23 Training (Part 1)

Rex walked towards the group, "Anna tell me what's going on".

She looked at him "these men came to us and demanded to trade horses with them when we declined they began to offend us".

Rex nodded believing her after all the same thing happened to him. He turned around and looked at Sarah

"Is this true".

She nodded her head "yes sir it's true".

He shrugged "who were the first two who spoke".

The two of them pointed at the 2 men who had spoken first. When the man saw the twin's finger-pointing at them they immediately shook their heads.

"These dirty Demi-humans are lying" they both yelled.

Rex pointed at the horses, "you two try out the horses".

Both Anna and Sarah looked shocked "But sir you ca..."

Rex cut off their words with a wave of his hand. The two men with greed in their eyes both laughed as they began to mount the horses. As soon as they sat in the saddle Rex looked at Anna and Sarah laughing.

"Watch this" 😂

When the horses felt that they were mounted they began to jump around wildly soon both the men were sent flying.

Rex looked at the last man who was looking shocked after seeing his comrades thrown off.

Rex whistled and Nova came to him running.

"Do you wanna give it a shot as well?" he said to the guard while pointing at Nova.

The scared guard quickly shook his head "forgive me it was my mistake".

Rex nodded and whistled again another tune this time. Nova and the other two horses stood next to their riders and stood up on their 2 hind legs while their front legs kicked out. They were challenging anyone who had the guts to ride them.

When they got back on all fours Rex and the twins got back on their saddles.

"Listen I will do my best in battle and as your brother, I ask of you to protect my property and the people I care about".

Most of the men began to whisper to the person next to them. Suddenly the General began riding and everyone quickly followed him.

When they arrived at the gate most of the people welcomed him. He received a large tent and some basic soldier supplies.

He met with James shortly after "Sir do you need anything from me".

The general shook his head "No you've made it clear that first, you need to be part of the Calvary before you start your duties as my student. I ordered you to come here to pick up your supplies for you, your slaves, and your horses".

Rex gave the general salute and replied "thanks sir but no the deal was to have supplies for me and my horse, not the twins and the other horses. We'll just get some food for them from the forest".

James nodded and returned to writing, Rex brought out a horn "Sir have someone blow this horn whenever you need me. I'll be training the twins in the forest, they have to learn to fight."

James took the horn and looked at him "You better not make the Princess cry".😈

Rex began to turn red from embarrassment " Sir the princess does not see me in that way, and even if she did the king wouldn't allow her to be with a commoner".

The general stared at him "wow kid you sure are dense when it comes to matters of the heart. As for the commoner part remember you'll be studying under me".

Rex let out of sigh "true but it's better to not count your chicks before they hatch."

The general looked like he was trying his best not to laugh "that's a pretty good saying, don't worry go and train those two. I'll blow the horn if any trouble shows up".

He gave his thanks and left heading toward his tent.

The three horses were standing next to the tent he was given, Sarah and Anna were inside. He called out from outside "is it okay if I enter?"

They responded "yes master it's fine"

When he entered he found both of them sitting on their knees," We need to pack everything in here up including the tent. We're going to have a training camp in the forest for a little while".

They both looked surprised but then it turned to sadness "don't worry I'm not deciding to leave because of anyone giving me a hard time. I just decided that the forest would be a better place for your training."

They still seemed to doubt him. He sat next to them and took both of their hands looking into their eyes. "Look both of you have become my friends. I have an out of the box training method that might provide you with more benefits than their training. I need both of you to be better than them so both of you don't get bullied around".

They seemed to be satisfied with his answer but then Sarah gave an evil smile "Master we wouldn't dare to overstep our boundary. We are honored to simply be your slaves hehe😈".

Rex looked at her with a playful look "Real funny, now let's go we have to get started packing".

They finished packing and headed to the forest Rex chose a place that was hidden but still close enough so that he could hear the horn. The sun was setting by the time they began making their tent.

When they finished it was dark out he looked at them "sorry for making both of you come here in the dark."

They both smiled "don't worry about it we can see in the dark perfectly."

Rex didn't know how they had night vision. They silently ate their food and then the twins went to sleep. He ordered the horses to stay vigilant.

While his group rested he began making preparations for the training that the twins would undergo.

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