Portal: Monster Invasion


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What is Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

Read Into The Portal: Monster Invasion novel written by the author GodonAHill on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Despair loomed over the globe. All resources were exhausted, and hope was all lost. When three-player chess that will decide the lives of billions of people was at its zenith, a portal appeared in the sky. Monsters, bigger than the biggest animal, harder than the hardest metal poured out of the abyss... Putting aside their differences, humanity united to fight against their common enemy. But the weapons were ineffective. The most powerful weapons of science could not do even the slightest bit of damage to monsters. While desperation reigned, science prevailed, and laser weapons were born. The first blood was spilled... The first monster was killed! However, it wasn't laser weapons that allowed humanity to win the war, but a piece of orb found in the monster's brain. When supplied with electricity, the orbs would turn into pre-determined objects. These orbs turned into weapons that could damage monsters, and the more monsters were killed, the more weapons were found. With the newly looted weapons and the determination of humanity to get rid of this disease, the monsters were pushed back. At that moment, a messenger flew from the portal in his radiant form. An Artificial Intelligence produced by the native race living in the Portal World... Called Mother AI by humans, this object used the miracles of the alien world to help humanity close the portal. With these miracles, humans awakened superpowers to fight against monsters. An unfortunate teenager, Miles Cross, was born with dormant Ancient Genes and failed to awaken his superpower. Instead, he used every means to get stronger... Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Discord: https://discord.gg/dNNYQSEuRE


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One of the best web novels I've seen on this site. If you can, please add imperial units in a bracket, too tiring to check them each and every time. Other than that; Writing Quality: Need a little fixing but it is understandable and clear. It is better than most. I can vouch for it. Stability of Updates: No need to say anything on this one. Story Development: So far, amazing! I am eager to kidnap the author to force him to write more, so yeah. Character Desing: Splendid. There are tons of characters, each of them unique and their relations are well designed. My only concern is for the author to forget a few among too many. I hope the author can use all of them accordingly. World Background: Sounds generic at first, but it gets much better as one reads. There is an overused base there, but the author constructed the building amazingly. Thanks for the good novel, please do not drop!


I got hooked by the synopsis. It was quite intriguing and interesting at how the author creates a scenario, making a reader wanting to know more of what happens next. The way the author writes and how he describes each characters' personalities and more is very nice. Its like you know these characters too well and you can easily imagine them in your mind. And in terms of updates, I know for sure that the author doesn't disappoint his readers with the stability of updates since he does have 300 chapters already in hand. I don't need to explain about the story development, character design and world background, do I? Since I've already explained why I would give these a 5* rate. For the new readers, you wouldn't be disappointed by this novel. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Hello everyone. This is a novel I prepared for more than six month, and I have more than 300 chapters. Although the publish rate is kinda low, I try to make plot bulletproof and story intact. Please enjoy!


Alright, I guess I will review again. The novel is fine and dandy, but the publish rate it awfully low. I am not saying you SHOULD publish more, but it would have been nice if there were a chapter a day at least. Though, your stability of update is well, stable at least. Other than that, it is going good. The characters are well thought, the powers are well designed and world is based on some serious thinking, so good job author, keep up the good work.


Ch70: Story is interesting to say at least. The world is not unique, and the power system is kinda similar to other novel or comics, but the way it is formed is nothing I have seen before. I mean there are superpowers okay, there are things make body and mind stronger, okay and there is that thing called energy unrelated but related to everything, the heck? All in all, it is interesting. I would recommend you to give it a go! And please increase the chappies.


I love this novel, I love this novel, I love this novel, I love this novel. Please mooooooooooooaaaaaar! More Chapter!!!!! I love this novel.


I am up to date, and this is by far one of the best novels i have ever read! Can't wait for more. Author is an absolute genius. 1000/10 would recommend. Can't wait for the upcoming chaps!


Doesn't deserve 4 something star! I don't see anything unique nor amazing. Generic monster and portal novel you can find everywhere, what is so unique about it? The dialouges are dull, interractions are so superficial. Not 4 star novel, no!


I am digging this novel. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting it to be soo good, but it exceeded my expectations. First of all, the convo between MC and the AI is just remarkable, and other side characters have story of their own, I hope the author will share soon. Keep up the good work Author!!


not bad i guess language is readable characters are good and fantasy elements are interesting. i enjoyed reading it although from the look of it the novel will take a while before it ends but the publish rate is not good enough so will take years at least other than that, pretty amazing


Love the story. The interactions with the a.i., the world you built, all the side characters, the backstories into those characters, the mc’s mischiviouse personallity, acient powers and mind and muscle strengthening seriums love the plot, the world and the powers and development yet to come


While the story and characters are well written, this is clearly just a rewrite of Super Gene in many ways. Monster world is almost exactly the same but with new names, literally names his AI after the alter ego of supergenes’ MC. While this novel is good I can’t give it a higher rating because so much of it is clearly based off/ ripped out of Super Gene.


SUPER DUPER UBER NICE STORY! Godgod's story is a treasure beneath the dazzling sand, waiting to be uncovered! So come on, take that shovel and dig deeper (ahem-- read it. yes, you!) to that wonderful world that Godgod created for so many months now! Hurry and catch up to the latest chaps. Leave a like, comment, and add this story to your library!


its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good


It is really good. I first thought it would be another system novel where MC is just a regular guy, gaining power pretty fast, but more I read, more I liked it. The struggle is still there, and MC's character doesn't change in 2 chapters. I really, really loved this novel.


4 chapters a week is too low. Too low! How can you do that to us? Huh? It is going great, and there is a freaking cliffhanger, and I have to wait for 3 days? No sir, no! I can't wait 3 days!


You know what? It is good yet plain? I dunno, feels like missing that spark, that fire, that emotion, yet it is good. Dunno, really weird. I read it in one fell swoop, but still can't feel that thing. But good


Re-review, I already mentioned I like this novel very much. All the fantasy elements are to my liking, and MC is cool headed, I love this novel.


Okayish ~~ I was expecting more wuxia elements but nothing of sort. Though Ki has been mentioned when Energy was introduced, but I don't think it will be same, still it was enjoyable read, and thank you for that!


It is good. So good, 140 characters good. More more more good, please more good. 140 characters should be now good? ? Not yet, okay now good?


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