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I saw myself running through a hall, a hall where pillars are standing next to each other. Wearing a white dress with torn hem and look like a beggar in the slumps that didn't bathe for the gods knows how long.

There is fire everywhere, wherever I go and look. All I can see is smoke that is slowly evaporating into the dark sky. The fire is making the hallway turn red. The fire is almost spreading towards my path. My vision is getting blurry and I started to suffocate because the smoke is filling my nostrils and eyes.

But instead, I keep on running while shouting a name, but I couldn't hear it. It was silent as I ran, I couldn't hear my own voice. There is chaos going on around me but there is no sound going through my ears. Everything is almost in slow motion like what you feel when you're about to lost consciousness.

I don't even know the reason why I'm running.

I'm running around like a child who has nowhere to go, opening doors with a panic look on my face. I stopped and listened carefully when I hearing a sound coming from the distance. I heard the sound again but it was not getting closer and louder than the first one.

I realize it was a shout, a shout from a group of men. There are many voices that I can hear, I stayed frozen not until a silhouette started to form into the raging fire around me.

A look of terror started to form into my face because of the fear running into my veins I started to run as fast as I can but as I ran through the hallways with fire I suddenly tripped and fell.

My face hit the floor which made me moan in pain, I couldn't get up fast because of the impact of how I tripped. I winced suddenly my forehead started to sting. I hurriedly touch my forehead and I can see tiny little blood on my fingers but I don't have time to sit and didder.

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That's why I immediately stood up and staggered to my feet as the group of men is getting near to where I am. I ran and ran while the fire is making my skin feel hot and it made me feel my skin is almost burning just from the heat from it.

I stopped when I saw a big door, I tried to catch my breath since I am running of out-breath because of how I ran and the smoke.

The door has an unusual design, it has some weird patterns on it. There are big two rings on each to use when you're knocking. I could hear running footsteps behind me and I didn't think twice before pushing the door, the door is heavy and big, my frail body had to have a hard time pushing it.

I keep on grunting as I try to push the biggest door that I have ever seen in my life and the time came, at last, it opened. It made a very huge sound as it slams into the walls. The main hall was in chaos, the grand staircase is now broken. It was so hot inside because of the fire. I cough and tried to fan the smoke away by using my hands. All I can see is the flames, the upper floor, and half of the broken staircase.

I tried calling out a name as the flames burst much stronger, I covered my mouth with my hands and screamed a name again. A name that I didn't know, I'm spitting a name out of my mouth but I couldn't hear it.

I keep on thinking, am I deaf? Am I hallucinating?

I jolted when the flames started to make a way for me, I slowly look straight to the path with a furrowed forehead not knowing what's happening while the flames gave way to me.

And as the flames slowly give way to me, I saw a man standing with his turned back on me a pair of jet black wings attached to his back. The man slowly looks back at me and I witness the appearance of a prince.

But a weird-looking prince.

His red eyes widened and his lips with fangs hanging out on them parted when he saw me. I looked at him and saw how many wounds that are inflicted on him. I didn't know why but different kinds of emotions started flowing into me.

His face lit up as he watches me, standing in front of him with a clueless look on my face not knowing what to do. His fangs and wings started to slowly fade, his red eyes slowly turned into a beautiful shade of grey while looking at me.

A smile became visible on his face as he looks at me, he suddenly started walking towards me as he spread his arms. And I was surprised when I realize that I was walking towards him too.

I could feel relief and happiness inside me even though there are chaos, unexplained things going on around me. The fear that I felt withered because of the sight of him. I suddenly walked quickly towards him ready to embrace him.

"My moon," he uttered with a smile on his face.

And suddenly I could hear everything now, the crackle of the fire, the screams of the people, the sound of a building getting crushed down. I could hear anything but more important than that is that I could hear the man who is in front of me.

I could almost hear my heartbeat because of what he called me.

But my smile faded when a silhouette, only a silhouette appeared behind him and suddenly a sword flew into his direction and pierced the man in front of me it was so fast that I didn't have time to react to it. My scream reverberates in the big main hall as I watch the man who is in front of me spitting blood on his mouth and gradually kneeling.

I quickly ran to him, to help him and to be on his side but I can't. I keep on getting separated from him with an unknown force. I keep getting far-away and far-away from him, I scream and I screamed as the tears roll down my cheeks as I try to reach keep on screaming while reaching him

Everything started to fade, everything that surrounded me... The fire is slowly turning into black mist. I started panicking, for I didn't know what to do. And then I remembered, the man! The man who threw the sword! I quickly looked at where I see him standing, I look straight and I could still the silhouette but I could see... I could see that it's grinning at me.

"Help!" I pleaded as I weep in pain for he is in front of me, almost dying while the big sword is still stuck on his chest.

He suddenly started puking blood and it splattered all over the floor but he still managed to smile at me. He smiled and he suddenly faded slowly similar to what happened around me.

I tried to reach him but still, there is a force that wouldn't let me to, I screamed in agony. A scream when you are being burned alive as the left part of his body started to fade and turn into black smoke but he was smiling, he was still smiling while looking at me.

And when half of his body is gone, he uttered the similar words that he said when he saw me.

"My moon," he said with a weak smile on his face and vanished into thin air, my scream echoed into the halls as I succumb into great darkness.

I shrieked and staggered into my bed as I try to catch my breath, I look around and saw that I was in my room and just woke up. The sunlight is getting through my open window and there are beads of sweat on my forehead, I put my hand on my forehead in disbelief of what I witness in dreams but I felt a liquid is running down my face.

I slowly touched my cheeks and it's wet. I felt continuous drops of liquids into my fingers. I slowly look back at the mirror beside me and that's when I realized I'm crying, the look of grief and hurt is evident on my face. The tears were falling like raindrops on a rainy day.

I've always seen that man in my dreams, each dream that I have... That man is always there, haunting me and making me feel different kinds of emotions that I have never felt in my entire life. I don't know what to do and what to think.

What happened in my dreams is stuck in my head, it keeps on repeating, the smile of the unknown man in front of me and how my dream ended. The face of the man keeps on flashing in my mind, I could feel the longing inside of me going berserk.

I don't understand.

What is happening?

Waves of grief and sadness washed unto me and I could feel I'm being swept away, I don't understand. I could feel pain in my chest, a pain that I've felt before. It's almost like a Deja vu.

I don't understand anything.

"It was just a dream but why did it felt so real," my tears began to flow.

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